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  2. Jane Delfino, I would personally give more than one month between TCA cross and subcision applications. Your body needs time to heal and people with acne scars are not great healers, plus you need time for the body to stimulate collagen. Thoughts?
  3. 100% TCA Peel. I am in desperate need of help

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    Your skin looks great. I can't see your original scars on your nose, but the rest of your skin looks good. Allow a couple of weeks for your nose to heal, hopefully it turns out alright. QuadBoy gave some top advice. All the best and don't feel too down.
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  5. I don't think that was a scar, rather post redness from accutane and/or acne. The redness will fade over time, so use plenty of moisturizer. Your face looks really good.
  6. How user dependent is infini?

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    It is very user dependent, just like all scar treatment options. For example, lasers have their time and place, but many dermatologist only have one machine and they are not proficient at matching the laser setting with the patient skin tone. Infinite rf would be the same. Quite a few variables to consider, as you don't just turn it on and go. I would travel to find someone experienced That is a massive red flag that your dermatologist can't show any pictures of his own, only the company pictures. That is your cue to run! As BA mentioned, they're many brands and infini is a brand, not a technique. Look for rf microneedling and best of luck!
  7. Unfortunately, this seems a common occurrence for people who choose excision for their treatment. You are replacing one scar with another and people who have acne scars quite often don't heal that well. It is really hit and miss. Some do alright, but for others it's a waste of time. I might ask why do a third excision after the first two failed?
  8. I have similar scars on my forehead. I use my hair to cover. I would prefer to have a fringe as a male rather than expose those scars to the public eye. Mine are more ice pick in nature, with a few of the larger ones rolling /tethered. I also use dermablend to help conceal. Luckily my scars on my cheeks are nowhere as bad. I'm also very lucky I'm in my mid 30s and I have very thick hair. Going bald won't be a problem. I guess it's relative, as some may think acne scars look bad, but they're many blokes out there who are just as self conscious going bald or having a receding hairline.
  9. A reputable scar revision specialist shouldn't have a problem with that. They wouldn't perform the procedure if there was a decent risk of nerve or permanent damage. All treatments carry a risk, but the risk is minimized if you see a competent doctor. All the best.
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  11. What+to+do+next/first..

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    You had one treatment with Dr Chu? Just out of curiosity, did you see any significant improvement from his treatment? Did the previous fractional Co2 laser ordered any improvement?
  12. I think your skills looks good, your scars are very minor. I wouldn't worry about them at all. If you do get treatments, use TCA cross for your ice picks and maybe a TCA peel for texture. As others have already mentioned, find a dermatologist that specialises in scar revision. Most dermatologist focus on acne and skin cancer treatment, so quite often they lack the expertise and equipment to deliver scar treatments effectively. All the best.
  13. Scarless Healing

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    I'm not sure who you are referring to, but you should understand we are all entitled to our own opinion. Some people are skeptical and who can blame them, with all the empty promises being advertised by money hungry doctors looking to take advantage of people who are feeling vulnerable. I am looking forward to the release of the full results, it could potentially be a very interesting development in scar revision practice.
  14. It sounds like you have found an honest scar revision specialist. Keep us updated on your progress.
  15. Acne scar - Haroon 786

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    I have a question about redness. Is vascular laser the only treatment option for this? Or would treatment options such as TCA cross, subcision and Co2 laser help with redness while it heals from these treatments? I have a few red spots, but I think this is from taking Accutane and hopefully it will lessen over time without action.
  16. Scarless Healing

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    Unfortunately, I feel having something like skin TE for cosmetic treatment is quite a while away. Skin TE, as others have already mentioned, will most likely be effective for burn patients, as that was what the product was originally intended to treat. There rarely ever is a miracle cure in cosmetic medicine. How many times over the years have we heard about a groundbreaking new treatment that doesn't deliver on the hype? More than once!
  17. Scarless Healing

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    I think we should all be cautious. This may indeed work and be a better option than Fraxel or any other existing scar treatment, but it may not deliver perfect results for everyone. Results will probably vary from patient to patient, with things such as the patient's healing abilities and adherence to aftercare, just a couple of factors influencing the final result. This probably will not deliver 100%. Some people will find that very hard to accept. Even if this delivers 80% improvement, some people will not be happy and will not accept the result. I'm just throwing that out there. The full results will be presented as a company announcement in the near future. Even if they get a positive result, I'd still wait for some patient reviews before jumping in.
  18. Timing of Treatments

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    As others have already mentioned, please find a scar revision specialist who actually knows what they are doing. Your skin needs more time to heal, so you need to respect that. This doctor is pushing multiple treatments at once so he/she can get more money from you.
  19. Scarless Healing

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    A very high degree of critical thinking skills on display here. I am not a medical student, but I do have a four year degree. I'm clearly no match for you when it comes to Skin TE analysis. You even managed to include the word 'zombie' in your analysis. God bless you Rez.
  20. Scarless Healing

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    That would be pushing it, even if it is a roaring success. They would need to implement a cosmetic application, assuming they are not going to do deep excisions for acne scars.
  21. You are kidding me, right? Your skin looks fantastic. I wouldn't bother with any treatments and just go out and live your life.
  22. Did you get this treatment in France? The success probability of treatments such as subcision is highly dependent on the operator. Please fund a better doctor if he/she is not willing to use filler as a spacer.
  23. What about a TCA Peel, dazzed? That could be worth a try for texture.
  24. It's called using Photoshop, my friend. So what treatment did he use? How many? I do not believe results from dermatologist websites, they are not a true indication of the realistic result you should expect. How about if this board collates all the successful stories by members from this board? That would be a lot more beneficial, because we can get photos, treatment details and even the doctor that did the treatment.
  25. Scarless Healing

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    I don't think I'll live long enough to see such a miracle drug. Keep dreaming though.
  26. Scarless Healing

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    People do have a life outside this thread. People aren't going to read several months of post just to read what has happened. Candy Says has summed it up beautifully.
  27. Scarless Healing

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    Welcome back Rez. I know deep down you just love this Scarless healing thread, you just can't stay away. In regards to what has happened in the last two months, the company have started their human trials in select hospitals and the company released a recent announcement, stating that so far the human trials are showing similar results to the pigs in the initial stages. Full results for the human trial will probably come out in 2-3 months.
  28. What type of scars do i have?

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    Results do vary from patient to patient, so I would say you are just a slow healer. If this was still the case in six months, then yes, I would understand your frustration. You do need to give more time. Use dermablend or something similar to make you more presentable at work.