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    On 20/09/2018 at 1:34 PM, nikki_gargin said:

    I think polarity are going to wait for a year post application of skinte to share real reults. The leg wound pic says midstage healing. Also I heard some good news. I can’t say much more than that. Only that my source is reliable. 

    Good news regarding Polarityte?
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    14 hours ago, FromScarredtoFree said:

    I spoke to Dr. Sun and he was very nice and friendly.  He told me he plans to include scarring in the clinical trials.  Whether that means he will create a scar in a patient like some clinical trials do or allow people with preexisting scars to join is unknown at this point however.  He also talked to me about the burn scars on his arms and how he understands the pain we go through which I didn't expect.  I think for someone to go through the effort to cure scarring they have to understand what we go through because it seems like people with cancer or Aids have it worse.  Also some unrelated good new that I found is while approval rates for drugs is very low (14%) approval rates for devices is much higher (60-90%) depending on what sort of Device it is classified.  Sunogel isn't a life or death device (except maybe in burn victims) nor it is a permanent implant so it's likely it will be a Category II device putting it at a high chance of success if it shows efficacy.  We should all endeavor to support Dr Sun as he seems to be the closest this form has ever gotten to an answer.  Another interesting thing to note is that Dr. Sun put the whole recipe of his hydrogel in his last paper.  To all the super desperate people, you can always make the hydrogel yourself and let us know how it works. XD 

    Skinte has fallen into even deeper problems it seems as one of their officials was caught doing shady business in other companies.  Also Mark Cuban from shark tank admitted he's selling short on it which doesn't help their publicity.  But they plan to release clinical results at some sort of a convention soon if anyone is still following them.

    His recipe is viral and we havent seen it?

    Can you post this recipe so we can see whats in it?
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    On 06/09/2018 at 7:36 AM, golfpanther said:

    We're working together to hopefully make a video promo for Sunogel. Thus far we haven't gotten too into the weeds, but he remains confident that the product will work, even if it needs optimization at some point.

    Can you elaborate why he remains confident? He has to be after so many years of developing this product. How can he be so sure the results from Pigs will replicate in human skin? I would like to know why he is so sure WizGel will regenerate perfect skin in humans. 

    Hope the video helps. For every 10 articles about PolarityTe regenerating skin on the interent you might be lucky to find 1 for Sunogel. I hope its simply a case of Sunogel not trying to make headlines and rather Sunogel just keeping busy and staying focused on delivering a true solution.

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    57 minutes ago, golfpanther said:

    Sunogel's website got an update:


    They say that they'll be done with preclinical testing by 3rd quarter of 2019 and that it's a device, which is good news. Also, they say that they are working on cosmetic applications that could be accelerated to market.

    hopefully everyones good efforts here putting pressure on Sunogel to get things moving and not just with the product but also their website has added a little to this move forward in the right direction. 

    WizGel-DX1....  godspeed

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    On 11/07/2018 at 9:16 AM, golfpanther said:

    As much as I'd personally like to get excited about FS2, those results don't inspire much confidence.

    Percentage improvements are such a finicky thing. 90%, 40%... at the end of the day you still have a scar without regenerated skin and appendages. Since this is a board about scarless healing, I think that's what we all want from any product that comes out.

    Those images of the rabbit ear i think are worthy considering that is just from topical cream application everyday for 35 days to an existing scar. 

    everyone is anticipating the phase 2 trial results but its for topical application. Anyway if they are treating fresh surgical wounds it still give us an idea.

    you would hope if it can breakdown existing scarring to a degree from just topical application of the cream then procedures like intradermal injection and needling would help drive for even better change.

    im not holding my breath on a miracle cream just yet but its definitely interesting. 

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    Does anyone know what Dr Sun is doing on a day to day basis? Like how is he making money, does he have a side job at 7/11 or something?

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    Hasnt Trump overhauled the FDA just recently to process trials and new drug approvals much faster?

    10 years as some have stated doesnt seem right. Each phase takes roughly 15 months from what I read on average. You could put your hand up during phase 3 as one of a few thousand patients if your lucky and desperate. Stage 4 its basically widespread but continued observations of the product still happen and data is still collected. Should be within 5 years by my maths from whenever they start phase 1. Im not so familiar with the FDA process, this is just what i gather from research.

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    PolarityTe took a huge punch today. They are on the ropes if this is true that patent was rejected and they kept this hush hush...

    Who knows, skinte could still offer something for small defects. Better to sit back and let the dust settle on this one.

    Does anyone know if Sunogel hyrdogel goes to trials will it be classified as a device? And if so can that fast track everything?