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  2. On 5/20/2018 at 2:28 AM, PuceBarnacle said:

     Thanks a lot i will try that, but i find it strange because if you have the acne.org regiment you have a product that kills those bacteria so i am not sure that would help... but i will try it costs nothing and thanks a lot for your suggestion!
    Really ? So long ? Omg i hope not 8 months :( anyway thanks a lot, for you how long tooks ?
    yep is super annoying! I was so happy at the beginning... but let's continue and stay strong we can do it!
    honestly im going to give this a few more weeks and if it will not work im going to stop. currently my acne is a bit worse than before starting and face so red...
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  4. im at the same situation ! annoying ! i thought im on highway to cleartown and boom 5th week all hells loose.

  5. I need a recommendation for a spot treatment, for whenever a zit pops up. i am using the regimen. currently spot treating with clindamycin 1% (not 0.1%) and it does nothing. thanks !

  6. 54 minutes ago, klessard said:

    Is your skin irritated, burning, hot to the touch?  If so, I would stop using it - give your skin a break for 2-3 days. I ran into this issue too. I was afraid to stop using in fear of breaking out, but the break for my skin helped a lot.

    To be honest, I found the BP in Dan's Regimen too powerful for me, although it says it's only 2.5%. I used the amount recommended and it gave me chemical burns. 

    I'm using Rodan and Fields Unblemish, which ALSO uses 2.5% BP and haven't had one issue with it, so I find it odd.

    It’s just a bit flaky at small parts and pretty red all over. I broke out this week while using the regimen so I don’t wanna what would happen I were off it. Thx 
  7. Today is the end of my 4th week on the regimen. I am 17 yo male, mild acne and bright skin. Up until last week i only used the bp at night, and half of the amount Dan says, because my face couldnt take it, and ever since i tried using it at the morning my face is so red, people ask me why do i look like that. The regimen is not working currently, im breaking out as always. I understand it is because i only use the treatment at night, but it is not possible to do it twice for me.....help....?

  8. i would say these are clogged pores, maybe try and squeeze one out?

  9. Help me...

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    On 4/29/2018 at 1:26 PM, MrBakery said:

    as your 16, your probably dealing with hormonal acne.

    do some research into hormonal acne using google. there is lots of things you can try. - you could also go to your doctor if needed.

    try not to pick your spots as you might cause damage and scaring.

    im 17 . recently started the regimen. can it interrupt my natural growing out of acne?
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  11. Can i use Benzac ac 2.5% (Benzoyl Peroxide..) ? does anyone have experience with the regimen using different Benzoyl peroxide? thx

  12. I got this topical called Zindaclin - 1% Clindamycin and Zinc. It also contains 20% Ethanol-Alcohol! How bad is it?? Thanks

  13. Only once a day?

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    Hi, i think my acne is pretty mild. is it possible to do the regimen only at night? thanks.

  14. Im 17, I have i think mild acne. I want to start Differin but i am too afraid of the pruge stage! i hope that maybe because my acne is not that bad it the purge might not be that bad as well. if anyone can tell about their experience with it? also considering going on a bp regimen. thanks !

  15. To my understanding, it does not cause more poryphyrin production, it changes the poryphyrin and makes it toxic to the p.acnes bacteria. I have read that it might get a little bit worse at the beginning due to a lot of dead bacteria, that the needs to remove and by removing it the area gets inflamed or whatever.

  16. Today i have read about Phototherapy for acne. To my understanding it works simillar like antibiotics- kills the bacteria, but has zero side effects. Its results my not be as good, but they seem satisfying. I was wondering if anyone has tried something like that? and why is it so 'off the radar' if its so awesome...?

  17. A year is way too long. go see a dermatologist

  18. If it works with the 2.5% it will work with 5%... i cant tell if it interacts with the clindamycin, but if u ask me there should not be any problem. just wait 20 mins after applying the duac, then apply the GA.

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