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  2. Hey guys,

    So I just got this sample peel in the mail ( i will do a spot test first!). Its not TCA, its like, 40% glycolic and 30% lactic, along with some other low percentages of skin healing ingredients. I did DIY microneedling a few days ago, nothing too crazy, 1.5 stamp on a couple deeper scars and 1.0 on the rest of my cheek. I did use tea tree oil after to avoid any breakouts, it caused my skin to get really dry/flakey, as tea tree oil usually does for me. Anyway, how soon can i do a peel after mirconeedling? Do i need to wait weeks? Days? I didnt bleed, but i did have microswelling as i normally do.



  3. @91babyThats what i noticed in your pics right away as well, not only is the scarring greatly improved, your skin overall looks much smoother! Thanks for all the info and tips, im definitely going to give it a shot and look back on these steps when it comes in the mail.

    I did some research after reading your post, and after ordering glycolic acid, i found this type of peel that is supposed to be better than using glycolic acid. Its called the 'fade' peel. Its a combination of glycolic acid 30%, lactic acid 20%, kojic acid 2%, malic acid 3% along with some other beneficial ingredients such as bearberry exract, and licorice root extract. Based on the reviews i read from people who are experienced with peels its supposed to work better than using any specific peel alone. They offer a sample for only $2.50+ shipping ( not sure what it would be sent to AU) and most reviewers said they got 3-5 peels out of it. Just thought id mention it, If its any good ill let you know!

    Thats why i gave up on wearing makeup, it just made my skin texture and scarring look like crap lol. It helped my blotchy skin though. I recently read up on a primer that supposedly worked really well on acne scars. I even saw some guys on makeupalley who signed up just to share how well it helped fill in their pitted scars lol. It got discontinued, I think mainly because it was too thick for people just looking to minimize pores, but i found it on ebay. Its Smashbox Photo Finish Targeted Pore & Line Primer.
    If its any good for scarring ill let you know! Let me know if the air brushing is any better as ive considered that in the past too.

  4. @91baby Woohoo, finally, an update! Girllll, theres definitely a noticeable improvement! Even better than i was expecting from that type of peel! They look much softer, and filled in.. if thats how they look in the worst lighting, you must be feeling pretty good in normal lighting! Ive already started looking up 50% peels on amazon now, haha. I know what you mean about bathroom lighting and window reflections, its the worst..i always check them to see how bad my skin is today, because my scarring is less noticeable some days compared to others, Im not sure why, other than hydration,maybe. Anyway, Im so happy for you! Thanks for coming back for me, haha. It gives people like me some hope and new things to try! Keep us updated with any more improvement, and good luck to you guys on the baby plans!

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  6. @91babyI have checked this post so many times for updates over the last several months! You and i have similar scarring and id love to know more about your experience with the glycolic acid peels! What is the peeling experience like? It sounds like its not as extreme as TCA? Do you experience hyper-pigmentation? Is there an actual peeling process?Breakouts? Enlarged pores? I remember years ago ( before my scarring, i just had some bad skin texture that i thought was the end of the world lol) i stupidly used, i think it was 60% lactic acid?... that or a high percentage of saliycic acid on my skin, and i tested it on an area of skin without acne/textural issues (forehead) to avoid a bad breakout, and it permanently enlarged all my pores. I havent really tried peels much since lol.  Anyway, id love to hear any info youre willing to share! Cant wait for pictures. So glad youre happy and found someone worthy of your time!
  7. Just wanted to post an update : )

    I posted back in June about my skin plumping/looking slightly better after a month on Spiro. Right after this, i decided to try microneedling for the first time in 3+ years. I bought a 1.0 roller for the entire face and 1.5 small derma stamp for the deeper scars. I thought i would share what i experienced and the results so far as i think it has visibly improved a little bit! I also did a test of TCA on two ice pic scars and i think the edges did smooth out a tad ( i circled them ).

    The color balance is a little more orange in the after photos, but the lighting was the same ( if anything, the after photos were sharper with harsher lighting as you can see every pore/hair on my face)

     3-5 days : Fairly swollen, there were many scars i couldnt even see.

    10+ days : Scars looked worse than before i microneedled 

    4 weeks: Deeper scarring started filling in

    6 weeks(ish):  Deeper scarring filled in some, skin overall looked smoother with clearer complexion. Also, a couple scars almost filled in completely.

    Now for the CONS:

    I did create a couple new tiny ice pic scars in the process. I dont think this would be the case for someone who has their acne well under control, but my skin is EXTREMELY sensitive. 

    Little to no change on Ice pic scars

    Overall nothing crazy, but its more than my pessimistic butt expected after one session of a non invasive treatment. Im hoping after 6 treatments i can just top it off with filler if my scar type is compatible.. and then maybe some mental therapy.. lol





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