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  2. Guys Sorry for the late reply - I stopped checking this forum after this horrible site redesign. My acne is pretty much 99% gone as long as I take maintainance doses of ivermectin every few weeks.
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  6. can't even find my PM's. thanks useless developers who need to justify their job by doing useless updates
  7. Elaine, thanks so much for your input. You can see in my original post that I did try soaks (bleach, salt, and epsom [seperately]) but mine was not responding to it, although a lot of other people have had success - maybe milder cases These drugs are available in veterinary grade 99.9% purity online and in stores
  8. I have found the easiest way to take ivermectin (which I am buying in crystalline form) is to dissolve it in heated coconut oil and drink that, since it does not dissolve in water.
  9. Its a furuncle caused by staph
  10. I said I'd keep an update on maintainance therapy to keep the acne under control. I'm finding that I need a weekly dose of ivermectin to keep my acne under control.. Probably will be able to decrease the frequency over time.

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