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    Seems like it did not work for you...bummer. I really a need a water regimen success story(:

  3. *If you do not want to read all my piffling , just read this:
    I am your average 17 year old male, with mild acne, bright white skin, would do anything for my acne. The regimen is definitely NOT for me !   wish someone had written that for me before I wasted my time like that.

    I have started the regimen 6 weeks (minus 2 days;) ago, and i have decided to quit. If you have mild acne like me , I mean yeah pimples all over but no cystic and not severe i guess, and white sensitive skin, this regimen is just not for you if you ask for my opinion, and honestly, except for like the severe harsh acne cases which i cannot say anything about because i do not deal with it and know nothing about it, i believe Dan's regimen should not be done by anyone, due to these reasons:
    1)Most importantly - it did not treat my acne, it did not even reduce the amount of spots, might have increased them really, and that misses the whole point does not it? yeah,I admit that the number of days in which I have used the Benzoyl Peroxide twice was limited, but my face could not simply take it.

    2)The day I started applying the BP twice a day(at least trying) , was the day i got in to FLAKETOWN ,aka CITY OF REDNESS, aka " R U SUNBURNED?" REPUBLIC. I am not spoiled, and i would really do anything do get rid of my acne, but my face could not take. It wasnt for me. Pushing through it or whatever was not possible.

    3)It just did not feel right, you know? putting all this harsh BP on my face again and again, killing it slowly.

    Important to mention i did not use the official products.

  4. On 5/20/2018 at 2:28 AM, PuceBarnacle said:

     Thanks a lot i will try that, but i find it strange because if you have the acne.org regiment you have a product that kills those bacteria so i am not sure that would help... but i will try it costs nothing and thanks a lot for your suggestion!
    Really ? So long ? Omg i hope not 8 months :( anyway thanks a lot, for you how long tooks ?
    yep is super annoying! I was so happy at the beginning... but let's continue and stay strong we can do it!
    honestly im going to give this a few more weeks and if it will not work im going to stop. currently my acne is a bit worse than before starting and face so red...
  5. im at the same situation ! annoying ! i thought im on highway to cleartown and boom 5th week all hells loose.

  6. I need a recommendation for a spot treatment, for whenever a zit pops up. i am using the regimen. currently spot treating with clindamycin 1% (not 0.1%) and it does nothing. thanks !

  7. 54 minutes ago, klessard said:

    Is your skin irritated, burning, hot to the touch?  If so, I would stop using it - give your skin a break for 2-3 days. I ran into this issue too. I was afraid to stop using in fear of breaking out, but the break for my skin helped a lot.

    To be honest, I found the BP in Dan's Regimen too powerful for me, although it says it's only 2.5%. I used the amount recommended and it gave me chemical burns. 

    I'm using Rodan and Fields Unblemish, which ALSO uses 2.5% BP and haven't had one issue with it, so I find it odd.

    It’s just a bit flaky at small parts and pretty red all over. I broke out this week while using the regimen so I don’t wanna what would happen I were off it. Thx 

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