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  2. I give up.

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    Hey!! I know that you feel like giving up. I understand how you feel. I am suffering the same as you are right now. I can't say that I have no feeling for giving up because I have it spinning in my head now and then. However, I keep saying to myself when I get that kind of feeling that it will be alright. Keep being positive. Things will get better. Back then, I cried alone and walked back to see myself in the mirror. Crying badly and sadly on how my face turned into pizza. So I barely look at the mirror now a day. It helps and you should try avoid mirror. I don't think I am helping but I try to say that don't worry. You have me that experinced the same and feel free to talk it out.

  3. I understand how you feel. I also have scars and new inflammable acne emerging 2 to 3 every week. It leaves redness spots and it hurts. I cried a lot. Wish for another day that I counld wake up without a bump on my face.

  4. Hi readers

    I guess this is my 1 year and 2 months on differin. My situation right now is 70% better. The rest is uncontrol acne that would keep coming. I start to think that this is the most I could get from differin and benzac. I still have pastule, papule and cyst 2 - 3 in each week. Eventhough, I apply benzac all over my face at noght and spot benzac on the cyst itself, it does no effect or little effect to the cyst. My dermatologist recommend me to change to retin-a. Has anyone ever switch from differin to retin-a? Is it better with people who have problem with cyst? I have no idea how my skin got clogged and it forms a cyst every single week. Should I consider using something else to help the cyst? Please share your experince so I can end my cystic ance.