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Worst thing I've done for my skin
on 13/06/2017
At the beginning I loved how it cleaned off any remaining make up. However it quickly brought everything to head (which I thought was a good thing) until I started getting huge cystic pimples (never had before) in areas not prone to break out. Within a week I had the worst skin I've ever had in my life.<br/>Once I worked out it was the clarisonic causing it and not the new cleansers I was using I stopped immediately. My skin was still sore and breaking out two weeks later<br/>I will say soberlene helped with the huge irratated areas.<br/>I was told to only use the brush every other day and with a sensitive brush head but I didn't see the point of pointing in so much effort for a tool that caused me so much harm.<br/>I'm happy for those that it works for. But people should know it's not for everyone.