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Carley's is serious stuff!
on 15/09/2017
I find that the Carley's Clear and Smooth Kick A** facial scrub keeps me clear and blemish free consistently. When I used to think that I was ok and didn't need it, I'd let the KA run out and bought some cheaper scrub. Soon after, I would start breaking out, and I had to rush to reorder my KA scrub. It's happened way too often, so now, I order my KA product religiously; I don't think I can be without it. I dare not anymore. I consider it the most important product of my facial care regimen.<br/>I've done the dermatologist route and it was great when the medications worked, but after coming off Accutane and I still kept breaking out, my dermatologist gave up on me. I was on my own. I was fortunate to come across the Carley's acne products after much research. After trying out the acne scrubs, I found that Kick A** and the natural soap that comes with it are the ones for me. My skin never feels abused or dry.<br/>I recommend it to everyone that asks me what I do to have beautiful skin. They are shocked when I tell them that I'm still battling acne at my ripe age of 60+, but Kick A** kicks acne's a**!