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  2. Great difference from your first post!
  3. La posay effachlar h is specially made for accutane users. I use it and it's great for day or night use. i use blistex relief cream at night for my lips and O'Keefe's lip repair balm during the day.
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  5. Getting some crazy dry patches on my hands and back. Didn't think so many side effects would kick off so early. Maybe because of the high starting dose.
  6. Real great difference from your last photo update. As my dermatologist said acne may win the battle but you'll win the war, cheesy I know haha but true! :-)
  7. In general my squeezing and touching habit has reduced. Although today I couldn't resist to pop 2 sort of deep ones. Hopefully they don't scar and I can continue to get better at keeping my addiction at bay. I have also noticed some white heads pop themselves randomly.
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  9. Help, I am new

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    Reduce the amount of BP being used, started off with way too much!
  10. Accutane (23/Male)

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    Congrats mate! Do u still follow a similar regimen in regards to face wash and moisturisers etc. Or have u dropped all that?
  11. Week 2 14 pills done! Still breaking out but I do notice spots scab over quicker. I also got a new phone and it's pretty harsh on the front camera.. at least I hope so lol side effects Similar to last week except my skin is now flaking and is super red like a tomato Slight back pains as well
  12. Just looking back at your post on the 5th march, your red marks/hyperpigmentation has faded remarkably. Well done on the clear skin!
  13. Great news buddy! Congrats
  14. Are you taking vitamins which are intended to benefit the joints and muscles? Im taking various different vitamins to try deal with side effects.
  15. I use sudocrem and always have! Did you use it throughout the whole course when you were on accutane? Yeah I'll have a look, thanks
  16. ive cut down on my dairy intake and general junk food Last night and today I've been having issues with my eyes drying out and feeling irritated.
  17. Last Month
  18. Don't think it would be worth paying for all the scar treatments as your skin already looks awesome!
  19. Dry red flakey skin is normal Swelling usually isn't a normal side effect, give it a few days and see if it subsides.
  20. Would you not even consider low dose accutane and see how it goes? I had a bad reaction to minocycline, I'm on accutane ATM and things seem ok.
  21. Still squeezing, 2 massive gnarly nodular spots appeared beside each other on my forehead and I couldn't resist but squeeze because they were so sore and pressured. Got some stuff out of them but in the process I removed the top layer of my skin. I gotta learn soon! Don't want to be dealing with major scars.
  22. Niacinamide works well. I also use sudocrem, I think it helps with the redness and inflamed look.
  23. Week 1 that's the first week finished. I'm still breaking out and starting to get some deep spots appear, like the one under one of my eyes but I hope this is my IB and it doesn't get any worse. side effects dry skin dry lips bloody nose light headed in the morning when waking
  24. stick in there dude. I got a big gnarly cyst under my left eye
  25. I'm glad it worked for You! I hope I start clearing soon. How long did the redness take to go away? I'm getting it already.
  26. @dw75 your skin has reacted so well to Accutane! @Quadboy yeah I know, today I have only squeezed one spot on my neck so hopefully tmoz I'll squeeze none! I am more worried about the cut I have gotten between my eyebrows. When I fell it also cut the tops off the spots on my forehead. I hope they heal up..they were not intentionally afflicted! My forehead is a swollen red mess now..
  27. Yeah starting and staying on 70mg! Hope everything clears up great for you
  28. This morning I woke with an extremely light head, when I got up I blanked out and fell forwards hitting my head on the wooden part of my bed. I now have a massive chunk of skin come off between my eyebrows (nearly the full width of eyebrow to eyebrow), how great!
  29. What side effects did u experience? Day 5 Same as yesterday, but I've had 3 hard angry nodular lumps appear on my forehead. These have appeared just over night, and when I thought my face was beginning to improve! I think I'll need to shave tonight so this could be interesting trying to avoid all the spots. Edit wet shaving was not fun, even a lot of shaving gel didn't give a nice feel for the blade. I also haven't stopped squeezing yet. I squeezed 2 whiteheads and 3 very deep blind lumps. I need to stop or I'm gonna scar. It's a struggle! My face also looks like a tomato..already!
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