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  1. Anymore opinions before I see the doc again? This is the same prescriptions i had as last time which completely cleared me. I will avoid Accutane if I can, but if I need it to get clear again I will.
  2. Doc appointment this Friday, I'll see what they suggest.
  3. I'm back to the docs this Friday, will see what they suggest. I do know Zineryt really kicks in at the 4 week stage which I am on now, so hopefully it clears me again. If not I'll ask about retinoids.
  4. So what do i Do? It's been 3 months on topical and oral antibiotics.
  5. So a low dosage route would lessen side effects?
  6. what side effects did you experience?
  7. Thanks. Did you go on Accutane?
  8. Hi. A bit of back story. 22 year old male, had acne since a teen. When I turned 21 last year I had a really really back break out of cystic acne. I was put on lymecycline antibiotics which reduced my acne a lot and then zineryt antibiotic lotion at a later date which cleared everything else up My skin was scar free and normal for about 7 or 8 months, it was glowing as family had told me. About 3 months ago a relapse has occurred and it is back angry. Not as angry as last time but still angry. I've been on lymecycline for 3 months now and zineryt for about 3/4 weeks. The effects from the antibiotics are defo not as good as the first time around. I'm getting worried as I'm getting married in just under 9 months and I want to be clear with scars gone before then. Here is a pic from today. Is it bad enough for Accutane, is it my last shot since I have a time frame? Any help please, this stuff depresses me, especially at work facing customers all day. Thanks
  9. thanks for that. I notice a difference now I've stopped the face wash, I knew something wasn't right between the 2 as I've used zinyert before and it felt a lot different. my red pimples aren't as angry looking now, I'll deal with the white/black heads with the wash once the inflamed ones are gone. thanks
  10. I've stopped use of wash, drying my face out with the meds.
  11. Acne friendly shaving foam/gel/lotion?

    Anyone else who may be wondering.. I went with mancave shave gel which has moisturiser built in. Natural ingredients as well.
  12. This is about my 8th year of it. I'll check it out. Thanks ma dudes!
  13. Relapse has sent me into depression. Freedom for about 6 months, just being took away in just over a week. Back to square 1.
  14. As per title, I use alba deep pore wash with active 2% salicylic acid and I have been prescribed zineryt and oral antibiotics. My face can dry out a lot but only at times. Is it likely the face wash and zineryt lotion are working against each other or is the dryness causing more acne?
  15. Doxycycline to Accutane

    Always finish prescribed course
  16. I have mild acne with moderate breaks outs. My acne is usually inflamed and leaves behind hyperpigmentation, even if i don't sqeeze or pick. marks linger for about a month but before they heal I'll have another 4 or 5 breakouts. The cycle is endless. I'm currently on antibiotics, both oral and topical for about 3 months now. My face heals then just breaks out when things are healing. I'm getting married in 9 months (male) and I just feel like giving up on my face. The doc won't refer me to a derm because my face isn't just considered bad enough in her eyes. But it's clearly a bad case for an adult to have the acne I am. Just wanted to vent out. cya.
  17. Aloe vera for spots

    I used it for a few weeks. It helped sooth my skin but I felt sudacrem worked faster personally.
  18. Always good to follow with a moisturiser if your skin is usually dry in the first place or if dryness is prolonged for a period of time. My skin can ocassinally dry out from time to time because of the products I use, but my face is usually oily so I don't need to combat it too much with moisturiser. If you are 2 months in, you may as well try wait it out to 3 months, that's usually long enough to tell if something is going to work or not. I've been on antibotics for just over 2 months and starting to see changes now. So stick it out until the 3rd month is my advice! Then take it from there Good luck.
  19. Why are you wanting to binge so much? I would defo not want to be experimenting with my skin! just curious..
  20. Finally on roaccutane!!!!!

    You can notice a lot of the redness has settled down since your last post. Hopefully it keeps working quick for you.
  21. Finally on roaccutane!!!!!

    We are all here in the journey with You, keep strong!
  22. Red bump is now brownish?

    Sudocrem applied at night to the spot for a week or so will probably bring it down, If only all our skin was as clear...
  23. Inflammation after acne

    Yeah you can get it over the counter. I use Alba Deep Pore Wash which helps fight breakouts and reduce marks. Not sure if you will break out with it or not. Sudocrem or sudacrem is simply just a white cream like paste used for cuts etc. but if you search it on here, many people have had success with it. I find it helps to sooth my own acne and any marks I have had.