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  1. The Oil Cleansing Method. Negative Experiences

    Tried OCM for a few months (July 2017-mid December 2017) and while it felt like my skin seemed less oily, it has caused some really bad cysts that for the first time in a long while, have left some really bad hyperpigmentation marks that are slowly fading but still quite noticeable. Usually my hyperpigmentation marks fade in 2 weeks tops, but cysts I had back in September still show signs of having been there.
  2. Hmm I used to be on prescribed BP in the form of Benzaclin for many years. If I didn't have a prescription, I'd alternate with Dan's BP. For the most part, it helped suppress breakouts and like you, I felt that I wanted better skin without needing to rely on BP. I think the last time I used it was... 2014? Since then, I've been sticking to tea tree oil which is supposed to be less harsh and because it's natural, it won't cause long term damage. The transition was a little rough at first as I was breaking out like crazy but after a while it calmed down but to this day I'm still trying to find my miracle cure as nothing so far (derms, over-the-counter, proactiv, etc) has not helped. Right now I'm using an oil cleansing regime and while my breakouts are not as severe, they're still there. As my current replacement of BP, I simply use lavender oil mixed into my oil cleansing. If you've been using BP for years and transition out of it, it's certainly gonna take some time to see a positive adjustment especially depending upon your habits. My habits are very inconsistent which is probably why I still breakout even at 31 but I feel like I'm going in the right direction... hopefully. Hope this helps.