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  2. Just wanted to post an update : )

    I posted back in June about my skin plumping/looking slightly better after a month on Spiro. Right after this, i decided to try microneedling for the first time in 3+ years. I bought a 1.0 roller for the entire face and 1.5 small derma stamp for the deeper scars. I thought i would share what i experienced and the results so far as i think it has visibly improved a little bit! I also did a test of TCA on two ice pic scars and i think the edges did smooth out a tad ( i circled them ).

    The color balance is a little more orange in the after photos, but the lighting was the same ( if anything, the after photos were sharper with harsher lighting as you can see every pore/hair on my face)

     3-5 days : Fairly swollen, there were many scars i couldnt even see.

    10+ days : Scars looked worse than before i microneedled 

    4 weeks: Deeper scarring started filling in

    6 weeks(ish):  Deeper scarring filled in some, skin overall looked smoother with clearer complexion. Also, a couple scars almost filled in completely.

    Now for the CONS:

    I did create a couple new tiny ice pic scars in the process. I dont think this would be the case for someone who has their acne well under control, but my skin is EXTREMELY sensitive. 

    Little to no change on Ice pic scars

    Overall nothing crazy, but its more than my pessimistic butt expected after one session of a non invasive treatment. Im hoping after 6 treatments i can just top it off with filler if my scar type is compatible.. and then maybe some mental therapy.. lol





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  4. @noa27 its typically used for other conditions, but its also acts as a roadblock for androgen hormones in your body by preventing them from overstimulating the skin's oil glands =)
  5. @beautifulambition Thank you for responding, i really appreciate  you always taking the time, as you do for everyone. here.  So, yeah, there was definitely some unexplained swelling in these photos that have since gone down ( so sad!), causing some scars to reappear, im still a bit mystified by it, seems like if it was the spiro it would stay plump? Im not sure...

    I did a test spot of TCA on two tiny ice pic scars after this post, just to see how my skin would respond as they are already fairly deep.. They managed to get worse lol  ( or their appearance currently seems that way)however, ive  heard this is common when you do TCA. It also caused a tiny break out right on the pit. I dont think my skin is quite ready for chemical peels, yet.  
    I had two questions, i did micro needling a couple years back, it didnt have much affect on my acne, but at the time it was so disappointing when the initial swelling went down, i didnt use it for long. I saw very faint improvements 6 months later.  Do you think it ( or the derminator) could help my type of scarring? Is a 2.0m dermastamp too much for my facial scarring? I know the internet says not to use 2.0 m on the face, but after researching personal reviews, its given the impression most people with acne scarring saw better results with the 2.0? My other questions is, you mentioned getting filler, i would like to do this as an end point. But i am wondering if my type of scarring is ideal for filler? I know it wont work on my ice pic scars..but can i expect a dr to try it on my boxcars?

    @Candy SaysThank you lol i really appreciate that! I think I had some swelling/dryness here and it masked some of my scarring, as its quite visible in person. I know it could be worse, and with my acne/side effects from accutane, new scarring increases every year. I think that has more mental effects on me.. watching it gradually get worse every day/month/year that passes. Ive tried everything for my acne. I definitely agree about dry skin hiding acne scars, it creates an extra layer of skin over shallow pits!

    @ScarsWillBeHistoryThank you lol. That is really nice of you to say!  These were taken with a DSLR, nothing too fancy, Canon t6i, which is not a full frame camera. If you only want to purchase it to take high quality pictures of your skin, you will get the same results from a t2i or t3i and pay half the cost (200 ish USD) as they are an older model.  The quality is great on all of them if you just need sharp images, they merely added a few MP with some bells and whistles ( e.g. touch screen) on the newer models. I just used the kit lens, 18-55mm it came with. I dont recommend that lens if you wish to use it for anything professional or as a hobby. But for this only, thats all youll ever need.

    @dazzedThank you, you are right, i am aware part of my issue is psychological, im working on it, but the scarring is definitely worse in person sadly lol
  6. Ive been on here for quite some time, so i think most should know im not trolling lol

    Its really explainable. Im mystified by it, I started taking spironolactone 1 month ago, and almost all of my rolling/shallow scars are gone or difficult to find. I have heard of spironolactone improving skin texture significantly, however i cant find any info on it plumping the skin/making it swell? Initially i thought, oh, im having another good skin day, or it was in my head... but there is no denying it, they are greatly improved/gone. I still have visible scarring and my skin texture still SUCKS, but within the acne scar community, it isnt nearly as bad as it COULD be

    So can anyone enlighten me on what may be going on?

    My other questions is, id like to know if subcision would be a good idea for my skin. Right now, as unattractive as it looks to some, i feel as if my scarring wouldnt affect me psychologically as it does now if the skin texture wasnt horrible. Should i do erbium laser first? Or should i follow the typical treatment plan... e.g. subcision, tca, then laser etc

    I finally set up some gear to work outdoors instead now that its summer, so i took some high quality shots of my skin from multiple angles in almost every lighting, from softer flattering lighting, to cloudy shadow casting, to harsh sunlight that shows every hair and flaw on your face. Often times people dont take clear photos of their skin on here, and it can lead to not knowing their scar grade/type and offering the wrong treatment plan imo. I believe this medication is starting to work for my acne and im HOPING that means I will be able to start a scar treatment within the next 3 months.

    Sorry for making you guys read one of those book-long posts lol










  7. i agree with dazzed i think there is potential for really good results with this type of scarring. If they can lift the depression in the skin it should look pretty level even without resurfacing treatments. Almost all of my most noticeable scarring is like this as well. I wish i could get subcision and filler right now. Please keep us updated, id love to see your results!

  8. This is very similar to my scarring, only i think i have more textural issues and a few ice pick scars along with it, . If you get filler id love to see the results. Im hoping my acne will be under control within 3 months so i can try filler as well. Good luck!

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    @thepwhisp Awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time to send that! Im definitely going to try it, tea tree oil has always helped with my acne so maybe combined with the peroxide itll make a difference. I think my acne is mostly hormonal. I just went on spironolact and antibiotics my guess is high levels of testosterone but i also need something to clear up all the clogged pores as well. Maybe this will do the job. Glad you figured out what works for you! Thats half the battle. Thanks again!
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    @totalbeautyaddict i made a post very similar to this a month or two ago. I definitely have days or even weeks like this, honestly, the best thing in my opinion is to avoid looking at yourself in bad lighting's if and when possible. Only look at your reflection or place mirrors in areas that arent as harsh. Remind yourself that there are millions of people who dont even acknowledge it, you are your worst critic. I never cared when i saw someone had acne or scarring before i had it. Now i only stare because its my own obsession lol.And i think forming a plan to improve and actually putting it into motion is important if one cant reach acceptance with how they look.  Personally, I have come to the conclusion i just cant reach acceptance, i have to improve it to feel comfortable and desirable again. So im trying like hell to find the root cause of my acne, that way i can tackle the scarring. I wish i could be more helpful, but you are not alone. Im sorry you have to go through this as well!
  11. @Scarredtodepression Awesome thanks for taking time to send all your replies!
  12. @Scarredtodepression Im so bad at the clean diet part lol. I work 14 hour days, its so hard to cook, ive tried simple diets like brown rice and brocolli as i can cook it in the office lol, but its just not enough calories, i lose so much weight. I think youre right though, the diet is extremely important..

    lmao really? What causes that, do you know? By regulating hormones? Im only a B so i wouldnt complain with C's lol. Did you have any heart palpatations from doses that high? I heard thats another common side effect from 50mg+ 

    It is prescribed by a real dermatologist, with a real prescription, and you get follow ups just like in person, it just cost less, and theres no driving involved. I had no idea that was legal lol. Although, i went to a walk in few months back, and saw you could have a live stream appointment for less, and get prescriptions.. oh how technology is changing everything lol.

    Thanks for the heads up on the potassium, i did read about that, i over research everything lol. I dont eat much potassium luckily, but ill have to keep an eye on that
  13. @Scarredtodepression 
    Thanks for sharing all of that. Wish i had known i could use an online derm to get a script for spiro i wouldve tried it monthsss ago.. They faxed it over to a pharmacy along with antibiotics. Im really worried about the initial break out from it after reading reviews. I cant afford a cystic break out after what accutane did to my healing abilities. Did you break out at first? Any side effects?
  14. @Scarredtodepression Ive been silently stalking this thread since you started it. I feel like i can relate to many of the things youve discussed. Your results looks great so far. Im keeping my fingers crossed for you that the results are excellent once swelling has gone down! If im not mistaken i read in one of your earlier comments that changing your diet cleared up your acne? Do you mind my asking what diet  you used/are using ? Ive tried everything to clear up mine, every face cleanser, accutane, and most recently the caveman diet. Which i had trouble sticking to with my super busy schedule. I really think my diet is causing my acne. When i look backyears ago, my cystic acne started when i moved and started eating fast food instead of home cooked meals. I never had any acne prior to then..

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