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    @Scarredtodepression Awesome thanks for taking time to send all your replies!
  3. @Scarredtodepression Im so bad at the clean diet part lol. I work 14 hour days, its so hard to cook, ive tried simple diets like brown rice and brocolli as i can cook it in the office lol, but its just not enough calories, i lose so much weight. I think youre right though, the diet is extremely important..

    lmao really? What causes that, do you know? By regulating hormones? Im only a B so i wouldnt complain with C's lol. Did you have any heart palpatations from doses that high? I heard thats another common side effect from 50mg+ 

    It is prescribed by a real dermatologist, with a real prescription, and you get follow ups just like in person, it just cost less, and theres no driving involved. I had no idea that was legal lol. Although, i went to a walk in few months back, and saw you could have a live stream appointment for less, and get prescriptions.. oh how technology is changing everything lol.

    Thanks for the heads up on the potassium, i did read about that, i over research everything lol. I dont eat much potassium luckily, but ill have to keep an eye on that
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  5. @Scarredtodepression 
    Thanks for sharing all of that. Wish i had known i could use an online derm to get a script for spiro i wouldve tried it monthsss ago.. They faxed it over to a pharmacy along with antibiotics. Im really worried about the initial break out from it after reading reviews. I cant afford a cystic break out after what accutane did to my healing abilities. Did you break out at first? Any side effects?
  6. @Scarredtodepression Ive been silently stalking this thread since you started it. I feel like i can relate to many of the things youve discussed. Your results looks great so far. Im keeping my fingers crossed for you that the results are excellent once swelling has gone down! If im not mistaken i read in one of your earlier comments that changing your diet cleared up your acne? Do you mind my asking what diet  you used/are using ? Ive tried everything to clear up mine, every face cleanser, accutane, and most recently the caveman diet. Which i had trouble sticking to with my super busy schedule. I really think my diet is causing my acne. When i look backyears ago, my cystic acne started when i moved and started eating fast food instead of home cooked meals. I never had any acne prior to then..
  7. Girllllllll your improvement looks great. After a couple more treatments you probably wont think about your scars anymore. Completely jealous! Congrats!

  8. Noicee. Congrats! When i see results like this i feel SO happy for the person and jealous as heck at the same time lol. I hope someday i can achieve these results. My next experiment to cure my acne is the paleo diet. Thanks for sharing with us, like  scarRight mentioned, people who havent received the right results always come back, and those who are satisfied go on and live their lives. Glad you updated us!

  9.  here is one that gave me hope once upon a time as my scars were similar to his, i think i have more ice pic scars these days from never ending acne... Is there still some visible scarring.. yes.. but i I would never worry about my skin again if i could get that much improvement, ugh.. maybe someday *fingers crossed* lol

    Also, mr. matt had great results ( hes in that post too) i dont know if he still comes around here anymore, people like him leave when they reach satisfying results. 

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  11. These improvements were definitely worth it, if you respond this well to treatment, i think youll be set after a few more. Thats awesome. Super jealous and happy for you!

  12. I did it for about a year, it definitely softened the edges, by no means are they gone, however most of my scars from back then are now rolling scars, but there were also areas on my face with very delicate skin from accutane, and it literally caused little semi permanent holes just like if you were to roll over a tomato skin. They did eventually close up, i think it took about a year. If youve taken accutane i would be cautious and try a small section of your skin to ensure you respond well to 'damaging your skin'. I have seen some nice results from dermarolling, its just a suuper slow process, and you have to stay committed which can be difficult when results arent visible for 6-12 months. 

  13. I see very light indented scarring as you mentioned.. I hate to say this as its completely unhelpful and (stupid/ obvious) advice that is always given in articles, but the best way to avoid scarring is to prevent the acne in the first place. If youre like me, thats not really possible after trying every damn treatment available without success lol. The one thing i have noticed that helps with hyper-pigmentation AND scarring is to use tea tree oil and any acne scar cream your skin can tolerate directly on the pimples. My skin scars so easily and this actually helps prevent it quite a bit.

  14. @ dazzed Oh no, i think you misunderstood my reply. I was simply responding to sirius comment about people with healing issues should look at their diet. The entire reason I will be doing fillers vs other treatments is its the one treatment that doesnt damage your skin lol. Thanks for sharing your experience with fillers, i will definitely remember it when i have mine.

    @Jpablo Yes. My skin doesnt heal properly since taking accutane. Cuts, scrapes, non cystic acne  ( which never caused any scarring prior to accutane) all leave pitted scarring very quickly. @ dazzed Thats really great if it didnt affect you poorly or other people in this thread. I never said accutane is evil though..although i think everyone should be VERY cautious, I'd say 95% of the time people do not have long term issues. The side effects linger for up to 6-12 months (hence the period of time patients wait before attempting acne scar treatment). However, it does have devastating side effects for a small percentage of people who take it ( and those people usually end up on these type of sites, like me lol). Some of the awful temporary side effects dont ever go away. There have been numerous studies on it. Some of the stories are really tragic. Accutane is incredibly bad for your body, but for those who dont end up with long term side effects AND it clears up their acne, its a miracle drug. It can be hard to comprehend how horrible it is for some people when someones personal experience made their life so much better. My best friend in high school took it with no issues, and my sister took it with only temporary depression. For most people, it does exactly as advertised. In my case, it literally ruined my skin (and life) within 1 month, and my healing abilities never went back to normal (5 years later).

  15. @dazzedDid you have subcission done with it? Im strongly considering it as my first treatment plan because as you said it wont make scarring worse, you can have it dissolved if they mess up. Im just not sure my skin can handle subcission beforehand, but ive also heard the donut effect is pretty common if you dont do it. Do you mind my asking what type of scars it worked well on for you personally? I have mostly shallow boxcars and rolling scars, luckily 80% of them show improvement when i stretch the skin. Also what filler did you decide to use?
  16. @dazzedI completely agree. I am also extremely glad i did not have full face laser treatment. When i was put on accutane my dr had already started planning my laser treatment "6 months after accutane" She told me, "you have really fair skin too, so we can kick those settings up to the max!" I am so so glad i paid close attention to how my skin was healing after i was finished with the medication. It would have disfigured my entire face. I remember 6 months post accutane i tried just using that at home PMD, and even that made my skin texture noticeably worse. My skin was so fragile at the time. As unlucky as this situation may be, im extremely thankful as well that l i didnt blindly do what i was told like many other innocent people..

    Youre spot on, you definitely need to have a GOOD understanding of how your skin reacts, heals, etc. That is one reason ( aside from issues clearing up acne) i have not firmly decided which approach to take first, and have chosen to keep studying this site and others while i determine what i think will be best for MY skin . And then as you mentioned earlier, do TEST spots first. Doing any treatment over your entire face because you want improvements NOW ( or because a dr is pressuring it) is foolish..Scar treatment is a LONG process, you need to treat it as one, dont rush it, use extreme caution, and take it one step at a time. 

    @Sirius Lee Although that may be very true for some people, for most of the people on this site, its caused by taking accutane, its an awful and permanent side effect. Ive tried every diet, increased water intake, herbs, vitamins, etc etc.. Accutane has permanently screwed up how my body heals. It sucksss lol. Wish i had done more research on the drug before taking it. Personally I didnt have any concerns going on it ( other than starting between breakouts to avoid scarring) as my sister had taken it 10 years before i did, and the only thing she suffered was short term depression. 

  17. I do get where scars_hope is coming from to an extent...

    This is my take on acne scar treatment from all the research ive done over the past few years...

    To put it simply and be completely honest... there ARE some people who could have every damn treatment available by the best acne scar specialist in the WORLD and still only see 5-10% improvement after 15+k treating each and every individual scar carefully...For some people, the sad truth is.. there is little to no hope...the technology isnt advanced enough to see visible improvement, and this is for a number of reasons, genetics, skin type, disorders, healing abilities etc. BUT there are people who achieve 50-80% improvement. For one reason or another they respond well to treatments... Dazzed shared a link to that one girl on youtube ( ive watched her many times too lol ) and you can see her results are not fake and quite noticeable.  QuanHenry had very similar scarring to mine and hes definitely had very good improvement. His pics show harsh lighting too. You can see what i call 'improvement that was worth the effort'.. Now, do i think i will have the same improvement as him just because we had similar scarring? Absolutely not lol. I dont heal well enough to achieve those results. I think my best luck will be from several fillers( if anything will work on me)instead of damaging my skin. It SUCKS but some people will have great outcomes while others will see little to no improvement even with every treatment available (and hopefully without additional scarring). Throughout this very unfortunate journey, ive learned Its not as simple as saying scar treatments WORK/DONT WORK. Every single case is different. I think its best to study your own skin well before jumping into any type of treatment. 

  18. enerjet treatment

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    I really hope this treatment gives the results youre seeking, but to anyone who has used accutane i would take EXTREME caution before using this treatment. Some people heal just fine after accutane, but for those who dont, I would NOT risk this at all...it makes me cringe just looking at all the inflamed bumps as those would ALL turn into pitted scars if i did that. The results of something like that on me would be devastating. Its SO important to understand your own skin's sensitivity/healing abilities and NOT other peoples results before attempting any type of treatment. Oh how I envy you guys who can handle these kind of treatments! Good luck!

  19. @beautifulambition  Im sorry i didnt reply to this earlier as everything you said meant a lot and knowing you took the time to reply. People dont realize someone taking the time to actually relate or say something nice during a low point can go a long way. I didnt respond because i felt i would be more negative to the forum than anything in the moment, and people are coming here for hope. 

    I definitely have a horrible, horrible case of BDD. I try really hard to not think about or focus on it. I dont look in mirrors anymore. I go through ups and downs, im usually so busy working I am distracted enough that i cant focus on it for too long. Then something happens and i question my whole self worth like you mentioned.
    On 3/5/2018 at 11:44 PM, beautifulambition said:

    Can you imagine someone basing their whole self worth off their healing capabilities, which may be poor or a auto immune disease

    Its hard not to when we live in a world where appearance is how we are judged initially. Do some people look past these things when they get to know someone, sure.. but there's a whole process getting to that point, and it takes so much peace within yourself to do this with every new person you meet. Its hard and emotionally exhausting.. The reason i havent tried/planned anything yet is my acne isnt under control,and i have tried EVERYTHING for that. And now because of accutane ( 5 years ago) im scarring so easily from any breakout. Im trying to get it under control. I just tried a anti inflammatory diet. So far its about the same. My last hope is to try birth control as i have PCOS. 

    I wasnt siding with one person over the other i completely agree you have to be realistic, the level of devastation is far too high if you expect miracles.  I think if anything i am more on the hopeless side of improvement, even though i know some people have been successful. I also get why someone was trying to give out hope. I think both are important. 

    One reason i wanted to respond to this, other than to thank you, is to ask how you personally overcame your emotional issues with scarring ( as you said you still have some). Was it through scar treatment? You had to reach a point that left you feeling satisfied? Therapy? Did you reach acceptance on your own? If so, how did that come about? I am at a point in my life where i hate how mentally debilitating this feels more than the scars itself. I would rather have peace and acceptance with it and THEN work on improving them, rather than find peace from reaching a  'acceptable' amount of improvement. I truly believe if i were to wake up tomorrow looking how i used to i would not feel a sense of peace at all, because in most cases, scarring causes so many mental/emotional problems.

    Anyway, I know this is a forum for discussion on treating the actual scars, but i feel like there are two sides  you have to treat. The scars themselves, and the emotional and mental side of it. I thought about creating a post asking what other people have done to cope or reach acceptance. 
  20. I think I need to stop stalking this site. These debates are soooo depressing lol. One person is trying to offer support to the forum by sharing hope, the other is trying to help by adjusting expectations. It's soo easy to become extremely obsessive over these skin problems. It really really sucks being in this situation. I wish i knew someone in real life who understood what this does to a person mentally. I think im having a terrible day. Ill delete this comment later :/ lol 

  21. @quanhenry i agree the lighting is different, but it looks like directional lighting to me, if his scars were the same as before they should be very noticeable in that lighting imo. Mine would be painfully obvious in that after picture, and i think most of mine are actually a little more shallow than his before photo.

  22. @f93d Holy cow dude these results are amazing! You should be postings these pics all over the forum for the scar treatment skeptics, such as myself lol. Im blown awayyy if your results really look this good! I wouldnt even bother with more treatments, why risk damaging results that look phenomenal ! Congrats!

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