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  2. Hey everyone, been on accutane now for about 28 days it kicked in 1 week in, im on 30 mg 81 kg 6 ft, derm put me on low dose to see how it works, only had mild dryness that started about 1 week and a half in and that stopped at the 20th day but skin is not oily more like normal and smooth and glowing, i do have chapped lips very mild, i had a small initial breakout, and stopped breaking out for almost a week and a half now except for 2 tiny pimples on eyebrows and 1 ingrown hair hopefully stays like this, so my check up is after 2 days and i want him to bump me to 50 mg, so my question is would a 20mg increase  make a difference in the side effects ? Like i said only had mild dryness, and my mood actually improved tbh, no joint pain even though i lift weights when i can but i do drink 4.5 liters of water a day tho

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    Hey everyone so i am a male 20 yo 1,81 cm 82 kg been on 30 mg accutane for like 16 days now, i know 30 is low but the derm is kinda too cautious, he might increase my dose but slightly and he plans that my course lasts 6 months, now 30 mg has been very tolerable, mild face driness, mild lips driness, no joint paint what so ever even tho i lift, mood changed to the better acutally (smh) i actually sit in the table with the family laugh smile more energitic to be honest dunno why,  havent been  out  a lot tho cause its too sunny but when i did i wasnt sensitive to the sun, did get slight breakouts could be IB not sure but it all dries out almost 1 day tops, i used to wash my hair everyday now i can go two days without that, thing is i am afraid the way my derm is gonna manage my dose i wont reach my cumulative dosage and it scares the crap out of me to knw that it might come back, so i was thinking when he fills out the prescription i wud just fake it and change the number to 4 boxes of accutane instead of 2 or something, and cause my dad gets me the medication, he goes to a pharmacy which he knows the owner of and they wont double check it and id do my own course while ofc still going to the derm for check ups, keep in my mind i feel 30 mg is like i am not even on the medication, but it did get dry a bit and i feel like its doing what its supposed to do , advice ?

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  9. Hey everyone so i did my blood tests all is great perfectly healthy but my total cholesterol was like 1.79 g/l which was well in the laboratory range of 1.4-2 but derm told me it’s kinda high to start accutane at such cholesterol he wanted to be at 1.5 to 1.6, is he right or what  ? and he told me try to drop it in 20 days if its in the wanted range bu then u can do accutane