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  1. Can't cure fungal folliculitis

    Ketoconazole 2% is a stronger version of Nizoral
  2. Pimples that never goes away

    Read about demodex, its a underrated cause of acne and easily cureable
  3. Butt Acne

    Happy to hear this worked for you. People have had success with salt baths and bleach baths. Wikipedia shows the skincare and healthcare / pharmaceutical sector is vehemently against MMS solution which in my opinion only speaks to its effectiveness.. Acne is a multi billion dollar industry and they want you to keep rubbing useless creams on yourself for $$$$.. I have cured my back/butt/body acne with medication but if I was still suffering from it I would strongly consider it
  4. Factors such as diet, stress, hormonal fluctuations, affect sebum production.. Mites eat sebum up like crack
  5. Ivermectin and metronidazole (two prescription medicines)
  6. I was on accutane for 6 mo, it's good for immediate results but its accepted that the acne will come back in a lot of people within a year. if i were you I'd stop. Acne is cureable without accutane/useless BP regimens. I cured my horrible body acne by treating demodex mites

    Should go away if you stop applying the irritant
  8. Turmeric, Yay or Nay?

    It's a great anti-inflammatory. If your acne is mild it will likely be enough
  9. Use tea tree oil, dilute it 50% with water or isopropyl alcohol. 2x a day if you can. Should be gone within a few weeks
  10. Razor bumps

    Have you tried warm compresses? Epsom salt baths?
  11. Read my thread in body acne forum and see if it describes you
  12. Back Acne

    Bio-Oil and mederma
  13. This isn't acne, a dermatologist would likely be able to identify it
  14. Dianette Treatment Log

    Understandable - only another month left then.. Consider demodex if you're not where you want to be next month
  15. Acne Fulminans

    Sorry for not seeing this sooner. The combo kills demodex mites which are a vastly overlooked cause of all types of acne. I am not a pharmacist (I am a med student) but would not expect any adverse interactions
  16. Excessive dead skin buildup

    Literally any rough washcloth and scrape it off
  17. Excessive dead skin buildup

    You need to exfoliate with a cloth made for exfoliating. WalMart sells exfoliating brushes and gloves if you're in USA. Don't worry about acne potentially flaring up due to touching your skin (which in my opinion is a myth). The debris is a bigger problem right now
  18. Please help

    Hi, I had adult onset cystic acne (rosacea) for 3 years. It was horrific, so I can relate to how you must feel. People would stop me on the street and ask me what was wrong with my face. After awhile I realized it didn't matter what people thought and accepted the situation I was in. It was a great ego breaker, which I am now grateful for. There is a cure and you will get better. I used zz cream (demodex solutions) 2 times per day-night time is most important- to get the acne under control and also took (and still take) probiotics (100 billion best to start). I like Jarrow brand (50 billion capsules for under £30 on amazon). It took about 1 year to fully recover, but I have't had an outbreak in 2 years now. Just give it a month and you will see it starting to heal. Don't underestimate the probiotics. They are critical to the healing process. I hope this helps! ANOTHER PERSON WHO WAS CURED BY TREATING DEMODEX!
  19. You seriously need to stop showering so often and turn down the temperature of your water. It's not the cause of your acne but it is not helping your skin by stripping it of its natural sebum so often. I know it feels frustrating to be stuck with this persistent nasty painful condition but obsessive cleanliness is obviously not the answer. I cured my acne by researching demodex and realizing they were the cause of my acne.
  20. I started trying to seriously cure my acne in summer of 2016 and tried thousands of $$$ worth and close to a hundred different treatments.. Some over-the-counter, some RX, some holistic.. Finally cured mine by figuring out the cause of my acne was demodex
  21. It wouldn't surprise me. Acne comes back in over 1/3 of people who use Accutane in the long-term... I would only consider Accutane if I have exhausted every other possibility and my quality of life has tanked
  22. 5 years acne free. My Regime!

    I'm glad you feel your regimen is working but it can pretty much solely be attributed to your low-dose isotretinoin