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  2. What is your skin care regimen?

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    Just warm clean water wash and simple moisturiser.
  3. When do you know if it`s retethered?

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    Your skin gonna retether as it cant stay loose,idea is to control how you heal and control the appearance of the scarring.why suction or filler is used for deeper scarring thats subcised,trying to create spacer/area that stays podged up to change appearance after healing.in due course the filler is absorbed and gets replaced by bodies own collagen,you gain a little each time so you repeat treatment till you get the required improvement and have to use a different treatment.usaly about 3 subcisions ate tequired but that depends on your scarring,whats being treated,how well its done and whos doing it,then theres your own ability to heal,sone people heal better than others.
  4. I would say its a good thing to shower.
  5. Will subcision help? Pics included

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    Just use the handpump thingy out the cupping set and use that directly on your scar and suction the subcised areas for 5-10secs for say 3x a day for around 10 days or even 2-3 weeks.then stop and just let your skin heal.
  6. For scarred pores and smaller boxcar and boxcar tcs peel is beneficial,i can atest to it.it takes strong tca and good application,getting penetration of the skin and long healing,at least 6 weeks,doing many over a year period will definately yield results but a lot is dependant on how your skin heals.alternating with needling and having a good moderate needling session and wait at least 4-6 weeks for that to heal should yeild results for sure. if you had subcision and had at least 1 treatment it can also make the needling and tca peel work better as the scar is left more vunerable to the treatments and suseptable to change/healing.
  7. Some people are just like that,they learn that smooth blemish free skin make you pretty,whats a smooth ugly person? in a year or so let him see you with less blemishs and regret but the worlds full of men and women. nokor subcision is preferable with filler if you can afford it,if not suction is required. your pics are blurred so i cant see what can be tca crossed or not,regardless i am sure you gonna need 2-3 sessions of subcision,it depends on how well the treatment is performed and how you heal.once the skin starts smoothing out you could do an rf microneedling session to see if it helps with collagen and filling in the dinks. dont buy in on lasers,be sure any rf microneedling is insulated,basicly sound off and ask here first,let us know whats on offer and how and you get good advice on what you should get and even about settings,never go to high on energy using treatment. subcision shouldnt require any skin bleaching,just get it done thoroughly,you need to free the tethers that anchor the skin down and heal the space or fill it out. skin repair and healing is where the magic lies but correct treatment/method is required for correct result. we are working under the epidermis here at first not ontop of it,here is where the damage lies so heres where we need to repair.
  8. Rf microneedling is supposed to be good on deeper to medium depth scarring but think subcision is standard proceedure that cuts them tethers and helps the skin be released and filler helps control the way the skin retethers and heals,suction is used as an alternative. takes multiples of any treatment,rf microneedling can be used for collagen production and be used to breakdown scars and then healing process takes over. if you gonna get a skin dr to do the work,they should be able to examine your skin and pull it and feel it and decide on best for you but these treatments are more likely best.not lasers or resurfacing treatments,we are treating the scar under or in the skin,this is where you want to work till you smoothen out and you will. it takes ages but if you do right treatment and heal well and look after your skin you will see difference after first couple months but in small %.so a year in you will/should look better but its a long journey as its all in the healing and it takes ages. so thats the pay route,at home you can needle but dont used roll method,at the minimum use a stamp method but you alternate that with tca peeling but strong % up to 35%ish but wouldnt go stronger,you start of on weak % like 15 and work yor way up increasing % reach peel to reach 35%. alternate with say 6 weeks min of healing period between treatments and you should get improvement. we all different and heal different so see how you heal after each treatment. your asian? there might be a guide line for asian skinned people to follow like bleaching agent prior to tca peels,if so find out and take precautions,you might have to treat your skin couple weeks before tca peel.
  9. And stay out of sun! dont think “hey it cool” sit in the sun and cook your skin,could and may cause problems.sun wont do it any favors at all,more likely have an effect on your pigment.
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  11. Might be because he does nhs and they leave filler out as it can add to cost.he has a sectetary who might do it but i am unsure without trawling through the forum,BA knows more and more clued up.Theres suction with a cheapish ebay suction/cupping set,it works but got to be stringent and a good candidate for suction (my own experience)
  12. 30 days or there abouts is the longest time it takes for your skin to turnover so 30 days is the standard wait time for skin healing.if you use weaker tca and dont penetrate your skin as much then you dont have to wait as long but,i wasnt the one who did the peel so cant give the right advice bar say wait a month which to me is playing it safe,whether you used water or tca i dont know? wod say use google to purchase your tca but use reputable source,someone might chime in with recommendation.
  13. Derminator 2 routine

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    Alternate the needling with tca peels,you will by far get better redults.do needle your face,wait say 6 weeks then do a tca peel and wait another 6 weeks and then needle and again tca peel after,alternating the treatments 6 weeks apart at minimum.start your peels off weak at say 15% but work your strength up to 25-35% after 3-4 peels. give your face a good needling but not overly and do once only then wait for your skin to heal.
  14. Best would be subcision with filler or even rf microneedling but you could try dermastamping the area every couple of months and see what improvement a simple at home treatment might/will do.
  15. I suspect something similar to folliculitus is going on here,i suggest you get to a dr and get oral anti biotics or an anti biotic cream,see what happens as i see thinning of your beard and your moustache thats showing is thinner in some places. You got ice pick scarring,some look like they can be tca crossed but some look tiny.if you tca cross the bigger ones,where the end of a toothpick can enter and touch the bottom and then that will help raise them and close them up.then you can spot peel your cheeks (assuming both are similar) or this cheek with 35%ish tca peel,work up from a weak % to 35%ish over several peels and that should help smooth your skin out. i believe the correct laser will/could help but i am not clued up but most of the scars are high in your skin layers and not deep so they will most likely be good candidates. dont rush anything without right advice and follow guidelines when carrying out treatments at home.
  16. You will have to wait now at least a month or there abouts for the scar you crossed to heal,it needs to peel and heal. 50% is reasonable for cross,best is to get a frost and induce some trauma in the scar,with one single application,not multiple.it shouls sting for a while afterwards in some cases. the red is just part of the healing process.
  17. Scabs are a norm with tca cross,if you dont form any dont worry but they are part of tca cross and healing.you should keep the treated areas moist but bot absolutely to a point you are soaked with it,just a dab on the treated areas and let it soak in as you dont want to over rub and remove the scab prematurely.
  18. Just a quicky,please dont touch or pick at your face,you will get small scars if you do and thats harder to get rid of.
  19. just keep it clean and stay out of direct sunlight!
  20. What to do?

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    Read up and be safe:
  21. What to do?

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    You got some deficiency in your dimple,dont suggest laser,you need the indentation subcised with filler or rf microneedle.you got okay skin otherwise,maybe some scarred pores but pic washs them out so hard to see but looks like rough texture,so do several peels and smooth your skin out. so collagen growth for the dimple,peels to smooth out your texture.
  22. TCA 35% peeling done!

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    You got 6 weeks from when you did the peel,without checking you only like 2 weeks now? so you heal now for at least 3-4 more weeks,then peel again.suggest like i adviced earlier,do your whole face,nose and forehead.do say 20% and do it for frost and you should hurt! so if you got to apply 2-3 layers then do so but once you frost then stop but let each application work and neutralise itself,so the pain eases and then apply another. personaly i would suggest you needle your scarred areas with dermastamp or derminator and alternate between needling and peels.this way you change the structure of the scar and it will more likely help when you peel and be more likely to improve. tca cross for the right scars,smaller boxcar and ice pick type.
  23. Watch over the months,you should see it degrade and change appearance,then you can decide to get filler again.
  24. Folliculitus will basicly just manifest itself as acne on the face.
  25. Yes,try a rf microneedling once and see what it does for your scarring,i see tca peeling working best for your scarred pores,tincey scars.you will need to do more than one though and they will have to be strong medium depth peels,start weak 15% and work up strength to around 30-35%.
  26. As soon as i see your beard in pics i think folliculitus also,scrolls down and BA is mirroring my thoughts,suggest drs and course of anti biotics,its best thing to kill it. looks like you will have to shave as i suspect your scarred pore prob in also under the beard area. suggest you get anti biotic,oxytetracycline (or similar) get clear,shave and do tca peeling,follow the tca peeling guide lines. needling is more for deficiency where collagen production is required,everything you got is right at the surface.