1. Last Month
  2. filling done one  week after subcision. once swelling goes down you can do filling without bumps.

  3. I’ve decided not to do peels as I hyperpigmet easily, I live in Malaysia and did the treatment in Malaysia, used about 1cc filler each side, the filler brand is Neuramis from korea

    Improvement i would say about 70%, sometimes it looks like totally gone especially in the morning. For Deep FX the Dr used high power and low density. Even 1 treatment did so much damage imagine 5 . It’s just my opinion but I will not do any laser anymore 

  4. More Than a Month
  5. 5 weeks post procedure.

  6. AFter two treatments of Nokor Subcosion and Filling, Here's the update.











  7. i think 8-12 months is just nice for full rest, even after 3 months the newly form collagen is still fragile..it might take more than 6 months actually.

    Most of the scars are on same plane already, as per my knowledge, 2 - dimensional scars can be treated with deep peels or fully ablative erbium resurfacing...but for now i'm quite happy with this already as i dont want to take the risk of ablative procedures..i also notice that i can sustain filler longer by restricting facial expression i.e i dont smile, laugh and be "emotionless". I have also stopped playing soccer and exercising for a while, this also keep the filler last longer. For note: Pls dont stop exercising.

  8. depends on the type of scar's really, rolling i would say almost 90%, boxcar 55%-65% roughly, ice picks < 20%.
    I will post the pics next month, 

  9. 1week post Nokor, filling is tomorrow...this is round 2..From what I see so far, this might be my last round since most scars are on same plane even when the fillers has been absorbed. I will post photo 1 month from today (shouldn’t be any swelling) . After this I will give my skin 1-2 years break after to recover . After years of abuse(treatment) , I’ve developed dry skin , before this was oily skin.

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