1. Reviews Coffee Ground Scrub
    I add some coffee grounds, some aloe 100% vera gel, and a little bit of organic coconut oil. The coconut oil dissolves makeup, the coffee exfoliates and the aloe soothes the skin. Not drying at all and it smells great!
  2. Reviews Egg White Mask
    I like to add some sugar to some egg whites and hand whip it until it's really thick and like a mousse. I massage that all over my face and let it sit for about 10 minutes then rinse with warm water. The vitamins in eggs helps pimples heal and it's really fun to do.
  3. Reviews Tea Tree Oil
    When I was younger, I had MAD lice and my family always used this amazing oil to get rid of it and keep it at bay. I was skeptical about using this on my face, but lots of people had recommended it to me. I made the mistake of putting 2 drops undiluted all over my face and I swear my skin almost burnt off. DILUTE THIS OIL! IT'S POWERFUL. The best way I find to use this oil is to add a drop or two to your daily moisturizer. I use Nivea Soft and add one drop and mix it thoroughly in my hand and apply like usual. I was surprised when it didn't leave an oily feel, in fact, it left my face feeling matte (in a good way!). The next day, my skin was less bumpy and less red. My skin felt really amazing. My skin has gotten better after only three days of use (above method twice a day). Also, it smells super good, at least for me. I'd say give it a go, no harm in trying.
  4. I was really skeptical about using a moisturizer with jojoba oil in it, as I already have extremely oily skin. But it was the best thing I ever put on my face! My skin drinks this stuff right up, and the vitamin E in it heals my acne. It's heaven in a container and nothing else is quite like it. It also smells amazing, not too powerful. I add a drop of 100% tea tree oil to about a pea size amount and apply it. Amazing results and moisture.
  5. Reviews Coconut Oil
    This stuff is full of antifungal and antibacterial fatty acids that help kill acne bacteria. But because it's such a heavy oil, it clogs pores and makes your skin oily very quickly, which will eventually lead to more acne and lots of blackheads. It's okay as a short term and occasional treatment, but I highly recommend not using this every day. I've seen people putting this all over their face, that's a big NO! This is OIL, oil clogs pores and you can't avoid that. Add a little to your daily moisturizer or use it as a spot treatment, this isn't something to smear all over your face. That being said, this stuff dissolves makeup. Literally. Any makeup you have on, using this as cleansing oil will get rid of it all. Just be sure to exfoliate and cleanse afterwards to remove the excess coconut oil from your face. If you want the benefits of this oil without the clogged pores, eat it! Taking a spoonful every morning has many skin benefits, as well as other benefits for your body. Use with caution people!
  6. Reviews Almay Clear Complexion Makeup
    Coverage isn't the best and I didn't see any improvements after months of use. It goes on smooth and it's good if you want quick coverage, but I wouldn't use this all the time. There's better stuff out there.
  7. I love how this stuff feels, and it does control oil for me. The only downside is it makes me break out. I got lots of whiteheads after using this for a while and I was so disappointed. I love Cetaphil products but this was a big let down.
  8. Reviews Pond's Dry Skin Cream
    I used this for a few days because it was at my Mums house and it was my only option. I was surprised when my skin felt supple and smooth after it absorbed, but whew! Does it ever clog my pores! I woke up the next day looking like I had freckles or something. :(
  9. Reviews Aspirin Mask
    I like to take two un-coated aspirins and let them sit in some water until I can mix it into a paste. I apply that to problem areas and leave it on for about 5-10 minutes then gently rinse off with lukewarm water. Redness is instantly reduced, but skin is severely dry. Applying an oil based moisturizer is a must after this. I use Nivea Soft with one drop of 100% tea tree oil. Works great!
  10. Reviews Lemon Juice (as a drink)
    Recently I started squeezing the juice of one lemon into my bottle of water everyday. I didn't do this for my acne, and I was surprised when it started clearing up. Size of my zits were smaller, redness was less intense, and my skin felt super smooth! I had no idea this could help acne heal, so I'm not stopping! Lemon water also tastes really good and it's really thirst quenching. Definitely try.
Female, 02/23/2000
 Canada, BC

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