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  2. 8 hours ago, Amp2695 said:
    hmmm good to know. i will try juvederm in october after my next subcision. what type of juvederm was it? i know its just that i wanted to get this peel before pictures. MEH i mean filler did help a little bit. I still regret tca cross, and wish the moderators would stop recommending it, The redness is pretty much gone from the cross but i think it made some wider. some days it does seem like they are raising but idk. seriously its too harsh. I would say the filler gave me like 20%ish improvement. idk but I'm feeling good about this peel even tho its just a peel that literally never gets recommended, well see tho. I feel like the subcision also helped except its hard to put in pics bc in my bathroom in the dark w a light n the background i can def see that the subcision did lift some of the harsh scars up quite a decent amount.
    Hello.actually if the result of filler is permanent so continue it but if its temporary its not something stay with you forever.
    Why dont you try combination therapy ?
    I mean in your case I think subcision+co2+prp at the same time or subcision+microneedling+prp maybe gives you good and permanent result.
    If you have money and time for downtime of this treatment find a good Derm and try it.
    You know I myself find out that sometimes even famous and good doctors cant treat acne scars
    if your doctors own treatment plan didnt work and you have to lead him to better treatment plan then your doctor dont know too much about acne scar treatment and you must change your doctor.
    try to know all doctors and derms in your country and see which one really know something about treating acne scars and really make huge difference for their acne scar patient.
    i know its sometimes hard to find out who is the best but many doctors have sites and instagram pages you can research and find out the best and actually the truth is that sometimes best doctors in tresting acne scars are not the famous ones and you know in treating acne scars your doctor and his or her skill in treating is the key not the treatment itself
    becaues a good doctor can gives you best results whit any treatment plan but bad doctors can ruin your face even with best devices and methods.
    good luck
  3. My friends maybe this seems to be very strange but the girl which I love left me because of my long downtime after treatment...
    actually I dont have the courage to tell any body about my treatment of acne scars and now after I lose the girl I loved I m about month out of work because my face is still very red...
    but at least the good thing is that my swollening gone and some of my scars gone and deep ones improved more than 50% .
    I am sure just one more treatment session will improved my scars around 90% or so and I can be at the place which I want
    but still convince my family to come with me and take another long vacation and go to hotel and come back and manage my self at the airport and airplane with bloody face is my future challenge...

  4. On 7/25/2018 at 3:34 AM, abraxas21 said:

    I've spent the last three months with a very red/swollen/scabby nose tip due to the several different treatments for one particularly bothersome scar.

    Yes, it's awful, but I rather (and actually have to) go to work still. Social ocassions have been very limited as I don't feel comfortable enough.

    Actually you are lucky that the scar is only on your nose...
    imagine that scars are all over your face and after treatment your whole face become bloody and red for months
  5. I completely understand what you feel.
    Life is really unfair.

  6. 18 hours ago, ScarRight said:

    What treatment did you get? Keep up updated and best of luck. 

    I did co2 Laser.
    actually I did laser before with no results but I hope this time it works...
    I will say about results after my redness gone

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