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  1. Tried sulfur 10% mask, tried the soap, also tried zinc, tried antifungal cream, don't smoke or drink alcohol, on a low carb diet, neither have I ever had anything inserted into my skin. And have used antibiotics and accutane. No topical cream has any effect because it's so deep below the skin surface and no amount of hot compress helps. It's not diet or allergy related... Because it's been under my skin for years and hasn't changed ever since I got a reaction to benzoyl peroxide (oxy) I woke up with huge bumps, on my right cheek and on my left. (The cyst/bump on the right was bigger than the left) and that shows to this day the right is in much worse shape than my left cheek. I to combat it used many a drying method to extremes and the bumps/cysts went flat and a form of crust developed on my cheeks and ever since than it remains below there and refuses to come out. I am hoping cortisone injection will help or some form of laser that is non ablative that can penetrate deep to rid of whatever is below. Thank you I will take all the suggestions into consideration.
  2. First of all thank you all for your help and well wishes I just want to post this last picture and get your take on this because each time this thing below my skin can literally move from place to place right now it's below my eye area and it is huge but not a single head I honestly don't know what to do:
  3. I am convinced there is huge cysts/abscess/liquid deep under there.
  4. There is something definitely below the skin. Maybe a CT scan? Nothing I can do draws it out. Antibiotics haven't helped even a minimum amount. I don't know what my options are... A kennalog injection but no lesion is visible? So much discomfort.
  5. Roseaca symptoms are not a match... I thoroughly researched and I don't suffer from Roseaca symptoms, Roseaca doesn't do this to your face: There is something below and I can feel it moving around my skin I know this sounds absurd. Damn this. Beard texture changing. Face symmetry changing. How can I explain this to a doctor without sounding insane. Looking in the mirror and not recognizing myself.
  6. Here are the biopsy results nothing concrete to my understanding: I don't have red flushing symptoms, I feel something is trapped below the skin, the huge bumps patches doesn't explain Rosacea?
  7. Okay I am even more confused... So after calling the doctors, I get a call back and this doctor tells me it's an inflammatory condition called erythematotelangiectatic rosacea. And I can pick up the results tomorrow. I get another fone call now from the dermatologist and she tells me it's not cancerous so you have nothing to worry about and spoke about antibiotics and accutane which I've been on both to no avail so she is going to setup an appointment on the twelfth of December where a few specialists will come and assess the biopsy results. She makes no mention of Roseaca, I told her I need those results so I can take them to a specialist and get their opinion. She is almost hesitant to give the results, I don't know what to make of any of this but I can't wait until the twelfth so hopefully they have all the necessary information on the documents I will pick up tomorrow. Rosacea doesn't give you a permanent abnormal growth of the skin and I don't flush or have any of those symptoms. This is a confusing mess, I'll take the results and see a paid specialist.
  8. So I am still waiting for the results because the surgeon has to sign of on them, clearly my time is of little importance and my discomfort but I digress. Hopefully tomorrow. I found some pictures when the inflammation had died down and I want to post them to get your views if you can notice the abnormal growth. It blends in really well and as you can see I am grimacing because of the discomfort. The reason this is so unbelievable and I've yet to find anyone with these symptoms even going to the doctors and complaining to them they would literally say oh you got a pimple you're over reacting I try explaining, no I'm not talking about that. It's this huge bump on both corner of my eyes that is uncomfortable and I can't form expressions (no pores or texture is visible) but to no avail. The bump on the corners of my eyes gives the impression I have high cheek bones, I don't not in the slightest never had and also the bumps makes it appears that there is fat loss. Now if the biopsy fails doesn't give a diagnosis for whatever reason would it be wise to put kenalog in there (cortisone shot) I've literally tried everything else.
  9. Apparently they have it on the system, her secretary is going to print it electronically... Whatever that means I'm going to just fone tomorrow and ask if I can come in person and pick it up. Tremendous discomfort, the antibiotics have not made an ounce of difference... Been taking them for 4 weeks now. Minicycline.
  10. You're right but I am anxious as hell and in a vulnerable situation. All my life I've been independent and sure of myself and now I am carrying this huge burden and I don't know how to deal with this. I can't talk to family or even friends they have a perception of me and I wouldn't know where to start. I'm in the fourth week now post biopsies and still nothing, it's enough to drive a man/woman insane. I've emailed them and tomorrow again I will call them. Without the damned results I wouldn't know where to begin or how to treat it with long term results. The hydrocortisone helps calm the bumps around the cheek bones but as the gentleman pointed out its not meant to be used on the face long term...
  11. This is the letter that was sent out to my doctor indicating the tests that will be carried out:
  12. I showed a picture (right cheek) to an online dermatologist and this is what he had to say:
  13. Is there a possibility that the two 5mm punch biopsies that they've taken don't give them a diagnosis? Also given the fact that I've had this for so many years now and no antibiotic/accutane/topical cream as managed to make the bumps/swelling/pink jello patch on the edge of my eyes/cheeks decrease even in the slightest. Should I be optimistic. The bumps/swelling around both eyes gives the impression I have high cheek bones. When the inflammation isn't there one might assume I have no problem and the inner cheek area looks like there has been has you mentioned fat loss, that's not the case its just those 2 huge external pinkish goo that has literally attached itself to my skin around the eyes/cheek bone (the most prevalent area) has changed the symmetry of my face and makes it seem like that.
  14. I'm using hydrocortisone 1% and its helped a lot with the swelling but the underlying issue still remains rooted unscathed, I wonder if hydrocortisone is safe to use on the face? BTW This is the left cheek which isn't completely over taken by that alien substance as opposed to the right side which is 95% covered.
  15. I know I wish I could just lay back and watch a movie, read a book, go for a walk, open up my studies. But the discomfort of this on my face is unbearable. And no the biopsy hasn't come back yet. The worst part is if anything could be anymore worse is its even attached to my eye area.
  16. So it seems like a lot of whatever this is I'll just call it bacteria is rooted on my forehead and spreads out from there.
  17. I went to an out of hours doctor he tells me he's limited with what he can do said it could be a sebastious cyst and prescribed me pain killers and and an antibiotic called: clarithromycin 500mg.
  18. Any idea what to do here apart from warm compress I feel like using a needle. Still awaiting results for the biopsies.
  19. It feels hard, I feel something below under there. But whatever it is never comes a head, just a flat hard substance. I've never had anything injected in my face.
  20. This is beggars belief honestly, it's enough to drive a man insane... And it's nothing against you I completely understand it. I've been questioned by the doctors and than I have also been told by the same doctors wow that is awful we need to get you to a specialist ASAP and the specialist have told me oh that's difficult to see and call us when it's more exposed and when they see it, they order me to the minor surgery right away to get a biopsy done. It literally changes the shape of my face and than the discomfort of having whatever it is below the skin I can't barely open my mouth I'll just show you as opposed to describing it. It's an anomaly. I think I would rather have scars even though I've been told those lesions that have pretty much covered my entire face could be scar tissue by a dermatologist and a cosmetic surgeon but that opinion was swiftly rejected by the dermatologist that i saw in person even though she couldn't tell me what it is... But trust me I rather have scars at least you have the piece of mind of knowing what it is and can go on living with your life this is the stuff of nightmares.
  21. I would have to administer it myself. Don't know where I would begin to find a tutorial on that? I'll wait for the biopsy results but the feeling of this under the skin is unbearable. The onion rubbing on the face has helped but the problem remains and like most things most likely will stop working after a few days as has been the case. The first picture is prior to the biopsy Second one is today again a lot of discomfort. And the third is post onion rubbing of the face. What a strange skin condition this is.
  22. I took them down... I don't like putting my face on a public forum but of course I am desperate and looking for answers... They haven't ruled anything out yet, they've taken 2 biopsies as I mentioned now I'm just waiting for results. I will call them tomorrow. I have been under a lot of distress because whatever is below the skin my guess its an abscess changes the symmetry of my face how is that possible. Anyway I rubbed an onion around my face and surprisingly it's helped calm whatever is below - what is the logic behind this? Also I got kennalog from India (cortisone) would it be wise for me to inject at the bruising site?
  23. Hi thank you for this info. They the dermatologists did mention this to me in my previous appointment and again on Thursday with regards to a center where many dermatologists are present and will offer their opinion/diagnosis... In the meantime they decided to get a biopsy done on my right cheek bone area. 2 biopsies both 5 mm deep so I'm just waiting patiently now for the results.
  24. Here is a foto when I broke out and than I used excessive amounts of hand soap and almost another layer of skin formed, honestly it's the only way I can articulate this... They just went flat. Would you recommend penicillin? If it is a bacterial issue than what type of laser that is non ablative and can go deep to kill bacteria in the tissue?