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  1. I'm on my 4th dose of Bacitrim due to infected acne cyst above my right eyebrow. Eye was swollen since Monday. I still have swelling eye. The eyelids are red. While the pain of the cyst has lessen, yellow crusty stuff is oozing out. Some new pimples have grown on and around. Some look like whiteheads. The cyst has turned black after putting ice. I also had a huge breakout after my first dose. My acne problem has gotten better since I'm older and eat a high fiber diet sometimes. However, I never had a cyst get infected and never had so much acne at once. It's the small yellow pus and red that is getting on my chest, stomach, neck and face. I'm even getting on my hands. One side of my scalp it's almost completely red of acne I thought it was extra pill of probiotics, but stop doing it since yesterday. Can Bacitrim cause so much breakouts? Is there another antibiotic? PLease help. I can't go out. What will help with swollen eye? I only put warm compress and discontinued probiotics and Retin-A.
  2. Hi, I had acne since my preteens. It started getting lesser by my mid-30's. I am 46. Right before my menstrual period I may get the usual acne in the same spot or sometimes on the chin. Last Friday during my heavy day, there were six small pimples above my eyebrow. Never had a cluster like that, and hadn't have that many pimples like that all at once. These 6 pimples got bigger the next day. So I put erthromycin ointment. A little drained out like water. I also had shooting pain in the head. On Sunday after waking up from a nap, my eye was swollen. I put ice and applied selenium sulfide. The ice drained it, but made the cyst purple. On Monday went to the doctor. I was prescribed Bacitrim. I was told not put anything on there because skin was red and inflamed. She said antibiotics should clear my skin. At night, I started breaking out into a lot of acne. It was like I was in my 20's again except never had that many at once. There was a lot on my scalp in one area. It felt like it was burning when I combed my hair. I was also getting a few on my forearm and thighs which was unusual. Right now I still have swollen eyes and have taken Naproxen Sodium. I admit I missed my 2nd dose of Bacitrim by 2 hours. The cyst that's above my eyebrow, there's new pimples and white pimple-like on and around. Some of it is yellow crust or leaks like water. Is this the fluid around the eye that's coming out? I have a Bartholin Cyst that got infected in August 2016 and January 2017. They got infected during the heavy days of menstruation. Doctor said I have Endometriosis. Since the acne cyst got infected during my heavy days, is it coincidence? Or due to endometriosis? My OB says the tissue can travel to the face so I figured maybe it resulted to a cyst. I read Bacitrim is too strong so I'm worried if I should be given something else? How long will it take the swollen eye and cyst get better?