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  1. I found the same thing has helped my acne. I'm allergic to seafood so I never took omega 3s. A month or so ago, I started taking Jarrow formula's Krill Oil (1200 mg I think) as an experiment (with benadryl and 911 at the ready if it went south) and did not react badly to it, so I kept taking it and have seen a lot of my hormonal acne/cystic acne subside. I also take it with Evening Primrose oil, as I don't really get any omega 6s in my diet nowadays either (I eat pretty clean because of headaches/digestion, so prepackaged stuff is off limits!).
  2. I eat a very clean diet (Think Whole30 plus, not completely clean but a good 90%) and realized I wasn't getting any omegas at all. So I started taking evening primrose oil in a capsule as well as krill oil. The krill oil was a big step for me because I'm allergic to seafood, but I've had no reactions and it's much better than flax. I've seen almost all of my hormonal cystic acne go away. I still get regular breakouts but instead of 40 cysts there's 3.