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  1. This device is safe?

    I've used the salicylic peeling several times I've never had problems. The TCA will be the first time.
  2. This device is safe?

    thanks! I have more questions : 1- How to stamp correctly? 2- Can I do a patch test in my leg (tca) ? 3 - Can the salicylic acid peel 30% replace the tca peel? Derminator is my dream microneedling but can't I buy here in my country is too expensive.
  3. This device is safe?

    I used dermaroller for a straight year at first I felt an improvement in the skin but over time I was noticing a worsening in texture and scars. In the last session I was very aggressive with 1.5 mm and seems to have got worse. I am a year without using any invasive treatment and I want to start using this device in conjunction with 15% TCA. I would like to know if it is safe to use in the size of 1.00 mm. I have some indentation, boxscars, ice spick and rolling is mild and are located on the cheeks.