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  1. @TrueJustice sure, but then why are they dried out?
  2. Which of course raises another question: why the hell can't our receptors remember how to function properly?
  3. Laser Resurfacing or TCA peel

    Always try a TCA peel first. Way less risk of complications
  4. sorry, I meant the formatting. Check out his posts in desktop mode. They're all scrunched into a tiny column.
  5. @namelk why do your posts always look so weird? Edit - I mean the formatting
  6. METHODS: Patients undergoing transurethral resection of the prostate and either treated or not treated with finasteride between 2004 and 2010 at the University of Wisconsin-Hospital were retrospectively identified using an institutional database. Prostate specimens from each patient were triple-stained for androgen receptor, prostate-specific antigen, and basal marker cytokeratin 5. Morphometric analysis was performed using the multispectral imaging, and results were compared between groups of finasteride treated and non-treated patients. --- Unless you're part of a study, or insanely rich, you pretty much can't.
  7. I think its the androgenic receptors that are messed up. They refuse to interact with available DHT the way they're supposed to.
  8. Many researchers = a couple naturopaths I know
  9. Accutane is worsening everything.

    Could be purging. Try to stick with it if you can.
  10. The vitamin K stuff is necessary because we want to understand why our bodies break down like this in the first place.
  11. Tca 25-35% pic

    40% TCA applied 3 times does not sound safe in the slightest. Should probably get @UpliftingCat in here.
  12. Hey guys I just thought I'd let you know that I recovered 100 percent using a simple combination of drugs and supplements that I'm not going to share with any of you. K thx bye edit - @namelk Good luck
  13. Limited treatment options...frustrated :(

    1.5mm is probably too deep for the forehead. If your set on using a dermaroller start at a low depth (.5mm is good starting point for the forehead) and work upwards if you feel you're not happy with the results. Dermarollers can cause microtearing and textural issues at higher depths.
  14. @queenaynay Have you considered antibiotics, Vitamin A creams, or hormone pills?
  15. Treatment advice (pics included)

    1000 for skin needling?! I thought the 350 they charge in the states was bad.
  16. Deleting a topic like this is really cruel. Imagine the help it could provide to other people suffering from the same problems.
  17. Spot Dermabrasion? Anyone?

    @FreshStart2014 So why choose dermabrasion over a shallow fully ablative CO2 laser?
  18. Spot Dermabrasion? Anyone?

    Oh haha, I guess I've never even heard of that before. Just looking through realself reviews at the moment. Doesn't seem like its really suited for lifting up scar tissue
  19. Spot Dermabrasion? Anyone?

    I've never heard of complications arising from microdermabrasion, so you don't really have much to lose except a few bucks. Just be sure to keep your expectations in check.
  20. 3 Weeks after TCA Cross Scars got shallow but wider

    I broke out after a 10% peel and a 15% peel, and barely needed/applied moisturizer for either of those. I don't think moisturizer is the culprit concerning post TCA whiteheads. I think it might just be a natural part of the skin's regenerative phase.
  21. This device is safe?

    With TCA the best answer is always to start out low and work your way up over many months.
  22. Just+had+subcision+-+documenting+w/+photos!

    My theory is that hyperpigmentation starts to become more apparent once we start moving our faces due to blood rush.
  23. This device is safe?

    A patch test on your leg isn't going to reflect how it will react on your face. And no, salicylic acid cannot replace a TCA peel. They affect different parts of the skin and both can seriously burn you at that solution if not applied correctly.
  24. Sorry for hijacking your thread, but here's a study that references the laser induced optical breakdown technology @Obi wan was talking about.!po=42.6471
  25. @Obi wan wow, that's completely bonkers. It almost sounds like a miracle cure.