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  1. Shaving

    This is by far the stupidest question i ll ask here so here it goes should i shave my beard before going to the derm ? I mean its covering a lot of my acne or whatever it is on my face !
  2. Considering accutane

    Let’s say the skin will clear itself by a set age, will going on accutane before that time affect the fact that you might clear up in that set age ?
  3. Considering accutane

    I would love to hear more opinions please
  4. Ingrown hairs or what

  5. Stopped using BP

    I honestly dont think it’s the diet, i mean i’v been eating dairy my whole life literally drinking milk eating cheese my whole life nothing happened, but thing is everything changed since i moved to the US like the food, water and everything
  6. Ingrown hairs or what

  7. Ingrown hairs or what

    are those infected ingrown hairs or what ? i have no idea although after zooming in it seemed like my hair is growing into my skin instead of out or am i wrong ? And yeah does my skin look oily ? I am sorry i am lost and i am soon going to see a derm and show him everything meanwhile i have you guys to help me
  8. Stopped using BP

    I was stupid and just stopped it but before stopping there was a while where i was inconsistent in using so i think its something else
  9. California water

    Anyone ? And oh yeah 3 brothers 1 little sister mom and dad did not have acne what so ever aunt did have it til she was 25 uncle as well, two older brothers the oldest 1 did not have it except teen acne and my other brother is in Cali as well he told me he started experiencing some kind of acne on neck and back like folliculitis small bumps with whiteheads that come and go and my older brother is fine cause he is in europe and the water is fine there
  10. California water

    Guys, straight to the point , so this summer i went to Oakland for a month for vacation , i am not american, everything was fine at first, acne just little bit and it was managable nothing to be self-conscious about then went back home for a month and it started going bad but still nothing really bad and then after that month i went back to Oakland to study and now 4 months in skin looking like shit dull, some painful bumps, scabbed over pimples, i am too self-conscious, worst nye, and i doubted the water at first cause skin was acting so weird like id wash my face and id get dead skin on my face nose like on nose crease and then it spread to my cheeks and forehead and sometimes i wont get a damn thing, it is confusing A LOT and my skin got OILIER like id feel something walking on my face i think its oil drippin or something i am just confused as hell and oh there was a time in those 4 months where i trained with the swim team and whenever i get out of the pool my skin would be dry as hell small dead skins pieces everywhere but the inflammation would be calm ! i am going home soon like in two weeks i dont know what am i going to tell the derm exactly so id help him diagnose because I AM SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING ACCUTANE
  11. Considering accutane

    Well i am completely not ok, haven’t been going out at all, i dont wanna meet new people and i dont wanna get out of the house anymore, stop going to the gym which makes me even more sad, stopped video chatting with my gf ..., like a month it was so bad on my right cherk that i couldn’t sleep on it at cause it hurts, tbh i have a beard i am letting it grow and i havent seen the pimples under the beard yet cause it probably looks sad, anyways i ll be going home soon and going to a derm and basically gonna lay it out there about the accutane
  12. Hello everyone straight to the point, if i go on accutane now ( i am less than a month away from being 20) and lets say it hopefully clears out, and i know i am overthinking this but lets say it’s supposed to clear by itself in my mid twenties, would that fact be affected by accutane ? Like if i relapsed again before the time it supposedly clears by itself would i still be breaking out if i dont do another course ? does anyone know what im saying ?
  13. What is that

    Right after the shower and sometimes even right after i wash my face, dead skin ? My face is not dry to begin with
  14. Frustrating shit to deal with

    I’ve had a lot of variables lately, moved to California like 7000 miles from my country and stopped taking epiduo (has BP 2.5%) so i don’t know what to blame
  15. What is that , looks nasty!!

    It’s painful and nasty and it looks like it irritated the surrounding skin , what is it ? Anyone got an idea?
  16. What is that , looks nasty

    It’s painful and nasty and it looks like it irritated the surrounding skin , what is it ? Anyone got an idea?
  17. What is that , looks nasty

    It’s painful and nasty and it looks like it irritated the surrounding skin , what is it ? Anyone got an idea?
  18. Frustrating shit to deal with

    What is it though ? cysts ?
  19. Frustrating shit to deal with

    Yeah but do pimples hurt so bad to the touch ? U sure its not cystic ?
  20. Frustrating shit to deal with

    Anyone ?
  21. Stopped using BP

    So guys i stopped using BP couple months ago and started breaking out worse than ever , would the breakout stop or am i just fucked ?
  22. Are these large pimples ? Pustules ? Papules ? Fuckinh cysts ? What are they ? Oh and they hurt even if i smile sometimes, are they ingrown hairs ? (God i hope they are) please help shit is frustrating i am not even back home and can’t afford to go to a derm where i am at
  23. Please help me !

    Try sleeping on your left cheek for a while, at least a week. And change your pillowcase 2 times a week. I wouldn't believe it but honestly it made a difference for me. Thing is been changing pillow cases every fucking day and no change
  24. Please help me !

    It’s the beard , it’s hiding some bumps and redness , all i need to know is it cystic ?