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  1. Just had a consultation for subcision

    Yes it was free. I suggest that you call around at offices and see if they offer it. I feel like a lot of places do subcision, but they don't really advertise it because it isn't as "cool" or "trendy" as lasers/peels. Best of luck to you!!! My doctor also suggested Erbium laser, but when I told him I wasn't interested in that yet, he stopped talking about it and we moved on to subcision and what to expect from that
  2. Just had a consultation for subcision

    I would not go to this doctor. He obviously doesn't care much. Also, if he didn't even look at your scars in angled lighting, he is bound to miss so many spots during an actual procedure. To give you another perspective, my surgeon spent an hour with me at a consultation, took photos, looked at my scars in angled lighting, touched the scars, and asked me which scars bothered me the most/ what about the scars was most distressing to me (color, texture, depth.) With him, each subcision will be about $250 US dollars.
  3. Starting A Self Diary

    Hello I just wanted to thank you for starting this thread- it will be great, not only for yourself to see your own progress, but for many others who are looking for hope! I think that subcision would be very helpful for your scars, in addition to the peels and derminator. Also, I'm sure you hear this a lot, but you have gorgeous eyes!!!
  4. Scar Treatment Help

    They really can't use filler on these types of scars, and I think TCA cross would be the best treatment option for these scars
  5. Scar Treatment Help

    These scars are not bad at all, the problem is that they are semi-deep. Luckily, they are all narrow, meaning they can easily be raised up with TCA cross. After finishing a few series of TCA cross, you could pursue erbium laser resurfacing or full-face TCA peels to polish things off. Laser resurfacing works best for smoothing out skin texture, but won't work for pitting like that. It doesn't mean your scars are bad, it just means they need a different treatment
  6. It is all the same

    If you wanted, feel free to message me. I promise everything is going to turn out okay.
  7. It is all the same

    Are you doing okay??
  8. Salicylic acid burn help!

    Ahh no wonder my sister had impetigo when she was younger and my other siblings and I caught it as well. It actually left some hypopigmentation. Best of luck with treating it!!
  9. How to treat my scars

    I'm 20 and going into med-school this January I'm not saying you didn't get results, I'm talking about the lie about your "father." If you got results, then great I am very excited for you, and I can see how full resurfacing would work for what your scars appeared to be. I just don't think it's fair that you're bringing other people down when their only intention was to help you. Why needelessly come back here to say the people here are negative, unhelpful, and not knowledgeable about the advice they're giving. They are going out of their way to help others, they gain nothing from it. You have an unfounded vendetta against beautifulambition for literally no reason. I'm not 100% believing in him or anyone else, but he has great advice and you should always value help from someone who truly gains NOTHING but the happiness that it brings them being able to help someone. You are really ignoring the issue here and just saying Americans are pessimistic and don't understand anything. It is nonsensical and honestly ridiculous the complete disregard you have for the kindness of the people here. Yes, post your results as people have been asking. I never said you didn't get results. I only called you out for lying about your "father," which already makes you less credible. Just please exercise kindness to those whose only intention is to help
  10. How to treat my scars

    Most of the people here aren't negative and are actively undergoing or pursuing acne scar treatment... sorry you were proven wrong and had to run away I don't know why you feel the need to lie on the internet
  11. How to treat my scars

    I mean if you're gonna lie at least research first, multiple of his biographies talk about his two daughters and ex and current wife- not too private, huh? Please stop trolling
  12. How to treat my scars

    Thomas doll has no sons... I am convinced this person is a troll of some kind. He is being quite toxic for for no reason- the people here were only trying to help. You could be appreciative instead of knocking them down unnecessarily. If laser worked for you, great. It doesn't for everyone. Americans are not stupid or inherently negative
  13. How to treat my scars

    Can you post pictures of your results?
  14. Salicylic acid burn help!

    You should get a burn cream or at least Vaseline/aquaphor and keep it moist 24/7. How did this burn you??
  15. Tethered nodules after subcision

    It appears to be more tethering that has pulled the skin together, creating the bulged look. Additionally, your body most likely over-produced collagen (over-correction) and it added to the raised look you have now. Perhaps kenalog/ cortisone shots to cause atrophy to those areas would be a good option for you. I'm so sorry you're going through this.
  16. In is question he is asking how to treat his indented scars, and then additionally how to treat his discolorations and bumps. This still belongs in the other forum, he can just wait a bit to treat the indents until more healing is done. "So my questions to you guys: How severe is are my scars? What can I use? Can I also treat the discoloration and the bumps alongside treating the scars"
  17. He does have indented acne scarring. It's saucer-shaped indented scars that are red. I have the exact same scars that have been red for years. He should be moved back, his scars are similar to mine.
  18. Nothing is working!

    It's supposed to say maximum 3.5
  19. Acne Scars - My Journey - Subcision

    I suggested topical retinoids as an add-on treatment for when you're not healing to increase normal collagen fibers. I should have been more clear!! As in, it could be used a day after microneedling or a few days after subcision (whenever the open wounds heal.) Also, retinols are very weak retinoids that rely on an enzymatic reaction in the skin to convert it to retinoic acid. The amount of active ingredient you are really producing is usually very small unfortunately- if possible, getting a prescription retinoid would be the best option for noticing results in fine lines I have not had TCA cross so I cannot comment on my personal experience, but many people here have had long-term wounds (scabbing for 2 weeks, redness for over a month.) remember TCA cross usually uses 100% TCA and makes a deep burn wound. Best of luck!!!
  20. Acne Scars - My Journey - Subcision

    1.) in prep. for subcision , I recommend taking Vitamin C and zinc pills as zinc promotes healing, and vitamin c is necessary for collagen production. I would also recommend getting a topical like Vaseline or aquaphor to keep the needle wounds moist after subcision. Prescription retinoids are always great to have as well. 2.) You really don't need to avoid anything that isn't obvious (i.e. acid peels, steaming the face, drying topicals.) 3.) Your methods are great- we can't really give much advice on this because the greatest component to acne scar treatments is the body's own healing. Some people sleep extreme amounts during healing and they seem to get great results. 4.) you could continue those treatments, though I do honestly believe peptides are quite harsh after subcision and/or microneedling. Subcision is only a few needle holes as opposed to many injury zones in microneedling, so the products don't get that added absorption. 5.) It depends on the depth- too deep too close to the subcision treatment could do more harm than good. It's best to stretch out treatments rather than do so many close together. In my opinion, I would not get needling done so close after subcision, because your face should still be swollen and bruised at that point if you've been suctioning correctly. 6.) Do not suction near or on the TCA cross sites. This will break the scab and start the wounding process all over again, potentially worsening the scar.
  21. Tracking Improvement

    I'm going to be documenting my scar treatments in both natural light (to show surface scars) and artificial light (to show shadowing) because I feel that both aspects are important when it comes to scars. Actually feel and examine the scars that bother you most- describe their firmness, color, shape. Get to know your skin before you treat it. This will allow you to really appreciate the results you get, because even if it overall doesn't seem greatly improved, you will be able to see the individual progress. If your scars are tethered, take videos where you're animating your face in angled lighting. This would show the most difference
  22. I never had any intention of trashing it. I'm asking you for evidence because I haven't found any. If there were evidence, I would apologize for saying these were unstudied and may not work. Until then, I was giving a simple warning to everyone to do this at their own risk.
  23. Please+tell+me+what+kind+if+scars

    I quoted him because this guy was being disparaging in another thread about mynameisacne. He came here solely to egg on him again. We should be realistic and say they are severe scars but they are treatable. Don't worry about it so much and just focus on improvement. I'm fine with everyone else but this guy is seriously hopping onto this thread to accuse him of trolling after in another thread saying his scars "aren't severe enough to be posting here" and that he's whining
  24. Please+tell+me+what+kind+if+scars

    Seriously? Let him be on his own post. It is unnecessary for you to do this. I don't think he's trolling. He has a lot of psychological issues with his scarring and that is totally valid. Leave him be please.
  25. While I agree some have BDD, it is not the majority. It's just the fact that someone had good skin before, and now has a face riddled with acne scars. Regardless of the severeity, it's still extremely hard to come to terms with that. I feel as if you are not being empathetic enough and basically calling everyone with less severe scars a whiner. It's simply not the case. Any amount of scarring is psychologically damaging and we should do our best to help everyone. Let's just be positive and not put others down because you don't think their scarring is "severe enough" to be upset about it.