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  2. Banish is a terrible company.   Stop paying those ridiculous prices.   I honestly hate that company and how they basically sell rebranded stuff for 10x markup.    Their topicals are ridiculously overpriced.   They're a prime example of a company that pays A LOT to instagram "influencers" for marketing, but sell subpar products and take advantage of people who aren't knowledgeable.   Emer has very questionable business ethics.  On realself for example, Emer will copy and paste the same comment over and over on every acne scarring question.   He doesn't even bother to read the actual question.    A word of advice.... if you go to a doctor and they force you to talk to a consultant first, that means they are trying to sell as much possible.    I wouldn't be surprised if his lawyers send a cease and desist letter in 24hours. 

  3. This is the downside of having a recommendations lists.   It's a necessary thing for people who aren't well-versed in acne scar revision, and are vulnerable to being taken advantage of by doctors.   I didn't know that Rappaport is no longer recommended (I've never been a fan) but he probably got a lot more business in that area because of the recommendation here.   

    Don't be suckered into the packages, they're just money making schemes.   You're committing before even knowing if your skin can handle 10 things being thrown at it at once.   We've seen many examples of people who've had damage from that approach.   You need time to heal and reassess each and every treatment to see if it is compatible.   I did one c02 laser, which was a disaster, and thankfully was not dumb enough to be talked into another (this is from a doctor who USED to be recommended here a long time ago).

  4. Forehead Scars

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    Do not touch your beautiful skin.   Usually I'll be right there with a snarky comment for people with nearly perfect skin coming onto these forums.   But honestly don't do anything, and potentially wreck your good skin.  You know most of the people here would be out seizing life if they had this skin. 

  5. I cant continue with tca

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    Interesting point that scabbing means something went wrong.

    To address a point made further back..... Hydroquinone 2% is available over the counter in the US.  The higher percentages will require a prescription.

  6. cortisone shot divot

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     A lot of times the dent fills up by itself as the kenalog crystals are dissolved by the body.  But sometimes they can be permanent.    I know personally I haven't had any that were truly permanent (perhaps lasting a long time though).  

  7. What are acne scars treatments

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    The reality is that you might have been the ideal candidate @DudleyDoRight.    Many here have ethnic skin and those treatment parameters would annihilate their skin.   I  personally reacted horribly to fractional c02 lasers, and I'm so glad I did not do more because the damage from one session was clearly visible, and not imagined.   I'm not even talking about horrendous PIE that lasted for close to 2 years.   I'm talking visible changes in texture between treated and untreated skin.   I was horrified.   

    It just makes more logical sense to raise the indentations, then to blast your entire face with a laser.   I'm not doubting it worked for you, but your experience cannot be extrapolated to everyone. 

  8. We've seen FAR worse on here.  Cases that are essentially too far gone.  This is minor in comparison.   Check out Dr. Lim's instagram for examples of truly severe, devastating scarring. 

  9. More Than a Month
  10. Been following your case since you first post.   First, thanks for following up.  You're one of the rare ones who've continued to post.    That is pretty impressive, and you've come a really long way.   I think some subcision and filler will help tremendously to lift revolumize the sunken areas.   The pigmentation has improved so dramatically.

  11. Some hope for everyone

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    That level of scarring is some of the worst I've ever seen, and I have seen a lot.  I remember seeing that a few months ago and just being utterly shocked.    I hate to say it, but all conventional methods will not do much for that poor guy.    In my opinion, he's a candidate for  skin grafting or face transplantation.  It sounds extreme, but there is essentially no good skin left on his face.  He's as disfigured as it gets in terms of facial scarring. 

    It's utterly heartbreaking that people have to suffer like this, and that medical science is so currently limited that there is nothing that can feasibly be done. 

    As for Lim, there have been instances of inconsistent lighting but on balance, I think he's one of the honest and transparent doctors.   There are much worse offenders out there including doctors who have outright stolen pictures and passed them off as their own work.  I've seen Lim's work stolen a few times, but he's getting more well known so those unethical doctors get called out right away. 

  12. Super easy fix.  Also agree, just go straight to subcision and fillers.  This shouldn't take more than one session to fill.   The rest of your skin is excellent.

  13. That post procedure microswelling is the best high.   Hopefully most of the lifting of the scars remains after things settle.   You're looking really good so far.  

    And thank you for following up. 

  14. Because his team of marketers are constantly on the lookout for any negative reviews.  He's been named directly in the past, but they were scrubbed.   He probably sent a cease and desist to Acne.org.  Any one who's been around this forum for a while all know He Who Shall Not Be named is... 

    As for BellaFill, I am very familiar with this product and so I'll clarify some things.   

    Artecoll was the very first PMMA filler, and that one was indeed a different formulation.  After Artecoll had a lot of negative outcomes, they reformulated it and the 2nd generation PMMA filler Artefill was introduced.   The company actually went bankrupt and then were bought by another.   The new owners rebranded Artefill and called it BellaFill.   This was done specifically to disassociate from all the bad press from the first and second generation products Artecoll and Artefill.  Bellafill is the EXACT same formulation as it's most recent  predecessor Artefill. 

    Another point that needs to be made -  Bellafill is PERMANENT.   Do not let anyone tell you it only lasts 5 years.  That is FALSE.  They can only legally say 5 years because that's when they ended the studies, so legally they can only say 5 years of longevity.   But the company knows that the product is permanent.   It is composed of acrylic beads that will never be degraded in the body.  

    That said, between Silikon and Bellafill, the latter is a safer choice because it is specifically approved for injection into human skin.   And by most accounts, Bellafill responds to steroid injections if they do cause granulomas.  Silikon does not respond well to cortisone. 

  15. Your comparison photos are excellent, the lighting is virtually the same.   On the right(?) side, that one deeper rolling scar in the middle of your cheek is basically gone.   The results look very promising. 

  16. I don't think that's a fair critique of Dr. Lim.   He's a professional using medical grade tools in an office environment. Someone doing TCA Cross at home can damage themselves with just a toothpick.  We've seen it many times on here.  Sure you can do a lot more damage with a syringe, but is that really the fault  of the doctor?  

    And honestly, your scar is so small and minor given what happened to it several months ago.  I would absolutely not risk excision on the nose, which can potentially stretch and look worse.  

    Remember, when they do an excision, the incision is going to be larger than the scar so that the edges align flat.   You potentially could have a much longer and deeper scar.   

  17. Noticeable improvement.  Just wanted to say that your skin is not bad at all.  You're looking great.


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    My general advice is to not go overboard on your first TCA cross procedure.  You need to gauge how your skin will react.  Choose a few scars that are deep and bother you the most and treat those.   If you have numerous ice pick scars and treat all at once, you will look BAD.   They will look wider and deeper for a while.   Just be mentally prepared for that possibility. 

  19. Subcision(with+pics)

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    I think your doctor is doing the right thing.   You want to go slowly.  We've all seen people on here who are so desperate to get all their scars treated in one session end up with problems.   It's a long process, so be patient or risk making hasty decisions.    

    He also seems honest because he is not pushing lasers on you.  Lasers don't do jack for rolling scars.   They're useless except for softening sharp edged boxcar scars.  

  20. If you get a steroid injection, make sure it is VERY diluted at a strength of 2.5mg/ml to 5mg/ml.   Do not go any stronger than that or you might get atrophy.   Fortunately, fat atrophy following a steroid injection usually fills back out, but there is a risk it may be permanent.  Better to go slowly.

  21. Overkill.  Do not do a deep peel.  Why would you treat perfectly good skin?  Your scars are so minor, just focus on the few ice picks you do have.   Personally I would just focus on good skin care and not bother.  The risk / reward tradeoff is not worth it. 

  22. Three days is really being optimistic.  Depending on aggressiveness, you will be swollen and have purple / yellow bruising.   

  23. Your scars don't look too deep, but they're accentuated by the redness and hyperpigmentation.   It causes any shadowing to be magnified even more.   I would do several sessions of Vbeam to fade the redness and then reassess the true depth of your scars.    

    In general, I think subcision and fillers would help to elevate the wider rolling scars and revolumize your mid face.  There is some slight facial fat atrophy from the scarring.  That also worsens the look of scars because they cause shadowing. 

  24. What I got from this is that genetics plays a huge role in how you heal. If one has a family history of severe acne, this shows that it is imperative that you hit the acne hard and early.   Cases like these do not "clear up on their own."    For me, the worst triggers were stress and lack of sleep.   For people with a family history, we have to adhere strictly to a regimen to prevent it from getting out of control.  

    If you are starting to get cysts, and if they begin to scar, you need to get on Accutane immediately.   Prevention is the only way to not deal with severe scars.