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  2. Scarless Healing

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    It works for major burn victims and severe injuries. It probably will not be suitable for acne scars at this point in time. No doctor, as someone else has already mentioned, will even think about performing this procedure on your face. 

  3. Scarless Healing

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    Happy 11th Birthday for this thread a couple of days ago! 

  4. years of acne scar

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    You look great, awesome improvement. Which treatment do you think worked the most? 

  5. More Than a Month
  6. I love the updates. You mentioned that Dr Lim suggested you were borderline excision. What does that mean? 

    I think you still have swelling, but your skin is healing very well. I would love to see your skin in three months. Well done. 

    Are those last pics from your treatment on Thursday? 

  7. What scars? That can easily be covered by make up. Don't worry about it. 

  8. Do a lower percentage, don't do 50% tca application. As others have said, allow several months for healing and collegen promotion. I'm glad to hear things are looking better. 

  9. Best plan for me?

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    It may be the photo quality, but for what it is worth, I actually think your scars are very minor and I wouldn't worry too much about them. Most people wouldn't take notice. 

    Vascular laser can help with the redness. You stated you had some indents, but they look fairly shallow from what I have seen in the photo.

    All the best with your skin. 

  10. Great point Fortune. Many people would get satisfactory results and choose not to come back here, because they are too busy living and enjoying their life. With treatments such as lasers and subcision, they can offer improvement, but these devices are highly operator dependent. The problem with many people on here is they have had incorrect treatments not tailored to their scar type and are done by poorly trained dermatologist who don't specialise in scar treatment. 

    Well done on your fantastic results and thanks for the update. 

  11. Have you noticed any improvement since August 2017, since you started seeing Lim. Is he good at explaining all the different types or treatments and lasers? 

  12. Were all your previous treatments with Davin Lim? Or just the laser treatment from last Friday? I'm really keen to hear about your experience, because I do live in Australia and I'm considering seeing him. 

  13. I hope you are okay and keep us posted on your healing. Are you going to see a dermatologist about your current situation? Professional advice is probably the best way forward. 

    I have not read anywhere reputable saying TCA cross is good for boxcars or chicken pox scars. I wouldn't trust reviewers off Amazon. The reality is you can't fix severe scarring at home or cheaply, but it's a long road, with small improvements along the way. You need to invest time and money. I would stop the 'at home' treatments and find a reputable scar revision specialist. 

  14. I would never think about using 50% TCA formula on my own, that is crazy. Reading Beautiful Ambition's scar treatment thread has a lot of good information if anyone out there is thinking of doing this, but please don't use 50% at home. This is some strong stuff. 

    You might need to seek professional advice if this doesn't heal normally over the next couple of days. I hope you recover well and get some improvement. 

  15. This is an emergency

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    Use your moisturizer, it might look better over time. 

  16. Scarless Healing

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    Rez, I can see that you are providing comedy relief for this thread. All of your posts are hilarious and you give me big laughs each time. Well done. 

    I look forward to seeing Polarity results at the six month stage, as opposed to 7 weeks. Seriously, that will be when I reserve final judgement. Until then, this technology is worth following with interest. 

    Waits for Rez to reply in capital letters shouting Skin TE can't work and there is no studies.....

  17. 1 hour ago, Sirius Lee said:
    For example,1 being very mild and 10 being very severe, subcision is for scars 5 and above; Infini is for 5 and below. I have yet to see anyone with severe scars getting much out of Infini. 
    This is really fascinating, but isn't this too simplistic? Subcision doesn't work well on all atrophic scars? I thought it was used when scars are tethered, which not all severe scarring will have this. 
  18. Scarless Healing

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    Amazing results for burn wounds, I'm a little skeptical if this will work for acne scars. The share market reacted positive to that statement released by Polarity, it is up 7%.

  19. I think you can cover this easy with make up now and it should keep on fading over the next six months. I would absolutely NOT do any scar treatments on it over the next 6-12 months. Let it heal, as it can take up to a year for a scar to remodel itself. Keep using your current skin care routine. The indent isn't overly noticeable in my book. 

    I hope you have learned your lesson, don't go too aggressive without a reputable scar revision specialist doing the treatment. At home treatments can and do go wrong sometimes.

  20. Scarless Healing

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    Does anyone else really enjoy Rezs post? Bucket full of laughs each time. On a serious note, I will reserve judgement until full results are out. Not seven week results. Take care everyone. 

  21. Scarless Healing

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    A couple of people in this thread need some urgent psychological help. I know scarring can make one feel really depressed, but no need for personal insults and bickering. 

  22. Scarless Healing

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    Whenever something seems too good to be true, it probably is. 


  23. Scarless Healing

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    Polarity plunged almost 10% on the stock market last night. Those pictures, it appears, didn't impress investors or meet their expectations 

  24. It doesn't look too bad, the redness should slowly lighten over the next six months. You can use something like dermablend to cover the redness once it's not too sore to put make up on. 

  25. What to do?

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    Quadboy summed it up beautifully. In fact, I would run as fast as you can out of any office that suggest Fraxel laser. Just not simply worth the downtime. 

  26. What to do?

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    What did the dermatologist say? You were in his/her office yesterday. Did you ask this same exact question. 

    If you did rf microneedling, you'd remember it because that would have longer healing and downtimes. Plus it's more expensive. I would say you just had microneedling. 

    Your scars are very minor even under 'the worst lighting'. I wouldn't bother getting any acne scar treatment and I would just continue with your normal skin care routine. The risk/reward for your minor scars just wouldn't be worth it. 

  27. On Accutane

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    What is your Accutane dose? Newer research suggest you can get some scar treatments while on low dose Accutane. Dr Davin Lim, for example, believes in this new research and does treat patients on low Accutane doses. The research is peer-reviewed and Davin Lim has a YouTube video explaining the research. You still need to wait with more aggressive treatments, such as fully ablative lasers, because they are harsher on the skin. 

    Would I get treatments while I'm on my 10mg Accutane? Personally no, I wouldn't risk it and still wait six months. That is just my own personal judgement.