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  2. Hey everyone, been on accutane now for about 28 days it kicked in 1 week in, im on 30 mg 81 kg 6 ft, derm put me on low dose to see how it works, only had mild dryness that started about 1 week and a half in and that stopped at the 20th day but skin is not oily more like normal and smooth and glowing, i do have chapped lips very mild, i had a small initial breakout, and stopped breaking out for almost a week and a half now except for 2 tiny pimples on eyebrows and 1 ingrown hair hopefully stays like this, so my check up is after 2 days and i want him to bump me to 50 mg, so my question is would a 20mg increase  make a difference in the side effects ? Like i said only had mild dryness, and my mood actually improved tbh, no joint pain even though i lift weights when i can but i do drink 4.5 liters of water a day tho

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