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  1. Week 6

    Epiduo is a combination of differin and benzac. I have never used it but I am experiencing differin and benzac. For the first 4 weeks, life is miserable of getting new acne daily. Until the week 12th of using differin, things slightly get better. Well....it is better than before but I am still not happy with the result. Now, I am on week 20....Anyway, I didn't take any antibiotic. So, I think it is normal to have new pimples for the first 12 weeks and them you can decide if you are happy with the result or not.
  2. Week 4

    I have been using differin. For alomost 20 weeks now and I still have acne. Howevere, it is better than before for the first 12 weeks. First 4 weeks was horrible. I understand how you feel. In my opinion, differin will help prevent future breakout. So that means the worst of getting acne will not be worst than what you had recently. For scarring, I have experinced the same problem as you have. Differin and time will slightly heal but for my skin, it never fades away. I believe your skin is better than mine. Hopw you heal soon.
  3. How to Embrace Your Acne

    This is a helpful remedy for me. I suffer from acne and it minimizes my courage to look myself in the mirror. I am scared. I still have acne that would appear anywhere on my face and leave ugly red marks. It tortures me. I lack of confidence and now, every day when I wake up, I would ask to myself for not knowing if there is a new acne. I try to ignore it but I can't. I cried many times alone in my room because of acne that hurt so bad. It is a nighmare that I wish one day I will wake up away from it. Please, keep posting this as seems to be a big help for my mind. Thank you
  4. Approaching Month 6

    Wowww for the progress. I envy your happiness right now. Everything looks so great afterall. Mine is still....not so good. Waiting for your next update. Wish you the best. Heal soon.
  5. Differin week 27

    Hi everyone I am on differin for 27 weeks now. What a ride for me. Still, acne shows up and cause me anxiety. I believe it is all about the hormones because I have chnage my routine to minimize the acne risk. I wash my pillows every week. I eat healthy food such as grain and almond milk. I sleep before 11 pm. Almost every day. I find a hobby to keep me stay away from stress and over thinking. I also do vbeam and smooth beam laser but help little with scars. I think I am going to use differin for the rest of my life for the best of prevention from acne although, it did. Ot perform 100% clear face. I also use benzac 2.5% and 5%. For 5%, I apply it before washing my face and 2.5% is for overnight as my skin uses to 2.5% with no irritation. So the combination of differin and benzac performs great for me but I wish they could do better in preventing acne. Sometime, I apply a dot of benzac on my little cyst for a hope of eliminating it overnight but recently it took 2 weeks to completly eliminate it. The cyst hurt me and create red mark which I hate so much. I wash my face and still feel the bump of it. I wish it could just disappear. By the way, I am 23 going up to 24 next year. So I guess I have late teen acne. It is suck to have it. I try to avoid looking myself in the mirror. It has been many months I look away from myself. Lucky me that I have short eye sight so whenever I look myself in the mirror, I only see my blurry face. It feel like my skin is better when not lookinh throught my glasses and that grow my confidence. How long does it take to completly steer clear from acne? I would ask myself for every night. I even pray for myself to wake up without finding new acne on my face. I don't want to feel the bumps on my face. So this is probably just my online diary now. I feel better when writing things out. You should try it if you bad about yourself. Hope everyone who read till the end stay safe from acne. Wish you all the best
  6. Differin week 20

    Hi guys this is around my 20th week of using differin and around 10 weeks of using benzac. For the past 2 weeks, I had almost clear face. I mean no major acne outbreak. This week I have 3 cysts. BIG CYSTS. I hate them so much. I have no idea how they come up on my face. It is so annoying. I was happy and now I am panic. Wondering if there is going to be more tomorrow. I can't tolerate the feeling of cleaning my face and it hurts so bad. For a while, I have hope and it was vanished by cysts that I can't find the root of it. I hope benzac take care of them as soon as possible. I want to be happy again. Happiness without panic and nightmare.
  7. Differin Day 14

    Hi! I have been using differin for moderate acne for 20 weeks. Still, I have upto 3 cysts every week. But before in the first 12 weeks was my nightmare. I would get every 1 to 2 new cyst every day. I know how you feel. I cried a lot and have a little depression because of acne. It took my confidence away. I barely look in the mirror ever since. I believe your skin condition is better than mine. Be patient and hope that thing will get better. I wish you all the best.
  8. November 1 - Week 20

    OMG huge progress!!! You are healing so fast. You look absolutely better.