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    I can take two pictures right now and one will make my skin look airbrushed while the other will make me look like Freddy Kreugar

    lucky. you have some angles and lightings where you can look good. Some people are terrible from every angle.
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  5. you can not see improvements? okay

  6. scar on nose

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     we need pics

  7. yo do not need any treatments mate

  8. people with acne scarring are the only people who look better with aging if they doing their treatments.

  9. Vasiliev is trash. He lied that he used Nokor. he used simple needle instead. Platinental clinic is bad. Book patients very close to each other. There is "МАК" clinic in Moscow. They can do canula sub by Innofill, RF, prp. They are obsessed with prp, so they will offer you prp in 99% of cases. But they are cheap. If you want cannula sub for cheap price you can go there.
    Right now Im under Dr.Sherer care. Cant remember name of the clinic (большая каретная улица). He has all kind of needles. I asked him about TCA cross but he said he use phenol. I did subcision and filler last week. He is very expensive (100k RUB for full face sub and filler). Waiting for results. 

  10. Acne scar plan new post

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    4 hours ago, DudleyDoRight said:

    , and saw an 80% improvement

    we really need your before and afters.
  11. Are these photos real?

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    Mongclinic. Google it. Then use translator and search b&a section. There are a lot of b&a’s. We discussed this clinic last year. They use different subcision techniques but nothing special. 

    Really strange that they deleted OP’s links. We share doctors and clinics all the time. 

  12. Some hope for everyone

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    Oh my godness. Since this patient allowed to show his case through Lim's instagram, I believe we can discuss him here.  "there is a hope" - Lim.

  13. fat grafting

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    Show photos with inderect lighting

  14. im not gonna lie, I am really happy for you.

  15. On 23.01.2018 at 11:05 PM, ninjection said:

    no fap streak

    this is one of the best things I read on this forum.

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