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  1. Seeking acne scar advice & reccos

    I'm sure "he who's name shall not be spoken" will see these posts and have them deleted lol. There is also Dr Ben Behnam in Santa Monica. He's an easy going younger doctor and does subcision, tca cross, laser. I don't know about his results but his prices are about the average. Sometimes I think we should be more careful about mentioning doctors names openly because they see this and raise their prices. It happened with Rahimi and E M e R. Their prices are both astronomical now.
  2. Are Acne Scars even Treatable?

    I talked to her about lasers. I actually told her don't do anymore and keep doing the fillers because that seemed to help her the most. . People need to stop thinking of acne scars as doing a bunch of treatments and stopping forever. It will take life long maintenance. Of course over time that frequency decreases, but you have to be naive if you think you'll never have to do anything every again after. Of course I understand it can be a expensive, but that's our reality. You'll have to make sacrifices. It's like managing a chronic disease like diabetes almost.
  3. What type of scars do i have?

    Not judging at all. I've had major subsicion and went through the same thing. It sucks, but there's nothing you can do to make it go faster at this point.
  4. Are Acne Scars even Treatable?

    I've followed her for a long time. She did her procedures, including silicones injections, by Dr Rullan. She did get a lot of improvement.
  5. For deep scar,does HA filler is permanent ?

    Folks, here's the brutal truth about acne scarring treatments - they are a LIFE LONG commitment. If you aren't willing to accept that, then you'll always be dissatisfied. It's going to take money and a deep commitment to do it If you don't have the mental toughness and fortitude to even try, then you should not even attempt it. Sorry, it's the truth. Are you willing to make sacrifices (money, downtime)? Anything worthwhile in life will be painful and hard. Fillers will not make you worse off. Do it 1 time. If you hate it, then move on. If it works out, then you can decide to risk it and do something permanent. If it was me, I'd do long lasting HA fillers and wait it out until newer fillers come to market. Think of the current fillers as a bridge to something more advanced in the future. Depending on how much you need, you might need to go get injected 2-3 times a year. Then it will decrease with each subsequent year. Then you do it whenever you feel like you need to top off. You go to the dentist twice a year. It's not the end of the world. Injecting acne scars is a special skill. It takes someone with patience and a skilled eye. That's why you want to try out temporary first, because most injectors absolutely suck.
  6. What type of scars do i have?

    Subcision is not a weekend procedure you do on a Friday and come back looking untouched on Monday. Depending on how extensive it is, you're going to look like hell for a few weeks. The bruises will absolutely go away. It is way too early to judge. I think managing expectations is a huge part of the journey. I think you might have to reevaluate your tolerance for downtime and the psychological burden of getting treatment. It's no joke, and some people really can't handle it. And that's perfectly fine. I don't think you'll see any long-term damage. It just looks really bad right now, but take a breath and give it some time.
  7. NO, it will not do anything.
  8. My Story of failure

    @victor71 I totally understand how you feel. I've been on this journey for a long time, been through tons of trial and error, and spent a king's ransom on all sorts of procedures. My scarring at the outset was described as "severe" by a lot of clinics I went to. My goal wasn't even to have good skin, just "below average" to "bad skin". I wanted skin that would not draw unwanted attention and comments from assholes, frankly. Through all my ups and downs, the only thing that truly made a difference in my face and the appearance of my scars has been fillers and maybe TCA cross on a few scars. I think fillers will help a lot. I don't know how financially feasible it is for you, but is traveling out of the country an option? Fat grafting is sometime commonly done in South Korea.
  9. Seeking acne scar advice & reccos

    You guys, Young has terrible reviews on realself. Forget pricing, he's actually harmed patients. There was a guy who had fat grafting for a few tiny acne scars and Young totally over injected him. He injected his entire face and the guy came out looking pretty bad. There were also other patients who were left with horrible scars from failed procedures. Hes also does the typical procedures like lasers and tca cross but created a fancy marketing name for them to basically lure less informed patients. You are smart for cancelling is all I'm saying. Always ask for a patch test. Any doctor who is serious and compassionate would honor your request. I have asked for them before with no problems. The only laser that would create a cost for them is Fraxel Repair because it uses consumables. Every other laser like Mixto or Total FX does not use consumables. Dr Rullan is not that much farther in San Diego. He's probably the most reliable and ethical doctor in southern California.
  10. Juvaderm Volbella - Dr David Lim

    One critical factor is where and how Deep it is injected. Fillers injected into areas with a lot of movement degrade faster. That is why fillers injected in the lips last a few months while fillers in the tear troughs last years. My own personal experience is that if they are injected superficially, it can last much longer. Sometimes the filler becomes encapsulated by scar tissue and can last an indefinite or extremely long time. Temporary fillers will never leave you worse off. I think this is the first thing you should try if you have volumes loss and / or rolling scars. You just have to accept that it will be a life long commitment. That said, the frequency at which you have to redo the fillers will decrease over time because studies have shown that repeated injections will cause them to last longer. Also future fillers will likely be able to last for years.
  11. Are there any doctors that use erbium lasers the exact same way as Dr. Lim in california?
  12. Does pride come before subcision?

    Good point. You have to consider the source of that comment. She's a beautician probably looking to squeeze some coins out of you.
  13. Does pride come before subcision?

    Your skin is fine. The scars are very very minor. They seem to be mostly situated around the perimeter of your face at the hairline, so I guarantee that most people would never notice it. The only reason the beautician said this is because she's looking right at you a few inches from your face under direct angled lighting. A few scars can probably be injected with a very fine filler. If you are in Europe, Restylane Vital is fantastic for this. In the US, belotero or Juvederm Volbella can also be used superficially. I am one of those people who thinks that "no harm" procedures are most appropriate in situations like this where you don't need to take undue risk.
  14. Fraxel with CO2

    Fraxel has many types of lasers. Saying Fraxel is meaningless without specifying the type. Key Points: 1. Fraxel - a brand name and not a type of laser 2. Co2 lasers are ALWAYS ablative, which can be fully ablative (removes entire layer) or fractionally ablative (removes pinpoints of skin) 3. Fraxel Repair is the name for Fraxel's co2 laser, it is a fractionally ablative laser 4. Fraxel Dual is a nonablative laser using the 1550/1927 wavelengths (do not remove skin) 5. Fraxel Refine is a very mild laser for pigmented lesions
  15. Starting To Lose Faith In Dr Lim

    This is precisely why I believe procedures that are "no harm" like fillers and moderate subcision should be attempted first. Spot tests should be compulsory liked someone mentioned for aggressive procedures like lasers / deep resurfacing.
  16. Seeking acne scar advice & reccos

    Young is not recommended because he's had some terrible reviews with pictures on realself. They're buried by highly suspect "positive" reviews clearly written to inflate his rating. I'd look elsewhere.
  17. Dr Lim Responds To Us

    Who's the troll in this post?
  18. Need suggestions

    I would not recommended Lam either because he mainly does silicone injections, which are permanent and pose unknown risks depending on your immune system. The editing makes it look a lot worse than it may actually appear in real life. The redness makes the scars much more pronounced than they actually are. It'll take a few sessions of Vbeam for that. As for the scars, I concur, fillers will help tremendously.
  19. Yeah exactly. When I think of cut and pasted responses to patients in need, I immediately think of a particular derm in Beverly Hills who specializes in "body makeovers." Many are more concerned with lining their already FAT pockets.
  20. Dr Lim Responds To Us

    Lol clearly he does, and I have an inkling i know batman's identity here
  21. For anyone relying on ratemd and realself, take the reviews with a grain of salt. There are tons of reviews on realself that are HIGHLY suspect. They are literally a few sentences long, with zero photographic evidence and zero follow-up. A lot of the reviews are more than likely fake, to artificially inflate a rating or to drown out the really bad reviews. Additionally, the doctors pay a subscription fee to to Realself, so there is clearly a conflict of interest when it comes to transparency. They are notorious for deleting negative reviews when doctors complain about them. I would rely on acne.org more than realself any day of the week.
  22. I don't think you have anything to freak out about. If it was me, I still would go to see Dr. Lim considering he's shown enough photographic evidence of his results. Nobody has a perfect record, but he's been pretty consistent. Because of the fact that you are worried, I would stress that you want to be conservative and work up to more aggressive treatments over time. But that also means you'll have to accept that your progress will be slower. However, that gives you time to reevaluate whats working and what's not.
  23. None of us know the full story. I also wanted to get a better idea of the circumstances. I'm both skeptical about some aspects of the story (the before and afters which were hard to compare) but also sympathize with her because I know what it's like to have doctors f-up your skin even worse. I've been in her exact situation, and I chose just to move on because doctors have too much financial and legal power. Unless you've been damaged by a doctor, you can't fully comprehend the stress of having to fight for your rights as a patient. It's a minefield. Most of the commenters here have not even done an actual treatment, and yet they're commenting on on procedures and legal issues as if they're authorities on the subject. I've actually lived it, so I know first hand.
  24. I agree with @EagleEva. I'm actually really disturbed by the what happened with Syd. From what I could tell, she was not lying about anything. It was simply a case of someone who was told to expect significant improvement and did not get anything close to what was promised. I understand sometimes that happens. Not every patient has the kind of knowledge or experience as veteran members here. Hell, all of the knowledge I've contributed here has been from my own trial and errors and real world experience. If you're going to one of the top doctors for acne scars, how many would actually question the recommendations? Most reasonable people do not have the in depth knowledge to question things. I'm concerned about the hive mentality to rush to judgement. Anyone who has read my posts know that I have praised Dr. Lim countless times, so I'm not a "hater". Also, I'm usually one of the first ones to call out posts where the person has no visible scarring. I've been told on one occasion to just ignore a post if I don't agree with it and that this forum is open to everyone. There's a level of hypocrisy here. People with no visible problems get coddled and yet someone with a real issue was piled on because she openly criticized the results she got from a respected doctor. No doctor is God, and they can make mistakes. What I've noticed is that the forum has become increasingly a place where opinions that go against the group consensus is shouted down. Often from people who've only done research but haven't actually experienced the treatments in real life. This forum should be independent, and not a de facto promotional vehicle for doctors. I'm not afraid to call out anything if I feel it's justified. Dr. Lim is still a top doctor, but once again this episode should remind everyone to be their own best advocate and do their due diligence. Start off slow, stop and re-evaluate, and then proceed. ALWAYS.
  25. Acne Scars - My Journey - Subcision

    You made an important point. ALWAYS ALWAYS trust your intuition. If something doesn't feel right, take a step back and take some time to think about it. DO NOT feel like you have to make a decision right at that moment. The worst decisions are always made in haste and out of desperation. As much as you want to fix your scars, you have to discount all emotions and think 100% logically and rationally. A lot of the money-hungry doctors know how to exploit and manipulate the emotions of acne scar patients who have suffered a lot. They see you as easy money @incepticon I think you are way too early in your healing to make a judgement. Subcision is one of the safer methods for scars.