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  1. whats wrong with this bruising? what did you expect?
  2. What type of scars do i have?

    cant help you with aftercare advise, but you do not need to worry, they will not be permanent.
  3. People cant even make a decent haircut by themselves , and we are talking about subcision
  4. Are Acne Scars even Treatable?

    I smell some troll here
  5. Can anyone show before/afer results after TCA cross?

    @ScarRight Im Russian
  6. Can anyone show before/afer results after TCA cross?

    I cant find anything in internet (except one b/a from Lim) that shows proof of efficiency of TCA cross method. Everyone talking that this is best method for ice picks, Obi Wan told that ice picks are easiest type of scars to treat, but I cant find anything. Is it really true that this might help? For how long it takes in average? how much improvement can it bring in average?
  7. It really bothers me most. Can anyone show proof that this can help? Im driving crazy by realization that it will take years and pits will still there. Is there any alternative to TCA cross?
  8. Are Acne Scars even Treatable?

    @SupremeNot funny thing, I remember how you argued with @beautifulambition about availability of achievement good results. I think it is enough to have eyes to see many great before/afters around internet. And it is not hard to notice fake
  9. Scarless Healing

    Rez77 ok. skinte is scam. Can you finally do not mention it here?
  10. Scarless Healing

    where did you get this price? maybe I forgot something..
  11. Scarless Healing

    Can someone pay 300$ for availability to read this article?
  12. Choosing clinic in Korea

    Dr Lim said that Koreans vvvvvvv good. And they are masters in fat transfer. Does Lim can perform full face subcision? why?
  13. Choosing clinic in Korea

    i will stay there for 2-3 months
  14. Scarless Healing

    and I am pretty sure this person will come from this thread
  15. Choosing clinic in Korea

    omg. do you think that I can wait another 1-2-3 years for something that do not even really exists for acne scars? im 26 im chasing youth. Im not even gonna spend whole stack in Korea.
  16. What is monomorphic scar?

    something like this?
  17. Successful Results Archive

    Point of this thread is givin people idea that 50-95(100) % improvement is real in some cases. this really can help mentally for those who have not done anything yet. I do not guarantee this outcome. Lady treated by facelift, fat graft and some laser.
  18. Successful Results Archive

    nicely done. Dr. Safonov
  19. Successful Results Archive

    @ScarRight first photos from lady from last guy from but im not sure about this one. A lot of photos can be stolen. More interesting which treatments were performed.
  20. Successful Results Archive

    lighting is slightly different but obviously amazing result. But I suspect that there is microswelling
  21. Choosing clinic in Korea

    30k is even enough to considering treatments in Korea?
  22. Choosing clinic in Korea

    "If you have the money and want to avoid language problems, consider Singapore. " Singapore is much more expensive I have only 35k$ including travel fees, room etc
  23. Sculptra vs Fat Graft

    Which is better for massive fat loss?
  24. Nothing is working!

    we are excited to see your results