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  1. Dry Cystic Acne and Dan's Regimen?

    Thank you. It's so tough being a young adult woman with acne. I see all these other girls my age with perfect skin and NEVER see people with cysts like mine. I once went to a holistic doctor and he said I was sensitive to all yeast, bread, potato, yam, sugar, beer and a little to dairy. I wonder if it's candida but I can't exactly do a candida/no dairy diet as a vegetarian... Trust me I completely understand. Nobody is perfect and I promise no one is critiquing your skin the way you are. Have you tried a high-fat, low-carb diet? Many people don't digest grains well down function better consuming more fat. Higher fat diets also tend to work better for skin problems and disorders. I you're able find some resolution! Things will get better
  2. Dry Cystic Acne and Dan's Regimen?

    My first advise is to take a step back and realize your acne should never take priority over your acne. I know dealing with skin problems seems like a nightmare, but it will come to an end. However, if you wreck your body, you will be creating more problems and therefore more acne. I would speak with your doctor or dermatologist about stopping ALL medications and supplements, doing a full blood panel to detect if there's any underlying illnesses, and examine your diet. You may be allergic/intolerant to a food you're consuming (many people can't tolerate dairy, or other food). Lastly, focus on stressing a little less. I truly hate what you're going through, but try to put your health first and you may see better results with your face. You should work with one doctor you can trust completely and let them guide you in the right direction. Best of luck!!
  3. This doesn't appear to be rosacea in my opinion. Rosacea usually includes acne in the form of pustules and papules. This looks like a form of folliculitis. There's two different types of folliculitis, bacterial and fungal. Fungal is often misdiagnosed and is often triggered by the use of oral antibiotics. Research both and come to the conclusion of weather or not you believe it to be bacterial or fungal. If you believe it's fungal, you'll need to research malassezia folliculitis. Type in "malassezia folliculitis skincare science" in google and read the extensive information that site provides. You can also ask your dermatologist to do a skin analysis. What skincare products are you currently using?
  4. Small forehead bumps that won't go away

    No there shouldn't be a purging stage with malassezia folliculitis (fungal acne). You should see improvement in the bumps. Gauging from your picture they look like they're irritated. What are you currently using in your regimen?
  5. Small forehead bumps that won't go away

    Your skin is most likely dehydrated if you're experiencing oily skin as well. The difference between the two is dehydrated skin lacks water, and dry skin lacks oil. When searching for products, look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is wonderful for the skin and it's best if it's applied on damp skin after washing. There's affordable pure hyaluronic acid serums on Amazon for a great price. I would also look for products that are specifically for dehydrated skin. Make sure you follow up with a quality moisturizer after applying a serum (such as the Cereve PM moisturizing lotion). I hope this helps! Best of luck!
  6. Small forehead bumps that won't go away

    It's definetly a process of trial and error to figure out what products mesh well with your skin type. Be careful not to over dry you skin though, especially if you're using apple cider vinegar with salicylic acid. If you're not prone to true acne this can actually cause you to produce more oil and in return create a problem that doesn't exist (more acne). A fairly cheap priced moisturizer that works well for many people (including myself) is Cerve PM facial moisturizing lotion. How does your skin feel throughout the day? Dry, oily, combination?
  7. Hormonal acne/adult ance/ PIE

    That's not weird at all, I'm so glad I could give you hope in a moment of sadness. Trust me when I say things WILL get better. You WILL get your skin back, and you'll have a whole new level of empathy for other people dealing with emotional conflict, skin issues included. Anxiety plays such a large role in our skins health. There's many things I do to manage my stress. I have a journal called "My book of positives" and everyday I write down three things I'm thankful for (it can be anything like things we neglect- food on our plate). I also downloaded an app called Insight Timer and I try to meditate every day, even if it's only for one minute. I write positive notes and put them on my mirror to remind myself that I'm enough and I am lucky to live this life. I try to sit outside and enjoy nature more often. There's so many things you can do to keep yourself in a positive mindset but the most important thing is consistency. Don't fall prey to those negative thoughts, or the feelings where you compare yourself to others. You are unique and you will be a stronger person through the face of adversity. Only you can change your mindset, and sometimes you have to fake it until you believe the new positivity you strive to achieve. Definetly look into L-theanine and also look into GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). They work great together or individually to help enhance your mood naturally. In regards to the PIE marks, it will take some time even though I know you hate that answer. The good thing is they heal much faster than hyperpigmentation. Some people find it useful to apply vaseline to the areas at night to help lock in moisture and maintain a healthy barrier. I'm a fan of what the user above said, apple cider vinegar can be very helpful to treat active acne and post acne marks. Make sure you dilute it 50:50 with water. Lastly, a hydrating moisturizer is key to healthy skin so don't neglect this step. It will help heal your skin faster. Remember, less is more, especially less stress. All the products in the world won't cure stress breakouts. Stop the cycle, you're the only one that can. Best of luck!!
  8. Yeah I don't think that's clogged pores, that looks more like barrier irritation, especially if you said you're experiencing swelling. I would just take it easy and treat your skin gently in the meantime. Things will get better
  9. Advice or recommendations for my acne??

    It sounds like you're having sensitivities to something in your diet. There are no shortcuts when it comes to eating clean unfortunately. The best thing you can do is listen to your body. Eat slowly, and notice any changes after eating such as bloating, tight throat, flushing, itchiness, etc. An elimination diet can also be useful when uncovering hidden food intolerances. If you believe your issue stems from a hormonal imbalance there are a few things you can do. Start drinking peppermint tea twice a day. Incorporate chia seeds and flax seeds into your diet (they're great in smoothies, oatmeal, etc). Also supplement with primrose oil capsules. Lowering your intake of alcohol, coffee, and processed meats can also be very helpful. Lastly, incorporating more vegetables into your diet is key, this is great for anyone. I hope things get better!
  10. Hormonal acne/adult ance/ PIE

    I have to respond because your story sounds so similar to mine. I am 24 years old as well and I eat mostly vegan (with the occasional fish) and I've dealt with random skin issues in the past year. I'm about to graduate from esthetics (skin care) school as well so maybe I can help you out. You're doing everything right, and you're treating your body the way you should, but mentality is key. My acne flared up TERRIBLY due to chronic stress from so many things that happened and I started breaking out like crazy which put me in this vicious cycle. I went from barely washing my face and never getting acne to all of the sudden being covered from the chin up. It took such a toll on me and I wish someone had told me my stress had taken ahold of me because it took me awhile to figure it out. I have cleared my acne, but I'm left with PIE marks as well. Just remember nobody is perfect and everyone has imperfections. PIE marks can take anywhere from 3 months to a year to fade completely. If you want faster recovery IPL laser sessions will heal them faster (3-6 sessions). The sun can also darken them, so make sure you're wearing a quality SPF. Also do your very best to break the habit of picking your skin. Write positive notes on your mirror or do whatever it takes to avoid it because that will only cause long term damage. Lastly, I say listen to your dermatologist and give the regimen a shot. Everything works differently for everyone. I spent so much time getting opinions and trying to figure out what works for everyone else, but we are all different and it takes trial and error to know what works best for US. Remember to give his regimen at least four weeks of 100% consistency or you'll be right back at square one. I'm so sorry to hear about your dog, I know how hard that is, but things will get better! One more thing, look into L-theanine for anxiety. It's 100% natural and helps enhance your mood. It's a great supplement as long as you're not on any anxiety/depression medication already.
  11. If you are applying it as directed (and it seems like you are), then no that is not normal and I would stop using it immediately. Especially since you were buffering the diffin by using a moisturizer prior, that should have cut down any irritation. I would say ignore the minor acne as of right now and use nothing but a gentle cleanser and moisturizer to lessen the irritation. The skin is still sensitive even after accutane and if you're only having minor blemishes then I wouldn't be applying anything harsh all over the face. Once you're healed I would only spot treat with something like benzoyl peroxide or sulfur (test patch first). Give your face some more time to see how it responds after some time off of accutane.
  12. Small forehead bumps that won't go away

    You have beautiful skin so don't be self conscious by any means, but I do understand everyone wants clear smooth skin. To me it looks like you're experiencing just a little bit of congestion. What is your current skincare regimen? There are several treatments that can alleviate congestion such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels. If in-office treatments are too pricey there are many at home treatments as well, but the results will take a little longer.
  13. Length of Isotretinoin

    Accutane is based on the cumulative dosage. Everyone will be different depending on your weight and the milligram you're taking. The minimum dosage for accutane is 120mg and the maximum is 150mg. To calculate your dosage you will need to figure out your weight in kilograms (pounds divided by 2.2) and then multiply that times 120mg to get your minimum dosage and by 150mg to get your maximum dosage. (your weight in kg) * 120 = minimum doage (your weight in kg) * 150 = maximum dosage