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  1. And what do you think about dermapen ? it's less expensive than derminator
  2. I used dermastamp for 2 month and i have maybe 10-15% improvement and i don't know if i have to add Dermaroller it seems that dermaroller is more effective for large area is anybody here use the 2 product,what do you prefer ?
  3. Acne scars making me so miserable

    Can this be done at home? like just buying a derma stamp then doing it. I have the same issue, also as mild as hers. Yes of course,it' s a safe method you can read the tuto from owndoc
  4. Acne scars making me so miserable

    I have worse than this and you are not alone your case is not severe if i were you,i will use needling device like dermastamp 1mm would be enought
  5. Before and after pics online

    So For you it is impossible to fix acne ? However i have seen good suces here
  6. Where can i buy a suction device

    Yes i Know but on OneDoc i can only buy a minimum of 18 euro
  7. Where can i buy a suction device

    70dollar is too expensive and i live in France,I can't buy it
  8. I plan to do subcsision next month and i know that after subcsision,i have to suction my scar where can i buy this device i am from europe so i can only buy in europe webside from amazon or ebay
  9. And sorry but what is the size that i need ? 30g,20g ?
  10. Yes i talk about needle at angle and BA,i have nothing against you,but i like to have other advice,you are note the only member who treat your scar.But i am very that you help me and that we help other a simple diabetic needle for finger is usefull for this ? yes i have see that there is a problem with owndoc product maybe i have to buy in other store
  11. Those are for single needling scars (vertically) just like dermastamp but with only one needle. I would never try subcision on myself. Hell I'm going to a very experienced Doc and I'm still nervous something might go wrong. I mean do whatever u want. It's your face, but do you really want to risk making your situation worse just to save some money? yes i know but you can use it horizontally i don't talk about subscision but according to the link there are a problem with this product ?
  12. I just want to have opinion from other person,that's it i have nothing against you What ? Before owndoc sold needle for subscision ? you talk about this :
  13. I needle every 3 week,i use dermastamp 1.5mm,yes i avoid sun exposure and no i don't apply any topical but now i start with bleaching creme (depiwhite advanced) at 2 mont,you notice some improvement ? for me it's difficult to say
  14. yes i know but it's very expensive I do needling since 2 months and i don't see anything,do you think that's normal ? I have rolling scar,is the same for you ?
  15. Hi my friend Since how many time did you used needling ? can you estimate the pourcentage of improvement ? I don't talk about subscision but about single needling at horizontal and not at vertical
  16. with this for exemple : Quadboy just sting not move under the skin
  17. I know that subcision can and to realize this,you have to cut horizontally the fibrous band so it's possible with single needle if you use it a lot ?
  18. Hi i would start with this technique to have a horizontal approch what type of needle can i use ? i can't buy on owndoc and i would like to buy it on Amazon
  19. Did 1 treatment can improve by 50% my skin ?
  20. I am off accutane since 6 month so maybe my scar are note fully mature no ? do i need to wait 2 years before do anything to my scar ? Maybe with Time and without do anything it will fill in
  21. If there is only redness it will fade over Time and if you don't have acne anymore (the best acne treatment is accutane if you have severe cistic acne but There are other option) if you have indented scar then you have to use needling like dermastamp (look at if you have Brown mark and if they don't fade over Time (let your skin heal) then use bleaching cream like acid kojic,hydroquinone ect...
  22. Microneedling "Rise skin problem"

    Hyperpigmentation is normal after needling,after 2 week it become normal
  23. Microneedling "Rise skin problem"

    No i don't think about this is like i have hypertrophic scar tissue with microneedling
  24. I use microneedling and i observe that my skin is now elevated,i don't speak about the scar but the healthy skin around it is it a side effect ?