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  1. Scarless Healing

    In my opinion, there will be no margin. otherwise one would have seen a margin on the image of the pig on their site. In a few months we shall have the answer to all our questions.
  2. Scarless Healing

    excuse me! I had badly understood. If skinte made a success. I would have liked that we meet all in reality to celebrate that. Unfortunately, we live not in all in the same country
  3. Scarless Healing

    tano1 say : "There's not 1 thing that will completely remove a scar. Nothing at all" you think that skinte cannot delete a scar to 100% ? Nevertheless skinte regénerate completely the skin and appendices . If they successful at regenerate a burn of the 3eme degree on humans, they could regenerate completely the scars
  4. Scarless Healing

    stay Positive anish004, others has worse, even if I understands you. Skinte could certainly Healing your scars or not. It is necessary to wait humans trials
  5. Scarless Healing

    If we succeed in regenerating the skin with all its appendixes, we would thus have a chance that scars ( atrophic... )Disappear to 100%. Correct me, if I'm wrong sunnyx
  6. Scarless Healing

    For me, only the complete regeneration of the skin, could delete a scar. I do not believe it in drug, cream ... At present, I think that our biggest hope it is polarity
  7. Scarless Healing

    polarity looks confident in them on human trials with Their big smile
  8. Scarless Healing

    suppose that the skinte technology is available for the surgeons in 2020 in case of success, for the burns. Those who suffer from acne scars can benefit from skinte the same year, or it will be necessary to wait even longer? Those who have acne scars can be regenerated in a center of burn in 2019 in case of success, if skinte notice that their product works on acne scars ?
  9. Scarless Healing

    sunnyX : You are always so optimistic on skinte? Because since some message, you have look negative, I am wrong certainly... Personally, I want to believe in skinte. even if it is in 2020, So that it is to market their product, it is very good!
  10. Scarless Healing

    Skinte: if they begins human trials in July = results publish in October if they begins human trials in August = results publish in November if he begins human trials in September = results publish in December
  11. Scarless Healing

    I wonder how the people were able to participate. because I do not find how to participate on their site. I think that it is just necessary to wait a few months. Will have us the results maybe this month this or maximum in November
  12. Scarless Healing

    According to them, they will publish them results in the 3eme quarter 2017 (july-september) -
  13. Scarless Healing

    If skinte speak about regenerate full (scar free), they can full healing as well the chéloïde than all other types of scars. Otherwise it is not a regeneration full, and only an improvement of the skin
  14. Scarless Healing

    Why you say " almost scar free "? skinte regenerate completely the skin = scar free
  15. Scarless Healing

    In your opinion, the fact that skinte at regenerated the skin of a pig. There is how much percentage so that they succeed on the humans ?
  16. Scarless Healing

    Nevertheless on the pig skinte Successful to regenerate him in 10 days
  17. Scarless Healing

    Keep hope, we shall have news of skinte
  18. Scarless Healing

    On the site of skinte, it is clearly written that they are going to spread their market on scars... if they manage to regenerate burns. In case of success, in your opinion, It will be for which date the product skinte on acne scars?
  19. Scarless Healing

    The results of skinte on the human beings are planned in October?
  20. Scarless Healing

    Skinte already has achieve a big step by regenerating completely the skin of a pig. All the others did not manage to make it for the moment. I have more hope in skinte ! Concentrate you more on skinte, while waiting for the results on humans
  21. Scarless Healing

    From my ethical point of view, I see not putting a chip. I prefer the method of skinte
  22. Scarless Healing

    Skinte could be injected on small scars as in ice pick scars? Skinte can regenerate complétement the skin. Why we could not use him for small zones as that of anish004 ? In this case there, only those who have big scars will be favored by skinte
  23. Scarless Healing

    i think that Skinte, will find a softer and more effective method for scars. In the next three months we will see more results after human trials . Keep hopes !
  24. Scarless Healing

    It's hard to tell what exactly the margin is, It could be something so microscopic that the human eye can't tell. Whatever the margin is, SkinTE is still leagues above any current treatment or any foreseeable treatment for the near future, if successful in humans. hello mjg713, What is the margin on the photo? I do not see the margin... it means that skinte, cannot regenerate completely the skin (Scar-Free Healing) between the new and old skin ? Dsl for my English
  25. Scarless Healing

    hello sunnyx, What is the margin on the photo? thank you