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  2. First of all, how would you get Accutane without a prescription and how would you know it was actually what it purported to be? Even a completely above board prescription of Accutane is a bit risky, so seeking out a potential black market fake is taking your life in your hands.
    Anyway, like many prescription medications, the form of vitamin A that was known as Accurane can have very nasty side effects. This is why it’s important to be monitored by your prescribing doctor while taking it. Women of child-bearing potential, for instance, are required to be on two different forms of birth control while taking Accutane because of the risk of serious birth defects or miscarriages is so high. Even if pregnancy isn’t an issue, Accutane has been known to induce diseases/dangerous symptoms in patients that they’d never experienced before taking the medication. You could develop pancreatitis or maybe wind up killing yourself  (recurring suicidal thoughts is a known side effect).

    In short, my opinion is obviously that NO, it is not okay to take isotretinoin without a prescription and medical monitoring.
  3. Unfortunately for us, a good number of acne treatments make the situation a little worse before it gets better. :( This would seem to be the case with you. I would stick it out- five days isn’t very long time to make a final decision about a long trusted and often used acne medication (benzoyl peroxide).
    My first thought was that you should be sure you’re adequately moisturizing your skin while using bp AND that what you’re moisturizing your skin with won’t cause new acne. You want to look for noncomedogenic products and you very well might need to moisturize more than twice a day. Benzoyl peroxide could conceivably make acne worse until your skin gets used to the treatment because bp dries out the skin, leading it to produce more natural oil which then often contributes to pimples (at least in us acne-prone folks).

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