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  1. Excessive dead skin buildup

    Literally any rough washcloth and scrape it off
  2. Excessive dead skin buildup

    You need to exfoliate with a cloth made for exfoliating. WalMart sells exfoliating brushes and gloves if you're in USA. Don't worry about acne potentially flaring up due to touching your skin (which in my opinion is a myth). The debris is a bigger problem right now
  3. Please help

    Hi, I had adult onset cystic acne (rosacea) for 3 years. It was horrific, so I can relate to how you must feel. People would stop me on the street and ask me what was wrong with my face. After awhile I realized it didn't matter what people thought and accepted the situation I was in. It was a great ego breaker, which I am now grateful for. There is a cure and you will get better. I used zz cream (demodex solutions) 2 times per day-night time is most important- to get the acne under control and also took (and still take) probiotics (100 billion best to start). I like Jarrow brand (50 billion capsules for under £30 on amazon). It took about 1 year to fully recover, but I have't had an outbreak in 2 years now. Just give it a month and you will see it starting to heal. Don't underestimate the probiotics. They are critical to the healing process. I hope this helps! ANOTHER PERSON WHO WAS CURED BY TREATING DEMODEX!
  4. You seriously need to stop showering so often and turn down the temperature of your water. It's not the cause of your acne but it is not helping your skin by stripping it of its natural sebum so often. I know it feels frustrating to be stuck with this persistent nasty painful condition but obsessive cleanliness is obviously not the answer. I cured my acne by researching demodex and realizing they were the cause of my acne.
  5. I started trying to seriously cure my acne in summer of 2016 and tried thousands of $$$ worth and close to a hundred different treatments.. Some over-the-counter, some RX, some holistic.. Finally cured mine by figuring out the cause of my acne was demodex
  6. It wouldn't surprise me. Acne comes back in over 1/3 of people who use Accutane in the long-term... I would only consider Accutane if I have exhausted every other possibility and my quality of life has tanked
  7. 5 years acne free. My Regime!

    I'm glad you feel your regimen is working but it can pretty much solely be attributed to your low-dose isotretinoin
  8. The only thing is you would actually be dividing 19g by 775g (since there is 19g BP in a compound that weighs 750g cetaphil + 25 g 75% BP solution) You end up getting a minimum 2.45% BP solution anyway so it was really just semantics, but the proper calculation would be important if you ever decide to move to less grams of cetaphil Sounds fine to me
  9. I needed to go on oral prescription meds (see sig) because I had widespread body acne. I would expect it to keep smaller areas clear
  10. Pityrosporum folliculitis

    Hi, the fact that it responded somewhat to Nizoral and head and shoulders is actually a really good sign for you that you have narrowed it down to a fungal infection. It's really common for persistent ones to stop responding to Nizoral. I know how depressing it can be to do the Candida diet without results by the way. Nizoral is 1% ketoconazole. You need 2% which is a prescription. The forum rules here discourage talk of obtaining prescription medications online on auction sites from countries where it is available OTC... So... You definitely, shouldn't do that.... You should wait weeks for a doc appt and hope he/she is willing to listen to you.. definitely do not buy it online.. By the way , this is a common side effect of derms throwing abx at any and every acne problem and you end up wiping out beneficial bacteria which actually kill fungus on their own. Buy Lotrimin Ultra and Lotrimin over the counter and use it until you get your ketoconazole. The good news is this will definitely get cleared up. You might need an oral rx if it's exceedingly stubborn but you'll be fine. PM Me in a few weeks or quote this post if it's not responding (which I doubt) Take care, and enjoy being acne free
  11. Lindsey Do you see how some of the lesions form straight lines, for ex: between the eyebrows? Demodex mites love living on and in hair follicles and wander out to feed, leaving tracks of waste, eggs, and corpses as they burrow. The reason your nose is clear is because for whatever reason the microenvironment on your brow is more hospitable to them. Tea tree oil, 5% permethrin, metronidazole / ivermectin (both are available either topically or orally) are all effective against demodex.. Here's an article about the last 2 https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S120197121201315X Taking that to a doc would help them write you out a prescription. In the meantime try the Tea tree oil.
  12. From a dermatologic standpoint that is not a pimple but a furuncle. OTC salicylates / BP won't work on this, its a Staph aureus infection and typical treatment is vancomycin with possible incision/drainage. If you had done TTO:isopropyl alcohol as per my recommendation it may have contained it somewhat. It will still speed healing if you begin using it now.
  13. Acne and genetics

    It does sound like it will even out on its own but if you don't want to wait another couple years it wouldn't hurt to try some common acne treatments that are also known to kill demodex mites. For example a tub of ZZ cream is roughly $45 and would last close to a month if only used facially. If your acne was caused by demodex you would see results with it in a few weeks. Its up to you whether thats worth it to you.
  14. Self esteem

    I know what its like to hate mirrors and feel dirty / disfigured. I had tried so many things and didn't believe that demodex could be the cause - the people who talked about them were made fun of and they just had a conspiracy theory reputation on this website. After trying some over the counter treatments that work on demodex such as Tea tree oil and ZZ cream, I saw a big difference but not completely clear. Thats when I took prescription meds that kill these microsopic mites and I am finally cured.
  15. Hormonal acne

    If you generally feel crummy or have other GI associated symptoms then fiber+probiotics might help. There are hundreds if not thousands of "natural" treatments in the Reviews section of this site. https://www.acne.org/reviews/
  16. I was on accutane and a simple Google search will show you that even doctors understand that acne will come back within a year or two of stopping accutane for a lot of people. I succesfully got through accutane without long term side effects (that I know of) but my acne came back, and I would not go back on it now that I know the risk/reward ratio. A tub of ZZ cream from demodexsolutions is about $45 and would last you a few weeks, put it on one half of your face for a month twice a day and see if it doesn't make a visible difference.
  17. Acne Fulminans

    Im so sorry to hear that you have been dealt this devastating diagnosis. Please please please get on oral ivermectin / metronidazole. They are extremely safe and you may find relief in as little as 2 weeks on them. I have a thread in the body acne forum about them For reference, I had acne conglobata and have cured it
  18. Scalp acne points me towards demodex - please read up on them. They can be treated with topicals and/or oral Rx
  19. For me it was demodex
  20. Accutane and PCOS acne

    The intensity and years of training required to compete at the D1 level increases testosterone and is likely contributing to your symptoms. Did your doctor know you play sports? I can't recommend for you to go off the dose you were prescribed but I am confident that any endocrinologist worth his/her salt can solve this for you. Not sure how much leeway you have with weight loss as an athlete but it all depends on your body fat measurement. I would think if you are an athlete it'd be pretty low and so nothing to lose really
  21. Read my thread in the body acne forum to see how I cured by 10 year body acne. took me 1.5 years of tryin different crap.
  22. Too soon to be attributed to Accutane. Relax
  23. It will work as a spot treatment, which if your acne is mild enough, will be enough to keep it under control.