1. Reviews Bio-Oil Skincare Oil
    After reading quite mixed reviews of this product I decided to give it a go just to see how it reacted to my skin. I have some residual marks and hyper pigmentation on my face as well as some old chicken pox scars that I thought this could also help with. I have combination skin and whilst my T zone isn't very oily it is compared to my cheeks which can get quite dry. I applied this at night after I washed my face as usual and when I woke up in the morning my cheeks felt super smooth and hydrated however when I looked in the mirror I realised I had several new spots across my forehead and around my nose. I haven't had a breakout like this in over a year so I instantly knew the bio-oil was the cause and I haven't used it since. my skin is starting to calm down again but it will be a while till its back to the way it was before.
  2. Reviews Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
    I tried this as a way to remove my makeup instead of using wipes before cleansing my face with my proper cleanser tailored for acne. It worked ok and did remove my makeup although I've tried other cleansers that do a batter job of removing all traces of foundation. I don't think I would use this as a stand alone product, I always used my cleanser afterwards that contained salicylic acid and tea tree to help calm my skin and I don't think this would be able to replace that. it didn't break me out though and it did the job so I ended up using the bottle up but I won't be repurchasing.
  3. Reviews Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup
    Im not sure if this foundation actually does help your acne in terms of calming breakouts but generally it works really well for me. It goes on well with a beauty blender and has high enough coverage to conceal all my current breakouts as well as any hyper pigmentation I have left over from old spots. I do sometimes get bit oily on my chin throughout the day when wearing this but its nothing that a bit of powder can't fix and it comes in a shade pale enough to match me which is a great bonus as with many foundations I've tried in the past even the palest shade is too dark. I hate spending lots of money on makeup but this is something that i'll happily fork out for, and its not as expensive as other high end brands.
  4. Reviews Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream
    I use this at night after cleansing my face and just use a Q-tip to apply a small amount to any spots that I have, I then just pat it into my face using my finger and leave it on for around half an hour. you could leave it on longer but I remove it after a while so I can continue the rest of my skin routine. it really helps to calm any breakouts you may have and reduces the amount of time it takes for spots to heal, I've also noticed I get less hyper pigmentation left over after breakouts when I use this and I think its because the spots are less inflamed and sore. I really do recommend giving this a go.
  5. Reviews E45 Cream
    ive been using this for over a year now and I will never use anything else! I always use this at night as it is quite thick and takes a decent amount of time to soak in so I don't think it would work under makeup, when I wake up in the morning my skin is always super smooth and since using this I don't get dry patches on my cheeks and nose like I used to. honestly its so cheap and its perfect for sensitive skin as its designed for eczema so it has no perfumes in it, if you can't find a moisturiser that works for you give this a go.
  6. Reviews Zinc
    I started taking zinc gluconate tablets a couple of months ago now, they're not too expensive so I thought id give them a go instead of piling more products onto my skin. I live in the uk and got my tablets from Holland and Barrett , I have generally seen an improvement in my skin and the amount of breakouts I've been getting recently has reduced however its difficult for me to tell whether this is a result of the zinc or a combination of other factors as I've been altering my skincare routine a decent bit recently and introducing a few new products. overall I think it may have helped my skin at least a little and thats good enough for me. it might work better for you but since its not much of an investment ill probably keep taking them.
  7. Reviews Tea Tree Oil
    I use tea tree oil in quite a few different ways when I'm having especially bad breakouts, because its quite strong on the skin I don't use the essential oil alone everyday but some face products I use daily have it as an ingredient. when I have a smaller breakout I tend to just dab a bit of the oil onto spots which are specifically enflamed and sore with a q-tip but when the breakout is larger I use the oil with my facial steamer (you could do the same by adding a few drops to hot water and placing your head over the bowl) this opens up your pores and really helps your skin absorb the tea tree. I've found that this drastically helps reduce inflammation of spots which helps them look less red and they tend to heal quicker. the only problem I have with this is that it can dry you skin out if you use it regularly because the oil is very concentrated so if you have very dry skin you might want to be careful when using this and always use a good moisturiser after application.
  8. Reviews Lush Coalface Cleanser
    When my acne was worse I used to use this in the morning and then use my stronger cleanser with salicylic acid in at night to really treat my breakouts as I found that this wasn't enough on its own. Now however as my acne has cleared up mostly I'm happy to use this day and night as my only cleanser, It works well and leaves my skins feeling clean and doesn't dry me out. If you have mild to moderate acne i'd give this a go but if you get really severe breakouts you might need something a bit stronger.
  9. Reviews Lush Mask of Magnaminty
    I bought this after it being recommended to me by my sister and at first I really liked it. The mint in it really cools your skin as its drying and the particles in it help exfoliate your skin nicely and after washing it off my face was really soft and smooth. unfortunately for me my skin doesn't seem to like it very much, as for the next few days after using it I break out on my forehead a lot more than usual. I gave it a couple tries because I really wanted it to work out but my skin just wasn't having it, which is a shame because it felt really nice to apply. I would suggest giving it a go even though it didn't work for me because it was very relaxing and who knows it might work better on your skin.
  10. I started using rosehip oil daily all over my face as a extra layer of moisture and to help reduce hyperpigmentation, unfortunately this seemed a little too much for my skin especially on my forehead and it started to break me out in little spots (not big ones like I would usually get though). So now I only use it once a week after I have used a face mask and sometimes I avoid applying to to my forehead if i've got an especially bad breakout there and just apply it everywhere else. This method for me has been working great so far and the hyper pigmentation on my cheeks has gone down quite a bit. So I would say rosehip oil works but just be careful on the quantity and how often you're applying it so you don't overdue it and cause breakouts.

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