1. Last Month
  2. There is not red anymore but when i do exercice or when it is hot in summer with sun exposure my scar become red/pink
    is it normal ?
    does it will heal in the futur and my scars will stop to turn red with hot/sun ? 

  3. More Than a Month
  4. Just to make à little update i am now peeling 
    my skin is not dark anymore but Pink and White,the White is an issue 
    i will wait to see what happen 
    the next i Will use hydroquinone and tretinoine during 10 days and then use 15% tca peel on a small spot and then my entire face 
    is there any tip to prevent hypopigmentation from peel 
    it's only 3 Day post op so it Will improve thé next 

  5. I test one spot at 20% et 30% and my skin became darker grr..


    So i think i realy need bleaching cream due to my ethnic skin 
    maybe i have one solution to see a doc Who can give me hydroquinone,but i can only use it for one week and don't know if it will be enought 

  6. When i use it,i have dark skin so i think it's pih 

    where can i buy it ? 
    hydroquinone is not available in France and i need prescription 
    so it's not possible for me 

  7. 8 minutes ago, Sabii said:

    Hey Frenchscar, 

    Don't stress. This happened to me when I got mine professionally done. 

    The darkened part SHOULD peel soon - give it a week or so. 

    In the meantime, keep it moisturised with a gentle moisturiser or Vaseline. 

    Moisturise it frequently throughout the day. I'm positive that is going to peel off - it just happened to me last year - trust. 

    Don't stress. 


    What % did he used ?
    and do you have ethnic skin ? did he prep your skin with hydroquinone ? 
  8. 53 minutes ago, beautifulambition said:

    You don't use 30% on a test "spot" (that is not a spot, it's a huge area)! You start with 12-15%. IT's like you didn't even read the FAQ - Acid peel section (there is a link with a mega post 10 pages). You have put a "strong" acid on your face this could take 3 weeks to 3+ months to heal. Goto the emergency or dermatologist if that is a problem for you. 

    Similar posts to this one are included  on the last pages of the tca acid mega post (how to deal with this) linked in the faq

    I could take 3 months of healing. Occlude it with Vaseline, or a healing ointment. Honey and Aloe is also healing. It will take a long time. 

    Read This post:

    @UpliftingCat Please Look at this post.


    i can hide it with make up so,it's not a problem for me 

    but is it hyperpigmentation due to my skin or normal burning ? 

    i did not peel so maybe in one week,this desepear

    30% is not very strong so i don't understand :(
  9. I test one tca peel at 30% in a smal area first and my skin are now very dark,it's very scary,is it normal ? Is it too strong for me ?  I want to go deeper to treat scar 
    it's been 24 hour