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  1. Shall I phone my dermatologist? Or books GP appointment?
  2. Hello. I'm 16 year old female and I am on 20mg of isotretinoin btw. This is my second post on this website and my current situation is that I have recently started Roaccutane (I'm From UK) and I've on my second week. A few days ago i was trying to get to sleep but couldn't cause I had a wierd and tingly feeling in my arm and if I don't move it, it drives me insane. Sometimes he feeling went onto leg also I've managed to get to sleep twice but yesterday I went to bed and I couldn't sleep and when I looked at the time I didn't sleep for 5 hours. Baring in mind I used to sleep for 10+ hours before accutane. And all day today I have had this restless arm and it's driving me nuts. Can someone tell me if they struggled with this and what the hell I should do. And also if there's any treatments at home I can do. I really don't want to stop the medication but college is going to start soon and what if it doesn't stop.