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    Theres another Polarityte podcast conference thing on Monday. Hopefully with a new slide show presentation to see updates. I want to see Ausome's progress as his injurys were very bad poor guy. 

    That singapore wound healing gel looks good as well. Not available until 2022 but plaster/ dressings companies have shown interest apparently so must make a difference

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    3 hours ago, Anish004 said:

    well agelessfrost and mybeautifulscars do u have any idea who run these websites which give definitions of scar as a haphazardly arranged collagen ??? the same who says vitamin E works for scars ...rubbing cocoa butter removes scars

    yes this is true that scar have haphazardly arranged collagen i also know this but scar and skin have more difference than collagen arrangement i still like to hear from someone who knows better ...

    and four ur kind information u cant bet on a simple definition of scar....different researches have shown different things so there are more differences than that collagen arrangement....

    your rude Anish. That is what a scar is. Bundles of collagen in a tight row rather than basket weave which as strengh in different directions. Thats why scars arent as strong as they only have one direction of strengh on par with normal skin. 

    Yes Anish there is more differences than Collagen arrangment like hair and appendeges, which has been discussed here 100 times. Read the information yourself. 

    People that say vitamin e removes scars are selling products. Not science.
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    5 hours ago, agelessfrost said:

    I really think it depends on the level of skin excision. Micrografting has shown amazing results. 

    Example: http://armscars.com/

    You can still see the margin but for horrible body scars, this could be great I believe. 

    does look really good but his arms are hairy! So blends it all in nicely but the hair grows through the micrograft which is a good sign.

    Im hoping to have a round two of tissue expansion to move my scar into a more coverable place next April. I have skinte is available for me in 3 or 4 years time to end this horrible nightmare ive been in. 
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    Did you ask if it looks like normal skin? 

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    I googled images of follicular malcular lesions and i think i have one from a bad pimple but my white dots are very small and flat so maybe they will heal in time. 

    My surgical scar i think i will just tattoo at some point. Im gonna give it 3 years and if no hope of scar treatment i cant be bothered for it to effect my life any longer.

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    seek Serious help or consider what you say. People that have their chins stuck to there chest due to burn contracture wish they had our problems. Scars aren’t nice but talking about suicide or acid is not really the answer is it.

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    3 hours ago, MyBeautifulScars said:
    I have hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. The hyperpigmentation fades with time but those white scars you have are for life. Imagine having these covering half your back and shoulders. Mine are slightly raised too. It looks awful. We can't do much. I wear my scars with pride. If someone asks, I say these are the ravages of acne. My skin pores are about 2 or 3 mm wider than the average person. This means that my pores are highly prone to skin infections. I often get pimples on my lower arms and legs. I have very visible pores which makes my pockmarks on my face blend in. 

    People suffer from all kinds of diseases. For me, it's my skin. One day, our quest for blemish free skin will be a reality but I would be an old by then. Sometimes, I come here to read about the latest research towards scar free wound healing. It would be fantastic if someone would find an answer to this problem as it would help many people to regain their confidence back. 
    I have those hypo scars on some of my back also. used to get cystic type on shoulder blades. My back takes 3 years to fade. Weirdly they look better with a tan although white lol have you tried lumenis ultra pulse scarrfx for them? Supposed to blend things quite well. I don’t have that many tbh but if you have a lot it could help?
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    5 hours ago, MyBeautifulScars said:
    My scars are slightly raised above the skin's surface. They are small but quite extensive. They look like goosebumps or whiteheads that didn't develop fully giving me a chicken skin like appearance. Many people have them after suffering from years of extensive body acne but existing treatments do
    Really weird reading this becauas3 i had a bad acne flare last year and after it resolved i could feel all these grain like bumps sticking out of my back and my mum said they look like little pin prick white heads and my skin was dry. I noticed these same little grains growing out the lower half of my face and again my skin was dry. I stopped using face wash and tap water and the dryness stopped and so did these little bumps. I have got loads of tiny hypo scars thoigh in that area which i hope heal over and fade.
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  12. You most likely damaged the very top layer of your skin that keeps out infection at this point in time so you need to not use products just use water to wash and maybe a light moisturizer until you know what damamge you have done if any. Your face will go dry and peel in a day or so if you have damaged it. Good luck.

    Dont buy this crap you cant buy in a chemist. There is a reason why.

    Oh rinse your face with cold water for 20 minutes to make sure you neautralise all the acid and stop any burning just incase.

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    Maybe get some celebrities to take note that have had scars? Like the drummer from blink 182 who is a burn survivor. One of the red hot chili peppers has a skin graft on his arm. There is quite a few. Dr Sun needs them sort of people to crowd fund really. Maybe if theres something we can all do is write letters to these people or twitter when its time. I think thats all worth our time x

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    54 minutes ago, RefinedAzalea said:

    I contacted Dr.Sun, He told me that they are considering to Initiate a crowdfunding in the next half year.

    Thank christ for that! Im sure this forum alone will raise some nice cash lol! 

    I wonder if big pharma have approached him at any point? Dr Sun is a scar survivor himself so maybe he doesnt want people such as big pharma getting hold of it and selling it to people at ridiculous amounts. Would explain the need to crowd fund.
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    They only graft with a deep 2nd degree burn or worse. A 'lighter' 2nd degree they dont. So who knows if this was a deep or light 2nd degree burn. They used it on a boy in England on his chest with amazing results. Didnt need grafting thank god.

    Yeah i mean if you had polarity then i assume you can get revision on it like you would any other skin? Lasers etc. I must admit my scar is on my neck and im not sure if i would want to risk polarity there let alone my face. I think desperation can cloud judgement. I would want to see it used on burns on the face first. I dont know why but sunogel doesnt freak me out as much lol

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    6 hours ago, royaume said:

    You sure this only needed 4 days
    Wtf? Really? 
    he was discharged from hospital at 4 days. That picture is 20 days. I dont think the injury was 3rd degree either. Renovocell accelerates healing times which in itself prevents scarring (if healing is under 2 weeks). Polarity are regrowing the entire thickness of skin which is completely destroyed. With renovocell, they use in conjunction with skingrafts in 3rd degree burns.
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    It takes 9 months to make a baby. Its not going to take 12 weeks to regenerate a wound that needs to develop hair, sweats glands and all 3 layers. It will need time to remodel.

    None of us are skin experts just knowledgeable lay people. If Polarity say it needs a year then thats what it needs. A scar heals within a month but remodels for up to 18 months until its final outcome. I dont see why a year for regeneration healing would not be feasable?

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    Polarity said on the webcast the regeneration comes from the appendages and the 'wound' will take a year to fully heal and remodel. The body has to create a cover eg a scab or something but for most wounds it doesnt leave a scar long term but might be a mark for some time as stated by Mybeautifulscars. We dont know if that leg is comparable to a scab right now or a permanant scar its too early to tell. Maybe even Polarity dont know? because they only have animal models to go from at current. 

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    From all the pics ive ever seen of skin grafts, flaps, scars i always find darker skin tones look more noticeable than lighter so i think the demo of a black leg is actually a positive for those with lighter skin in that it will be less obvious if any scar tissue remains. My skin graft at 8 months looked horrendous! The shape, how it distorted the sorrounding skin so i dont think some people can maybe appreaciate the leg for what it is. I dont know.

    Sunogel seems to be a weird under dog. Maybe their product isnt that profitable so no one is interested. I hope thats not the case. 

    I agree that if nothing new and decent is shown on 25th June webcast it will be disappointing.

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    Most of them are full thickness grafts except the lady on top and the black guy had flap surgery not full thickness skin grafting.

    Thats why the leg pic especially is so amazing. 

    I recently got my split thickness skin graft with a dermal substitute removed with tissue expansion and i can tell you they feel awful and function awful. I now have a surgical scar instead and plan to get tht revised with skinte!

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    1 hour ago, beautifulambition said:
    i find the inpatience of this annoying. They clearly state in the presentation it remodels for a year! Do you expect a perfect 3 layers functional skin to grow out a wound like that to be 5, 7 or 12 weeks. It covers the wound and early healing does look like scar tissue yes and i am not suprised. 

    Needs to be given a year for final result. 6 months to get an idea.

    This is the first product to ever be able to do even this to be honest so we have nothing to compare it to in terms of how it should look at 12 weeks and whether some sort of scar tissue does appear but then gets remodelled by the regeneration process when appendeges are up and running and working. There was a study where hairs were put into scars on mice which triggered regeneration. So jury is still out.
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    I sent a message to them on facebook in regards to surgical scar revision and they advised me that i would need to find a clinician first that would be able to do the procedure and the clinician liaise with Polarityte to get the application. They intend full commericial roll out for skinte in 2019 so i dont think anything will be available for cosmetics until then.  They have a big summit 25th of June in which i am sure they will have plastic surgeons and derms in attendence. Also they have a sales team now dedicated to marketing this product to clinics so we will need to give them time to build their networks. I am not hoping to be able to get anything done until 2019/2020. Still ill wait. I have hope. 80% regen skin is good enough for me as long as its smooth ay. I think we should all be celebrating actually. This is a scientific breakthrough and i thank this board for evening finding out about it. 

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    I did think that with the chest but the surrounding area of the skinte 'square' is all skin graft if you look closely so it wouldnt look anything like eachother because thats not the childs native skin. It says the child was burnt from neck down that whole side. Also if you clock what they say about skin graft it is a sheet of kertatin cells that then turns into scar tissue so the child didnt have a full thickness sample to remove in the first place he literally would have had graft then potentially fat or muscle underneath. Because the sorrounding area was all scar tissue i doubt the blood flow was as good as the leg sample. Maybe that explains it? The chest is a demo of laxity which if you have ever felt a skin graft, looks impressive in terms of function. 

    I think what some people have said is right though, i dont think you can compare skin graft samples to acne scar potential unless a complete graft was removed and skinte was put with all magins touching healthy skin. 

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    1 hour ago, royaume said:

    I also think that the leg pic looks amazing but I am still wondering why tbey did not show the current stsge of the hand injury. The picture was already shown a fews ago but where is the current stage. 

    they have another event on 25th June at some major summit so maybe they will show more and some new pictures there? Its like a peer thing so im sure they will want to impress. It must be doing ok or they wouldnt have anyone buying the product at current? I guess jury is still out on that one
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    I watched the presentation. Can i say that the black persons leg looks amazing at 12 weeks! They said Skinte remodels for a year so i guess its a 1 full year for full regeneration scarless. They also said they are getting paid for the product now in the regional release. 2 years i reckon for cosmetic stuff.

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    It says ita 14.30 ET time. Is that Eastern time? I want to watch from uk and we are 4 hours ahead so 18.30 for me. It says to click the link to watch live so will try. Anyone else going to be watching? 

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    On 29/05/2018 at 6:33 PM, golfpanther said:

    If nothing comes before this, you can bet new images and results will be presented here:



    yes definately! They have another conference thing on 7th or 8th June so that might have extra pics uploaded as well. It will be 6th month so end of June is 1st half gone of this year.
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    On 24/05/2018 at 6:43 AM, Sniffy said:

    Hopefully you dont have to fly to America. They are in talks with major Biopharma companies now about possible distribution of Skinte Internationally which makes sense. At least for elective treatments like acne scars it makes sense to send them your biopsy and then have them send back your Skinte kit to country you live in. Any treating doctor can use the kit thats why they designed the real time app for doctors using Skinte.

    Unless they are looking at labs to process skinte in other coutries or they will just process everything from Utah. 
    yes you are likely right. Some of the best burn surgeons are in USA and Canada, UK and Australia because native doctors to countries such as pakistan come and work here for the NHS to better their training. They are trying to put in place a 'call of duty' for these doctors to donate some practice to their countries as their university was paid for by the state. Watched a thing last night with Dr Ali Jawad who is a burn surgeon help acid attack victimes back in Pakistan. Man those people need Skinte but i fear they wont have the expertise of Surgeons to help them.

    Anyways. Yes i want to see some results on non burn scar revision first before i jump in. As we are not 'in need' with lack of skin or function to risk it looking worse. I emailed Sunogel to give them a poke lol common Dr Sun acne.org loves you!