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  1. Guys, Just wanted to tell you that we have a full recovery of a ME/CFS case who had the condition for 3 years. He has followed a specific regimen for 5 months, now he is 3 months without any regimen and having no symptoms at all. His DNA file -with his concession- was forwarded to a Research team for follow up.
  2. @guitarman01 I will look at SXR and get back to you.
  3. @TrueJustice I cannot possibly know for sure. I also had high E2 and Low testosterone. At some point i was injecting Gonadotropin to have my Testosterone levels back in the normal range. It did help but the problem was that i was not looking at the root of the problem. I also tried small doses of E2 antagonists. They did help but short-term. Others who took large doses of E2 antagonists got screwed up big time so please be careful. I believe that E2 is high either because of HPA Axis dysregulation and / or because of oxidative stress. But there is lot more going. Please read the following excerpts below from this paper : “liver injury caused by the viral infection affects many cellular processes such as cell signaling, apoptosis, transcription, DNA repair which in turn induce radical effects on cell survival, growth, transformation and maintenance. The consequence of such perturbations is resulted in the alteration of bile secretion, gluconeogenesis, glycolysis, detoxification and metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, fat and balance of nutrients. The identification and elucidation of the molecular pathways perturbed by the viral proteins are important in order to design effective strategy to minimize and/or restore the hepatocytes injury." In the same paper we read mentions of Autophagy, Unfolded Protein Response (UPR) and how these topics are relevant to a Hepatitis B virus infection: "During autophagy ER integrity is restored to maintain the viral replication. Therefore, autophagy promotes the hepatocyte survival[67] and in turn helps to maintain the viral persistence which is serious risk factors for liver cancer[68]. Taken together these observations support the idea that HBV proteins harbor oncogenic effects, mediated by the induction of ROS and ER stress factors. Thus, it is pertinent to control the liver injury caused by induced ROS and ER stress by effective antioxidants and ER stress relief strategies" This is exactly what i think is happening to us. The paper disucsses about Liver Injury from Viral infection but this is what i think has happened : A liver injury that then has affected many pathways setting our bodies to a vicious cycle that must be stopped. And this is so damn difficult because you do not have single point of failure but many pathways that need to be effectively supported. Those few individuals who make it (=snap out of PFS/CFS etc) are lucky because they do not have many problems in these pathways. But i do believe that whatever happened is reversible for most of us, given the correct combination of supporting the pathways. And the younger you are the better the chances. @guitarman01 Yes i spend more of my time to CFS sites because there is more active Research. Last week i have made it to connecting with Janet Dafoe the wife of Professor Ron Davis at Stanford. He is interested to what the algorithm is finding so perhaps we have some good news from there in the sense that someone might listen to this and test the Theory out. The other person who listened is David Healy at The Post-Finasteride Foundation did not listen and so i stopped having any interaction with them. I do keep in contact with some old members. I talk to moonman who also forwards my posts to a guy called Droit and to another guy who became symptom-free using Tudca. Actually it was Droit that first suggested that PFS is some kind of CFS. But unfortunately i cannot be possibly active to all sites. Will you have a Fibroscan at some point @guitarman01 ? I am also assuming that you are following the Thread you started on Phoenix Rising and there are more people making a possible connection between Accutane use and CFS. This is what i was hoping and Thank you for this post. We must raise awareness.
  4. Hey Guys, Regarding taking 5AR Inhibitor this is not a good idea in the long run. @tryingtohelp2014 You are spot on about xanthine oxidase (in my theory) although this is one piece of the puzzle . To understand my point see the Network Diagram which i posted in the following link (see Xanthine Oxidase on top right) : We may have some good news soon, will post about this shortly
  5. @guitarman01 Taking a 5AR inhibitor may have positive effects in the beginning. It is not good -in my opinion- for the long run for us.
  6. @guitarman01 Your way of thinking is correct. Fibrosis takes many years to happen but on the other hand we got symptoms as soon as 10 days from starting the medication. So what is going on? I believe that the answer lies to the fact that in order to metabolise hormones, Oxidative stress takes place. So my answer is that In effect your body does not metabolise and use hormones correctly. That has the immediate effects we are seeing. On an another note, Phoenix rising (the forum were CFS is discussed) falls apart as it seems
  7. @guitarman01 @tanedout I hope you guys find the following post on Phoenix Rising interesting : Connection of FOXO1 with Accutane and Finasteride. Several posts of people on Phoenix Rising with Liver iissues and abnormal Fibroscan tests. A very interesting read (paper) for all you Post-Accutane sufferers is here. Please have a look :
  8. @macleod Can you try having a Fibroscan please?
  9. @TrueJustice You said : Perhaps we can also look at this with another view. If the root of the Tree (=Liver) has problems, all of the branches of the Tree (Hormones, Neurosteroids, Immune function, Autophagy, etc, etc) will have problems. Unfortunately, it also appears that in the long run of this, the Pancreas is also involved. @tanedout Some of the people (3) were also found to have fatty Liver. Fibroscan outputs also the amount of Fat as this is found to the Liver. @guitarman01 We have a vicious cycle going on. Because of impaired Liver function (better say compensated) the body ceases to have satisfactory Oxidative stress protection and as a result a multitude of issues begins : -Autoimmunity -Impaired Metabolism of Hormones -Impaired Detoxification -Impaired Phagocytosis -Impaired Cholesterol Metabolism Remember : The root has a problem and then all hell breaks loose. A second independent Researcher (who has CFS) has contacted Mark Davis at Stanford. This Guy also believes that the LXR Receptor and Autophagy is at the heart of this and ultimately the Liver. I just got an email from him saying that he is constantly being feeling better by supporting the Liver and a few other things which he didn't say. I think we are getting there Guys. They will listen. I would also like to commend Dr David Healy at RxISK. He was the only one that replied, listened, asked questions and considered the information he was presented with. I am not saying that he accepted what i said but he considered (and still is) the information he was presented with. A True Scientist. Like This
  10. @TrueJustice @guitarman01 So here is yet one more Guy who started with PFS and ended up with CFS. Please see the attached dialog where he says to me that he went "low carb" and it was then that he crashed. I ask him whether his was on Whey Protein (i had always problem with it) and he replied that he was taking Whey Protein for 10 years (...!) And now let's see this from a BodyBuilding forum: and more : And now the dialog : If you find you have Liver fibrosis then Doctors will take you seriously as Fibrosis is something that needs to be stopped ASAP. Also, please note that all people that were found with Liver fibrosis (6 out of 7 so far) had normal Liver enzymes.
  11. @TrueJustice Will you be taking a Fibroscan test by any chance?
  12. @tanedout No i haven't , the only reason being that i recently got a new job in a foreign country and there are no good Fibroscan operators here apparently. So i am waiting to go back to Greece and have one. The pain on the right side you mention (especially when you eat fatty food) is not a good sign in my opinion. However these are speculations so the best thing you can do is to have a Fibroscan. We have 6 out of 7 so far with Liver Fibrosis Stages 1-3. I never came across the test you mentioned but definitely sounds interesting so i am looking forward to the results. I only had a Total Bile Acids test which was markedly elevated suggesting mild cholestasis. I will also have to have this test again. Guys, have you ever checked your Albumin Levels? Has anyone of you found them to be low?
  13. I believe that a Fibroscan test will prove otherwise, especially to people having this condition for more than 5 years.
  14. @guitarman01 Anything generating ER Stress or impairing Autophagy should be dealt with (hypothesis). TD below means "Thiamine Deficiency" and There are people that experiment with Rapamycin however i believe that you work through the different pathways.
  15. @guitarman01 Thanks for the link. Although i did not know about this fact, transketolase is sought here not only because Thiamine status assessment, this was not discussed in my email however.
  16. Just wanted to let you know that i emailed David Healy at RxRisk. He was Very responsive and asked for a list of tests that people with PSSD could look at . The list i sent him was the following : 1. Fibroscan (also known as Liver Elastography) 2. Serum Albumin 3. Serum Homocysteine 4. High Sensitivity CRP (hs-CRP) 5. Serum Total Bile Acids (TBA) 6. Serum Copper 7. Serum Ceruloplasmin 8. Serum Zinc 9. Erythrocyte Transketolase (for assessing Thiamine deficiency) I will let you know how it goes. No word still from Stanford and no answer regarding my questions on whether they performed any Fibroscan to CFS patients.
  17. @tanedout I think this conversation will be of interest : Why Sulfation phase is important for leaky gut :
  18. @guitarman01 Correct, you go to a private clinic which has a Fibroscan device and you just pay to get the test. There is also a club of people having Liver disease/ hepatitis C that owns a Fibroscan device and they travel around Greece performing Fibroscans totally free. I saw a test performed by their doctor and its the best i have seen in terms of quality. Unfortunately i am not in Greece right now as i am working abroad. @tanedout The only side effect from TUDCA that i experienced (and actually others too) was diminished appetite. TUDCA can be a great way to kick-start things and support Liver to overcome the vicious circle it's in but ultimately you have other things that need to be taken care of. If i recall correctly, i was on TUDCA for around 7 months, 750 mg per day By far one of the most common problems i found in DNA Data is the LXR Receptor, that's NR1H3. There are a couple of ways to try to upregulate LXR : The first one is Jiaogulan (which i will be trying in a few days) and also Bee Propolis that up-regulates PPARs *and* LXR. I already started Propolis last night and i will report as i need some days to confirm that something is working or not. Basically, i am trying to get to the bottom of this and take as few supplements as possible and at the same time being symptom-free.
  19. @tanedout Spot on with TUDCA, although it's not a silver bullet. However this is what is going on (according to the hypothesis). 1. We are born with less than optimal Liver functioning. 2. Our Liver is compensating . meaning that we don't get any symptoms throughout our lives until.... 3. A Liver Stressor occurs (EBV, Medication, Prolonged stress due to elevated cortisol) that disrupts Liver function even more 4. The compensation is no longer working as the Liver has taken a hit at step #3 . Several Pathways of Bile acid homeostasis, the LXR Receptor and several other genes that regulate the immune system, Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress control and Apoptosis/Phagocytosis are not working properly. 5. Because of #4 You may see Autoimmunity, Uncontrolled Inflammation, Gut problems (due to impaired enterohepatic circulation of bile acids). Hormones and Neurosteroids are not being metabolised properly and as a result your body cannot use them. I am still waiting for an answer from Stanford, i will let you know if something comes up.
  20. The patients ask themselves for evaluation and they pay for the test (around $200 in Greece) Normal Liver enzymes do not rule out Liver disease as the Liver can compensate even if Fibrosis occurs. Doctors will order tests, thse are coming back normal and as years go by Fibrosis continues and then it's too late. 8.5 is by no means close to normal but it's not severe as well. This is mild to moderate fibrosis according to the person who did the test (the doctor) I also posted more things on my Blog which may be of interest, one of this posts discusses about Retinoids and their association with LXR and PPARs :
  21. @guitarman01 @tanedout My new post can be found here : Take note that Retinoids and RXR (Retinoid X Receptor) exist in the figure.
  22. @guitarman01 @tanedout Yet one more patient with CFS with Liver Fibrosis (F2 to F3) :