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  1. This has been a real struggle for me too but IMO, take it one step at a time, you can't force yourself to eat all of the 'healthy' foods right away. Eliminate them one by one and once your system gets the hang of it, I think that's when you can add more food to eliminate.
  2. How is it going for you?
  3. drinking ACV. please help.

    ^I agree to this. @queenaynay How's it been for you with ACV?
  4. Kojic acid

    Kojic acid could be harsh for some but try it and see how your skin would react. If you notice any irritation then it doesn't suit your skin.
  5. Hi, how are you? Don't let them take away the life ahead of you. Remember that we are here for you and listen to whatever. *hugs*
  6. Nothing Works

    You might also want to try the natural remedies.
  7. carrot juice

    I love carrot juice! But this is an acquired taste too so good luck to first timers.
  8. Microneedling Risks

    Hmmm.. that needles length is quite long for personal use, IMO.
  9. dark spots on arms

    I don't know if they are because of picking but I think I have them too. Something like freckles on the body. I don't know.
  10. Nose Pimple Distaster!! (Please Help)

    I could totally relate. I have some because I can't control myself from picking. Really learned the hard way.
  11. When will the spots fade????

    Perhaps something with Vitamin C like an oil or serum would help lighten up those dark/brown spots. Not sure about tea tree oil though as it is more of an anti-microbial ingredient.

    How are you doing dear? I hope everything is fine now...
  13. Any suggestions for my acne scars? Pics inside

    Lots of moisturizers and sunscreen, very important too.
  14. Date in 3 days HELP!

    How was your date?
  15. Red bump is now brownish?

    You can apply an oil or cream with Vitamin C in it to brighten that spot.
  16. Moderate hormonal acne and dry skin

    I think a lot of products have been used at once so your skin went crazy. I feel that your skin deserves some rest first. If it's getting better, let it be without using a new product again.
  17. Best way to remove a very very waterproof sunscreen?

    I agree. Oil should do the trick then wash it off with warm water. Then wash with your mild cleanser as usual.
  18. Picked my face

    Same here, I learned the hard way. Really hard to keep yourself from picking.
  19. FINALLY Found a natural cure for my hormonal acne

    @nachtshon How are you?
  20. Moisturiser burnt skin

    Hey @oilylik It's been a while since your post.. Perhaps you can let us know more about what happened so we can help you out.

    Hi dear... Just remember that you've come to the right place. We're all here for you. *hugs*
  22. No one cares

    I know it must be hard for you. I understand the resentment. I just want you to know that we are here to listen no matter what.
  23. Carrier oils - which to use for acne prone skin?

    Haven't tried grape seed oil yet but sounds interesting.
  24. Addicted to picking and popping

    Nope. I learned the hard way. I have acne scars everywhere.