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  1. You have scarred pores,small ice pick and boxcar,scarring.
  2. always understand your particular countrys import laws and charges with regards to buying outside of your country.
  3. Tca 25-35% pic

    So its around 2 week mark after doing self subcision and i want to share my results at this point.i used an angle which makes shadows stand out and some of the dark is the scar still healing,ie:the wound from the subcision,now i got maybe 4 more weeks of healing and i update you every 2 weeks,same light/angle but remember its winter and its dull,i think the light is more harsh and makes more shadow as its not very bright. i evaluate after the next month as i know i still need to carry out another subcision,please remember i suctioned and just used a cheap cupping set off ebay,cost around £6-7 amd just the hand pump. i been out of bath 1 hour and fresh shaven and have moisturiser on. i think theres noticable change indeed! the upper scar on the cheek is not touched,this needs 2 weeks if not more for collagen aftet a strong spot peel before i can perform subcision on it.
  4. If your female have you checked the info concerning contraceptives and acne?it pops up from time to time,i sm a guy so cant realy help there,maybe a female here can chime in,maybe the products females use on their faces are important factor so once again maybe a female can chime in as females know about makeup etc. realy in my opinion you should be consulting a dr and getting a prescription strength anti biotic topical and oral anti biotic.
  5. Really need advice

    Yes,i suggedt the dr and get an antibiotic cream and even a course of oral anti biotics,like lymecycline,it should clear your skin up. dont pick or touch your skin,wash with warm clean water and pat dry with clean towel,dont rub dry. keep general hygene good. because your female i know a lot of females here post about periods and contraceptive pills,suggest you read up about acne and contraceptives,i am a guy btw.
  6. Facial redness after using TCA100%

    Ok,to start off with we follow guide lines,always read the right guides and follow the advice.always go weak to start off with and if unsure ask questions first. if tca or any other acid substance was applied it will cause peeling for up to 7 days and sometimes beyond.remember that skin takes an average of 28 days to heal itself completely so your going to have 1 month wait for sure for the skin to become normal. what is happening is normal but using strong acid isnt and carrys risks. just tell him to stay out of sun for certain,stay out of direct light.stay clean and dont rub or irritate the skin,allow it to peel.keep it moisturised,apply moisturiser as needed diring day if the face peels a lot.dont interfere with thenpeel process,it will shed naturaly and then stop and his skin will heal itself. so wash face with warm clean water,just lightly massage to clean,then pat dry with clean dry towel,then apply moisturiser. just let skin shed/peel itself,it should stop by 7th day and then allow it to heal.
  7. delete pls

    I have 0 experience with accutane,the best advice will be from your dr who knows your medical history.
  8. Facial redness after using TCA100%

    Can we have a photo please? we can evaluate and offer better advice based on what we see.
  9. The dermatologist will give you something then hopefully this will clear up your skin and then you can continue. i suggest you do t fo anything silly and slap stuff on your face thst makes it worse.do t touch it or pick it.stay hygenic and wait till you see dermitologist. you might end up on an anti biotic and that should clear it up.
  10. Tca 25-35% pic

    Just to keep you up to date,now my subcised scars are nearly 2 weeks done and healing.no pics yet for a reason as the scars are slightly dark,more likely from healing process so taking pic might not show the improvement. some are nearly gone,most are something like 50-60% overallish improved (yep no kidding) and theres still a month or so to let them heal more.some need another go just to release and lift them a bit more and some i could have done the edges a little bit more and broke that part down and would have been even more improvement. i aint doing anything special,just moisturise and stay out of direct light as much as possible. so currently doing nothing with my skin until this is all healed.
  11. delete pls

    You got some scarred pores,ice pick types scars and maybe a few small boxcar.you still young and your scars are red which is a sign of healing so they might improve in their appearance over the next months,so dont suggest you do anything bar be hygenic,moisturise your face with something kind to your skin,stay out the sun and dont apply anything stupid on them thinking your helping and instead make them worse.dont pick your skin or keep touching it,this is what makes scarring if not carefull.
  12. PRP Treatment Frequency (pics attached)

    So buy a derminator,needle at the plain depth you think you require for the scars and do it moderately.give it 6 weeks at least for healing and then start tca peel,weak to start off with and work the strength up to 25%ish.do this for a year and look at the results,then you can evaluate your skin and if its worth subcision,it wont hurt as long as you follow the guidelines. just dont go tca crossing scars that are not suited.
  13. Best place to buy TCA peels in UK?

    Just looked and your right,been a while since i bought mine,looks like its available at amazon uk,most likely a chinese seller.
  14. Best place to buy TCA peels in UK?

    Dont want to create confusion,i used a china based seller on ebay,search ebay dermedik,it took 7 days or so to reach me and am on my sevond bottle.i got 100% and water it down.
  15. PRP Treatment Frequency (pics attached)

    1.5mm needling will require at least 4 weeks because your gonna mulch your skin up and it takes 28 dats to just replace this mulched skin.at 4 weeks you wont get much healing benefit as you want at least further 2 weeks for healing benefit. ontop of that,microdermabrasion is too aggressive and basicly old therapy. you would have benefited more from home needling,if a salon can do it why cant you and the needling devices are teady available to buy for a reason so why a salon? also tca peels you can do yourself. i think they are trying to sell you what they can do. i would have needled and alternated with peels me for a year with 6 weeks between each for healing. derminator device is readily available and a dermastamp costs £4.tca @ 100% is like £15,can be watered down,latex gloves and gauze.
  16. Acupuncture needles for subcision?

    I think they are considered a bit too thin,you dont want one breaking inside the skin,how would you get it out? The dermis can put up a certain amount of resistance even to an hypodermic needle,so something stiff and sturdy would be more advicable,23g hypo is suited,a nokor most likely would require skin numbing and anesthetic.
  17. Oral anti biotic from the dr,if you can also get a prescription strength anti biotic topical even better. dont pick or squeeze,use clean towels every time you wash and dry.try to keep skin stuff to a minimum,get the oral anti biotic,something like lymecycline,see what happens.
  18. Scars, redness and orange peel texture

    Yes,buy 100% tca from ebay if you cant find a seller near you.dermedik,thats the name to search for in ebay,from china seller,came to uk pretty quick,1 week,i am on my second bottle.
  19. Need help with Identification & Treatment

    An easy at home method,needling,see what needling will do for your rolling scars.i would have said tca peels and needling alternating every 6-8 weeks.tca work you will have to do or laser resurfacing,tca is considered safer,its also cheaper if you do it yourself as long as you follow the guidelines.
  20. Nothing is working!

    Just stay off the dermaroller,dont go getting high energy treatment as it can make matters worse. way i treat my skin is,until i look good in bad lighting as well as good lighting i will carry on treating and hopefully rectifying them areas. my jawline i cant treat with self subcision i can only dermastamp and peel there till i can afford a derm to do that work.
  21. Scars, redness and orange peel texture

    Just dont get a permenant filler,you want domething that breaks down and gets replaced by the body,collagen.over time the scar will grow collagen due to subcision,the filler fills the void between the tethered upper skin and the dermis,if this is where the tether is cut.the collagen grows,the filler breaks down,over multiple treatments the deficiency gos away,then you can switch to another treatment type. hylauronic acid,ha is one type.
  22. Tips for wound healing

    Did they excise it,cut and stitch,what treatment was performed? i aint got a clue bar keep it clean and free from bacteria and moist once you remove them strips.
  23. Scars, redness and orange peel texture

    Idea is for filler to break down and replace with collagen,this is why its done mant times over a period to help build up collagen over time.
  24. Sure you dont have folliculitus? i suggest you get to the dr and get an oral anti biotic course.
  25. I will be watching,i did subcision and its now day 10 on some of the scars,day 9 and 8 on others.i been suctioning with a cheapo cupping set off ebay,just using the pump. i didnt get my whole entire cheek,that for me to do would be sheer lunacy but thats my point of view so i did about 6 on each cheek,most were rolling type of varying depths,sizes etc. i still got bruising on some but its self induced through suctioning i think. i see change in some of the scars that have pretty much cleared of bruising although i know i need to wait at least a month. just be interesting to see what at home vs a specialist results can be. i am also not promoting doing this yourself at home,its a proper treatment type carried out by drs,i just so happened to do it myself,like others before me and i am not a dr. looking forward to piccys.