1. More Than a Month
  2. So I have officially been on Accutane for 8 months now. Cyst free for over 5 months! A couple weeks ago I decided to go down to 20mg (10mg in morning and 10 at night) as the sides of my mouth were so raw and peeling the size of a penny. I looked like the joker, haha, but really it wasn't funny. As soon as I decreased the dose, it healed up and so it will just take me a week or so longer to finish up my course. While my lips are super dry, the rest of my skin isn't and I just need my regular lotion once a day. Hair has been status quo and besides one tiny whitehead a week ago, skin has been great. I'm excited to get off of Accutane but also quite nervous. I'm trying to be hopeful. Though the knowing that I could go back on if needed is a helpful safety net (even if it's not a guarantee it will work a second time). 


  3. So it's been exactly 7 months since I first started Accutane. My doctor FINALLY realized the dose and length of time needed and so I have 2 more months to go. I have been clear (no cysts) since January and it is the best feeling ever. I actually have had the occasional nightmare about getting a cyst, shows how scared I am to go back to that life. My red marks have faded and the only place I use concealer now is under my eyes. It truly has transformed my life physically, emotionally and socially. Maybe it's sad to say but I am a better spouse, mother, worker and person when my skin is long-term clear. I am not scared for people to see me without make-up and I even let my partner take pictures of me without it, which is huge for me. My side lip cracks (both sides now) are annoying but not as bad as the last time I wrote. I am willing to put up with them like this for 2 more months. Eyes are still dry but managing. I love how my hair is not greasy all the time, I really hope it doesn't go back to that. 
    I went off birth control a few months ago and thankfully I have not broken out due to it. I know it could still happen as my body is returning to it's normal after them but so far the skin is good. Like I said last time, I am more sweaty and my skin a touch more oilier as I haven't had to use as much lotion. 

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