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  2. Just to make à little update i am now peeling 
    my skin is not dark anymore but Pink and White,the White is an issue 
    i will wait to see what happen 
    the next i Will use hydroquinone and tretinoine during 10 days and then use 15% tca peel on a small spot and then my entire face 
    is there any tip to prevent hypopigmentation from peel 
    it's only 3 Day post op so it Will improve thé next 

  3. I test one spot at 20% et 30% and my skin became darker grr..


    So i think i realy need bleaching cream due to my ethnic skin 
    maybe i have one solution to see a doc Who can give me hydroquinone,but i can only use it for one week and don't know if it will be enought 

  4. When i use it,i have dark skin so i think it's pih 

    where can i buy it ? 
    hydroquinone is not available in France and i need prescription 
    so it's not possible for me 

  5. 8 minutes ago, Sabii said:

    Hey Frenchscar, 

    Don't stress. This happened to me when I got mine professionally done. 

    The darkened part SHOULD peel soon - give it a week or so. 

    In the meantime, keep it moisturised with a gentle moisturiser or Vaseline. 

    Moisturise it frequently throughout the day. I'm positive that is going to peel off - it just happened to me last year - trust. 

    Don't stress. 


    What % did he used ?
    and do you have ethnic skin ? did he prep your skin with hydroquinone ? 
  6. 53 minutes ago, beautifulambition said:

    You don't use 30% on a test "spot" (that is not a spot, it's a huge area)! You start with 12-15%. IT's like you didn't even read the FAQ - Acid peel section (there is a link with a mega post 10 pages). You have put a "strong" acid on your face this could take 3 weeks to 3+ months to heal. Goto the emergency or dermatologist if that is a problem for you. 

    Similar posts to this one are included  on the last pages of the tca acid mega post (how to deal with this) linked in the faq

    I could take 3 months of healing. Occlude it with Vaseline, or a healing ointment. Honey and Aloe is also healing. It will take a long time. 

    Read This post:

    @UpliftingCat Please Look at this post.


    i can hide it with make up so,it's not a problem for me 

    but is it hyperpigmentation due to my skin or normal burning ? 

    i did not peel so maybe in one week,this desepear

    30% is not very strong so i don't understand :(
  7. I test one tca peel at 30% in a smal area first and my skin are now very dark,it's very scary,is it normal ? Is it too strong for me ?  I want to go deeper to treat scar 
    it's been 24 hour 



  8. More Than a Month
  9. On 30/04/2018 at 11:27 AM, UpliftingCat said:

    Sorry for my late response, I have been dealing with a MAJOR complication with a peel myself I had 2 weeks ago and been trying to stay off the board. 

    Yes, TCA can be used under the eyes but be careful because TCA can drip off the Q-tip and cause eye damage.  

    I'd definitely start with a lower percentage for under the eyes than 25%. 

    what % do you recommand and what is the limit that i do not reach ? 
  10. I Want to start slowly 
    how can i put the tca peel to know how i react from it ? 

    does the skin of the body is the same that the face ? 

  11. Don't know if i realy need bleaching creme,my skin is not very very dark 
    i will try without And then after judge if i need it 
    And even if i have a little hyperpigmentation that it 's not visible,i don't care of it 
    because for me everyone can have hyperpigmentation even Light skin but this is less important 

  12. I know that i have to use it step by step  (15% then 25%) 
    but i am a little afraid about using it 
    does at this % it can destroy my skin and give permanent scaring or discoloration ? 

    i also have an other question,i read the topic (all thing acide peel)
    it talk about soda to neutralyse the solution but is it mandatory or only water can be enought ? 

  13. Tank you for your help

    Yes i know,i have seen someone Who use this under the eyes : 

    But maybe 25% is too strong for this area 
  14. I am going to do one tca peel 25% for shallow scar next week 
    but i would like to know if it's possible to use it under the Eyes ? 

    i have syringoma so,it will be good if i can use it for this :( 

  15. 7 hours ago, dazzed said:

    That does not sound right.   Maybe you need to clarify what filler he is using.  Maybe he means is that he can't fill everything in one session and needs to space things out.  When you start injecting for a long time, the face gets swollen so you start to miss scars and start injecting in the wrong areas.  You avoid this by doing a few sessions as opposed to trying to get full correction in one sitting.  

    Don't know where you are located, but if you are in Europe you have a lot of options for long-lasting HA fillers including Teosyal Ultra Deep and of course Voluma. In fact, Europe has an incredibly extensive list of available fillers and brands.  It is vastly less regulated than in the US which requires years of clinical trials.   It is literally in the hundreds of brands.  

    Yes i think he can treat all the scar in the same time but he said that i have to pay 500$ every session 

    i don't think it's normal,it must be free because,he only inject 1 seringue of hyaluronic acid
  16. Yes but my doc said that i have to do it every month or every many month 

    i think us to Quick so i am afraid about that 

  17. I am going to do this on wenesdey for 500$ but my doc said that i have to do it every month or every many month and i don't understand why ? 
    Ha filler can last 6 month or 1 years ? 
    Or some bad filler can last only 1 month ?