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  1. Coming to an end... I can't believe I have been on this medication for around 7 MONTHS! I cant even describe how good it feels to say that I have not had a single breakout in a month and my skin is completely flat and smooth. Now I do have some post redness which my dermatologist says will fade within 3 months of coming off accutane. I do have very minimal atrophic scarring on my cheeks which I will be doing some sort of treatment but not for at least 6 months. I think it is time to give my skin a break and let it regenerate once I come off the medication! My Skin Routine... Nothing has changed from my skin routine and I still continue to use all the same products. I plan to stick with my regimen as I am very hesitant as to what I now put on my skin. I continue to drink around 10-12 cups of water a day which I highly recommend, makes a difference on your skin! This blog was created so I can now help people and answer any questions about the accutane experience and how it does take time!! My next post will not be for another 3 months of being off accutane. Look forward to the redness going down! Stay Tuned
  2. Progress!!... I am so happy with how far I have come on Accutane. To what my skin was when I started to what it is now is unbelievable! I have not had any cystic acne for at least 2 months now and have only had 3 minor whiteheads within the last month. The dermatologist was amazed at how much progress I have made. He couldn't believe how much the redness had gone down considering I am still on accutane. I has confirmed that I have 1 MORE MONTH LEFT!!! New Makeup... UNBELIEVABLE! After a trip to Sephora on the hunt for a new foundation, I came across IT cosmetics which is a brand that is developed by plastic surgeons. They have a product called bye bye redness correcting cream which is something that can be put on before a foundation. It is like magic! It instantly reduces all the redness on my skin (this is not sponsored, this is my personal review)! I also purchased their CC Cream which is a light feeling, medium coverage and makes my skin glow! I am IN LOVE with these products and have truly made me feel confident in my skin without feeling like i'm wearing a full face of makeup. It is very natural looking!!! What my skin looks like wearing these products IT Cosmetics, developed with leading plastic surgeons, IT Cosmetics® creates clinically proven, innovative, problem-solving color cosmetics and skin care products that harness cutting-edge, Anti-Aging technologies and high performance, skin-loving ingredients to provide you with serious beauty solutions designed to give you the power to look and feel your most beautiful! IT’s truly your beauty, but better! Skin with NO Makeup
  3. Approaching 6 months... I cannot believe that I have been on Accutane for almost 6 months. When I look back at my progress, I cannot believe the transformation it has done to my face. From having a bunch of painful cysts and many whiteheads to now having NO BREAKOUTS! If anything, I have 1 minimal whitehead that surfaces and extracts on its own/ very easily. September 13, 2017 TO December 1, 2017! Still another 2 months... According to my dermatologist, he still wants to keep me on my accutane for another 2 months. However I believe when I go to see him this month, he will decrease it to 1 more month considering I am having minimal breakouts. Maintain Skin Regimen... I have continued the exact same skin regimen and have not changed any products. Post Hyperpigmentation & Minimal Scarring... I realize that now the acne is all gone, I am left with some post acne redness and minimal surface scarring in which my dermatologist said it can take some time to fade. He also mentioned that once I come off accutane, the redness should decrease a lot considering the medication can create redness. I plan to do some facials (haven't decided what yet) to help with the scarring, but won't be doing anything until being off accutane for at least 3 months. This is because my skin will need to revitalize and get used to being off the medication. I hope I don't relapse!
  4. Update... I know I have missed a couple weeks, however I haven't had many changes in my skin. It is completely flat and I have only has 1 active pimple last week!!! I find that if I do break out, there are minimal whiteheads and normally occur on my chin. I have not broken out anywhere else!!! The redness continues to fade every day, but I know I will have some scarring to work with after being off Accutane. Dermatologist Update... After seeing the dermatologist last week, he was very impressed with my progress, however because I am still getting at least 1 pimple a week, he still wants to keep me on Accutane for another 2 months.
  5. Sorry that I missed posting last week... Before I continue.. I wanted to compare my worst photo to my best .. CHECK OUT THE DIFFERENCE! Flat Skin... My skin continues to flatten with only a few breakouts! As my skin flattens, as my dermatologist said, I don't have some surface scarring that I will need to take care of. A lot of the redness that you see on my skin is hyper pigmentation which is something that I will need to treat after coming off accurate. Dry Ski... With the cold weather approaching, my skin is VERY dry and is peeling consistently especially on my chin. I continue to moisturize with the Cerave Lotion but it seems to just suck right into the dryness. I exfoliate lightly once a week to help get rid of the dry, flaky skin.