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  1. Week 13

    Week 13 - Just this week I started doing 20mg at night and 10 in the morning every other day and 10mg at night and 10mg in the morning the rest of the days. I hope to be at 30mg everyday within the next 2weeks. So this was the first month that I was cyst free! It felt amazing to go through Christmas and New Years holidays with a cyst free face! I am not sure if my antibiotics from my kidney infection and then for after my surgery helped bring cyst free cause after being off of them for a week I got a inflammatory bump that didn't quite turn into a cyst or zit but was definitely trying to. I dunno, this could have been from missing 2 days of accutane because I forgot to pack it when I went out of town and or the fact that the 2 nights before I got the somewhat bump I woke up in a pool of my own drool stuck to my chin. Who knows, but I thought it was time to up it. Hopefully when I see my doctor at the end of the month she will agree. When I saw her 2 weeks ago, she mentioned if i'm clear at 6 months she is thinking of taking me off accutane. I definitely expressed my dislikeo of that idea and not wanting to do that so she said we can negotiate that when the time comes. I'm thinking the fact I still got a bump will help convince her to up me slightly so that I can be at least at the recommended dosage for my weight and cut my length to 8ish months. I still have redness and a white scar area from past cysts and I wish it would look a little better without make-up but oh well, I'm happy. I still get almost sweat teeny tiny bumps but they go away quickly as long as I don't pick them. I can not tell you the freedom and emotional strength that has occurred with being cyst free. While I still need to work on self-confidence, it is SOOO much easier to do being cyst free! I feel so free. I know it's not without it's side effects, the dry skin and tired dry eyes are pretty bad but nothing horrible. OVerall, I'm just so thankful.
  2. Week 10

    Week 10- 20mg split dose, dianne 35 birth control, and antibiotics. I've had to add some antibiotics this week as I have another kidney infection. I go for surgery next week on my kidney but they say there should be no interaction with Accutane and I can continue on it as is. Despite skin being dry and fragile, it is doing really good; no cysts, but the next 2 weeks will be the true test. Only other symptoms this week are lips and eyes continue to be very dry.
  3. Week 9

    Week 9 - 20mg split dose and Dianne 35 So it's been 2 months since I've started on this journey. While I still have got a cyst every month, it is better than the multiple ones I was having every month. My complexion as a whole has improved and while I am still getting the occasional teeny tiny pimple, they are now often small enough or go away fast enough not to pick. The dry skin and lips is a constant battle, especially in this dry winter weather. The new products continue to help though. Other side effects are dry, tired eyes and fatigue. I did notice a dip in mood again recently but it went away quite fast and wasn't as severe as last time. And like I've stated before, I am not sure whether that is a combo of birth control, accutane and winter blues or what. If I get another cyst this month, I will be asking my doc to increase my dose to 30mg for the next month. I also plan on going off of Dianne 35 in Jan or Feb as my partners vasectomy will be tested as all good. I'm nervous about going off of it but I figure it's better to go off of it while on accutane than not.
  4. Week 8

    Week 8 - 20mg split does and dianne-35 birth control pill I got so fed up with my dry skin that I got all new products. I got a serum and another intense moisturizer plus a very gentle exfoliator that I have been using when needed (usually every other day). I have noticed a big positive difference in my skin and it's too much of a coincidence with the new products. My skin is now more plump and soft and the tiny bumps went away. I have not noticed any breakout associated with moisturizing and if anything my face looks much better without the tiny bumps. My cyst last week was different than the cysts I would get. Within 24hrs it felt like it was going to pop by itself and leak everywhere. There was actually a bit of a head (which never happened with previous cysts) and some junk did come out. There was a bit of deeper down stuff but it is completely flat after a week versus the month it used to take, so that is a positive. Blood results are all good, but my doc wants to keep it at the same dose for now. My hand rash is almost all gone and other side effects are the dry lips and tired eyes.
  5. Well I decided to write early because well, it's my birthday and what did I wake up to? A nice big, painful, deeply inflammed spot. Almost a month exactly since my last cyst. Didn't quite make it from period to period. I don't know whether to BP it or just leave it or what. I'm pretty disappointed. I was SOOOO hoping I was done with this. It doesn't seem as much of a solid nodule as before but who knows what time will bring. I realize it is only week 7 and break outs are still common and such but ARGH I hate this rollercoaster. One day my skin feels covered in teeny tiny pin needle bumps, the next it looks pretty good. Also, my hands broke out in a really bad rash and now are scaled over. It's mentally difficult to think the thing i'm on this drug to stop is still happening and yet I'm having these crappy side effects. Overall, I know it's helped, just not quite enough yet. I'm trying to have hope. I'm trying to tell myself, just give it one more month. Other side effects are the same; dry lips and tired/dry eyes. Mood was pretty good since last week's drop but with this new cyst I'm feeling a bit down, not like last week though.
  6. Week 6

    Week 6 -20mg split dose and dianne 35 birth control No new cysts! Definitely had spots that would have turned into cysts before but they were gone the next day. I'm hopeful this continues but scared to be hopeful because if I end up getting cysts again I will be devastated. It is quite interesting to see the changes in skin on a daily basis. A couple little spots pop up one day but are gone the next. My skin continues to be quite dry and flaky and so I have decided to very gently exfoliate every couple days/ when needed and that seems to be helping a lot along with switching day moisturizers. I used to be really good at doing my make up and never had problems putting my makeup on, now I am struggling not to look like a corpse with how dry and stiff my skin is. Trying to use less but still enough to cover the healing red healing spots. I can tell the initial breakout is slowly diminishing and so more and more I go most days without make-up which is a nice feeling. My skin is VERY thin and sensitive, I had a small piece of dry skin that I barely touched to get off my face and big piece of skin came off. That and I've had to throw out (well stash it in the very back of my drawer) my BP cream, it burned my skin really bad when I put a tiny dab on my face earlier this week. My other symptoms are dry lips and hands as usual, and my eyes get dry and tired by the end of the day. I take a calcium tablet and that seems to have eased the sore knees or maybe the symptom subsided on it's own? I also increased my vitamin D dose because I noticed my mood and energy were getting low and that has seemed to help along with other interventions. But I do want to mention my mood for a minute here. I have been depressed before and I am also a counsellor and therefore I am extremely aware of mood changes in myself. The change in mood last week, for about a week, was reasonably concerning but thankfully I believe I am on the upside of it and never had any self harm thoughts. I've never experienced this type of feeling sad, lonely, needy and irritable for no reason in this concentrated form before. I would cry at the drop of the hat and felt so alone. I reached out to friends and worked on my thoughts a lot as I do not want to deal with the possibility of stopping Accutane. I don't know if it was the Accutane, or the Birth control (as I am only a month and a half into this brand) or if it was the fact that winter is here and it's dark and cold and the sun isn't out as much....who knows, but I do know I was concerned and am ecstatic that I seem to be out of it.
  7. I"m sorry it's been so awful for you. Such a let down. Has your dermatologist ever thought you are on too high of a dose? I'm just wondering because of the severity of your side effects. I have heard/read of some people doing 10mg every other day, or every week. Just a thought.
  8. Hi, Not sure if anyone has any info or experience with this and I do plan on bringing it up with my doctor when I see her in 2 weeks, however, I have Seasonal Affective Disorder and with the shorter amount of sunlight in full swing in Canada, I am noticing my symptoms increasing (actually worse than any other year and I do think it's correlated to Accutane/ Dianne-35 birth control pill). Extra Vitamin D is helping but my tired and true treatment of UV lights is apparently a no no on Accutane. My question is does anyone have any info on this or experience using the UV light (specifically blue light) for SAD while on Accutane? I will not stop Accutane just to be able to use UV light but I really would like to improve my mood. Thanks
  9. Week 5

    Week 5 - 20mg split dose Well the good news is NO new cysts!! I was able to enjoy the busy weekend with minimal embarrassment. My old cyst bumps continue to go down. The not so good news is my skin is so itchy and i'm getting almost hive like spots pop up more and more along my jaw line and neck and places I wouldn't have issues. I noticed that scratching them only makes them worse and they take quite a bit of time to heal so I am trying my hardest to keep my hands off. Speaking of keeping my hands off, I have noticed that Accutane has made my skin very very thin. I have attempted to squeeze some tiny hard whiteheads as they seem like they were half out of the skin but even with lighter pressure than normal I broke the skin somehow that I end up with 2 or 3x the size of broken skin that the original pimple was. The blackheads seem to be continuing to come out of so many pores and places where I never had issues before. I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit frustrated with my skin at the moment. Nothing is worse than cysts, but i'm wishing I could have my old skin just with no cysts on my chin Despite feeling a bit down, I'm trying to stay positive that I will continue to be cyst free and the rest of my skin will settle down.
  10. week 4

    Happy Halloween! So I went to my doc and she said the 20mg is all she wants to do right now. I'm not sure if she is educated on the cumulative dosage, relapse rates etc and I wasn't in the mood at that moment to discuss with her and show research data. I am looking at a year if I stay at this dose as well as a higher rate of release according to the research. I'm ok with it for another month as my body continues to get used to the drug and minimizing breaking out but I want the best chance at not relapsing too. Maybe she thinks that because it's localized to my chin and only a couple a month that this dose is ok. I'll have to have a better discussion next month. Week 4- 20mg split dose. Tried to find research on split vs. single dose and not much out there. I found one that concluded it doesn't make a difference. I am sooooo TIRED. I'm falling asleep around 8 and quite exhausted through the day. This might be a positive to only taking one dose at night; less exhaustion. My hands are quite dry but nothing lotion won't help. My face is drying out and i'm having to moisturize more. My skin is less smooth this week and more tiny little bumps with itchy skin. The purging of blackheads is still happening on my chin. not sure whether to squeeze them, leave them, or maybe get those blackhead strips and try that? No new cysts which is the ultimate goal of mine. I can deal with the little spots but not the cysts. It's way too early to celebrate and every morning and really every time I look in the mirror I have a fear of finding a new bump that I know will turn into a cyst. I still have a decent bump from the one a week and a bit ago and a tiny bump from a cyst 3 weeks ago. I got my period this week and if I can go from period to period without a cyst, then I will be one happy human with less fear! Ha. My boyfriend's Birthday party and an important work party of his are this upcoming weekend and I'm just hoping so much that I can at least experience this weekend without shame, embarrassment and low self-esteem.
  11. Hi I took Spironolactone form about Dec/16- Feb/17 It worked to clear my skin quite quickly, I think about after a month I didn't get any new cysts and skin looked great. However the side effects for me were too much. I felt sick all day everyday and I completely lost my sex drive. I was so thankful for the clear skin but I couldn't handle the side effects. worse yet, when I went off of it, I gained close to 15 pounds with cellulite and it took me over 6 months to lose most of the weight. I was only on 25mg but I am also very sensitive to drugs. Despite this though, I will go back on at a lower dose if the Accutane doesn't work.
  12. Weeks 1-3

    Hey everyone, Just going to repost the description details in case anyone missed it and wanted the info: A few important details of my Accutane journey: 33 years old, 125pounds/56kg/ 5' 6" Starting off at 10mg Started taking Dianne 35 after realizing Alesse (which I started a few months ago) made my breakouts much much worse. Been suffering from hormonal cystic acne for just over 10 years now. At first it was a couple a year and progressively has gotten to the point where it's continuous with a couple a month, sometimes multiple at the same time. I have tried Birth control, many types of antibiotics, over the counter topical stuff, prescription topical stuff, changing my diet (I have been dairy free for many years now and mostly eat all organic). I have even tried spirolactone, which I had good results with but the side effects even from the low dose of 25mg were too much for me and I went off of it. I had all day everyday nausea and also lost all my sex drive. When I went off of it, I gained close to 15 pounds and got cellulite on my lower thighs. However if worse comes to worse after Accutane, I will go back on at a lower dose and see how it goes. I will combine these first weeks, as I didn't think I would share my journey but finding others logs so helpful I decided to as well. Week 1: 10mg I noticed within a few days my oil production in my face and hair decreased. I could finally get out of the shower after washing my hair and not have greasy hair! My lips are quite chapped and I have found the only thing that is helping is vaseline or Bioderm chapstick. Burts bees and blistex and others are not enough. Blackheads are coming to the surface and easy scraped away. I noticed the white gunk that has been in places for years coming to the surface. At the end of this week, I got a skin infection in one of the cysts I had before starting and was put on antibiotics and antibacterial facial cream. I also got a kidney infection and was put on more antibiotics. That was a fun long weekend away with my boyfriend spent with a freakin bandaid on my face! So can't wait for the days when I don't have to deal with this. Week 2: 10mg Lips are quite chapped. The BioDerm chapstick is my saviour! oil production is varying, never as bad as before, but some days are more than others. A new cyst forming but smaller. this may be due to the cream and massive amounts of antibiotics i'm taking. It seemed like I was about to get another cyst but it got stopped in its tracks. I'm so hoping I don't get another cyst! Week 3: 10mg till day 17 then 20mg (10mg in the morning and 10 at night. Has anyone else heard/read that two daily doses versus one daily dose is better?) Went off antibiotics and of course another cyst pops up. I didn't think it would be so bad cause it wasn't as angry red as usual but nope, it got bigger than a pencil eraser and was such a swollen lump. Another weekend trying not to let it affect my time with loved ones. I hate how it does though. It has gone down and is flaking a lot faster than it normally would. On a positive note, the rest of my skin looks pretty amazing. All the pores have shrunk and besides my chin, I'm loving how i'm looking without make-up! I hope, hope, hope that was my last cyst. Lips are still chapped and I expect them to be for this whole time. Eyes are a bit dry too, but nothing that eye drops can't fix. I've noticed a bit of joint pain in my knee but it's gone down now. I see my Doc at the end of the week and I am hoping to up my dosage to 30 or 40mg but I do not want to have a bad breakout and I feel like I risk that the higher the dose I go. Here's to hope for all of us on this journey!