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Improved my cystic acne!
on 28/12/2014
So I've been breaking out ever since my high school years. I'm now 28 and I still break out and get at least one to two cystic pimples a month. They are so painful and last long. By the time they dry out another one comes up. Makeup made it look worse and I'm left with scars I can't treat because I have active acne. I took these pills in highschool I got like 2 pimples right away, freaks out and stopped taking them. I used to never give things a chance back In the day so I decided to try again due to the good reviews. I had nothing to lose and I tried everything else. I didn't want to be on antibiotics forever and I didn't want to go through another cycle of accurate. So I ordered some online since I couldn't find it locally in any stores I visit. After about a week i noticed my cystic pimple dried out quicker than usual and the way it dried out seemed different and less painful. I thought wow it can't be working this quick! That was my last cystic pimple for 3 months now. My pimples all dried out within 3 weeks. After that I would get an occasional pimple that dries out really quick. My skin looks better with makeup even with a pimple or two. My skin just looks better than before. I stocked up on these pills so I never run out and when I'm down to the last box I order more. For anyone with hormonal acne give this a try you have nothing to lose but your acne!! And don't be afraid if you get new acne after taking these pills, give it at least one month.
on 12/08/2010
I love this concealer. I love that it has spf in it..i love that a little goes a long way just cuz it will last longer. I actually dap this on red spots and then i either put liquid foundation or just brush on some loose powder just to set it....if you dont break out all over the place like i do you could just use the concealer alone just to hide an occasonal pimple! One important thing i love about this also that it does not break me out or look cakey. I could go on with this review thats how much i love this product..oh and i have senstive acne pron skin...visit my blog to get more reviews! [link removed]
on 12/08/2010
I'm guessing because it is a medicated makeup it does not mix well with the bp lotion iv been using...if you dont use any medicated creams with bp i think this might be okay and even might clear up acne...check this site out for more reviews!<br/>[link removed]