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    Is the USA hasnt president Trump made some changes to speed up the whole research to market of drugs? Or is that just a rumour? 

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    16 hours ago, MyBeautifulScars said:

    So lets get back on topic. Researchers have found the gene responsible for scar formation in Poland. Take it for what's worth. 


    wow gene manipulation during healing is their proposal? Thats amazing. 
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    15 hours ago, MyBeautifulScars said:
    18 hours ago, HandyDonjon said:

    FS2 may cause potentially reduced scar formation in animal experiments.
    Reduces collagen deposition. Also in human experiments?

    We don't know yet. That is why clinical trials are being done. Phase 1 saw reduction in scarring in mammals on existing scars. Phase 2 will now test if 40 or up to 90% scarring is reduced in humans. Issue is that clinical trials take very long. 
    the picture looks like it really calms hypertrophic scars which is easier to hide and for no one to notice. A nice reasonable start.
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    Just done some reading on it and sounds good. If it sloews the scaring process it will allow for some regeneration which is amazing. How long do these things take now were on phase 2 trials? 5 years to market?

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    I think its supposed to minimise scarring. Its not regeneration though i know that much.

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    Parts of the Skinte application broke down from what they believe to be an old infection that they thought they had dealt with but obviously was still there and infected parts of the skinte site. I believe his whole arms were covered with skinte but only patches are being removed and replaced with older methods.

    What i find interesting in that is why not take another skinte biopsy? it would be cheaper and less surgery. They therfore must suspect something to do with skinte partial failure and arent taking the risk with him. 

    Although i dont agree with @surgical scarapproach to this conversation sometimes lol he? Is right that for acne scars at this point in time its a dream. Its not even a garentee in 3rd degree burns eg their target market.

    Im going to start researching again and come back with new material. Skinte is getting just arguementative rather than educational now.

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    Can we stop filling the forum pages with tit for tat? 

    Some of us want perfect scarless healing. Some of us want barely noticable scars which is as good as scarless. 

    In terms of who is an idiot and who is not...does it matter? No body has proberly even noticed i posted an update about ausome, about his skinte failure areas, as your too busy cussing eachother lol

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    Bad news. Skinte has failed on some areas for this poor young man. I feel very sad. BTM is a dermal substitute btw. So they are having to go back to the original method of grafting. Give up on skinte guys. Not worth infection.
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    Don’t think skinte is a fail if it prevents amputation of limbs as an alternative. It’s just not for us that’s all. Some patients don’t even have enough skin to graft...that’s where skinte’s success is.

    fs2 sounds good. 

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    Yes its very good at covering self harm scars and maybe some flat body acne scars. If you wanted to go abit extra you can have recell on those sites a year after for blending or laser. There are things for all us. Granted not perfection.

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    2 hours ago, surgical scar said:

    That doesn’t sound bad as a last resort to cover scars. It’s just that I can see margins and difference in coloration in the arm pictures. Are those gonna fade and blend?

    Anyway it already looks much better and smoother than the horrific SkinTE pictures and makes more sense and is much less riskier than an invasive procedure that cuts out the scar. Why would anyone that’s not lacking skin cut out their skin and scar to fill it up with the crappy failed SkinTE paste?

    I may look into it more and have a consultation at some point if I free up and care to experiment with covering and camouflaging my scar

    what sort of scar do you if you mind me asking?
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    14 hours ago, surgical scar said:

    Is it the same grafting used for vitiligo? Those looked like tiny punched grafts planted. This seems like thin skin grafting. 
    they use ultra thin skin graft so the donor site scar shouldnt be noticeable. I know someone with it on their face for vitiligo and i never knew her skin looked perfect.

    Also i think they hole punch most skin grafts because they contract. 

    Also what is with all this skinte fans vs nay sayers? Lol we all want the same thing or we wouldnt be here. Makes no sense to me.
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    It doesnt 'treat' it. It covers it. Google it because it will throw up loads of images.

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    19 hours ago, surgical scar said:

    Does it grow on scar tissue? Vitiligo is still skin with no scar. 

    yes it does grow on scar tissue.. they use it on people with self harm scars. I dont know about application on acne scars that would be a plastic surgeon to say. 
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    I prefered sunogel's technology and mode of appolication from the start. Seems alot less invasive and therefore would be cheaper to us the patients. 

    Skinte is not for my needs. Ive got my donor site scar i woll get we pigmented with renovacell at some point in the future. Go round a second round of tussue expansion to lower my scar. Get that laserd and smooth and finally tattoo it and delete is negativity from my life. I am guttef about skinte but unless sunogel comes through amd atleast are dping trials in w years im gonna work with whats one there now. 

    Have people looked into microskingrafting? They use ot for vitiligo and looka like epidermis not scar tissue. I met a woman i has know for 2 years whp tpld me and i never noticed! Im sure some acne scars can be helped with this

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    Yeah the hush about the patent will not go down well but I think in the chronic wound and burn field skinte will survive because as the presentation says it will save lives. I feel skinte really over sold itself because one of the pics was 6 months progress? And it looked like controlled but functional scarring. Will save burn patients from horrible physio but not from scars. Sad. 

    Sunogel...we need you now

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    I recognised ausome from the uni of Utah slides. At current they do look like well taken skin grafts but he has no fat or muscle in areas. So a success in that he won’t lose his arms but I regretfully don’t think skinte is the one for us. 

    Im not going to chase it anymore. I look forward to sunogel trials.

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    I would hope to see how the hand is doing and also an update on Ausome as he basically had whole arms covered. Considering its the world leader summit i would hope for more pictures. I will be watching live.

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    4 hours ago, agelessfrost said:

    can't remember the article (will dig it up), but there was a scientist talking about how mice can often see better results because their skin is looser and stretchier. Obviously, treatments like SkinTE will have to take into account a number of variables as each human being is different.

    yeah i remember reading this too. Same for human beings. I has read in scientific journals that the eldery tend to scar better because their skin is loose so less tension and less collagen so no hypertrophic scars. Different parts of the body will scar better also. The back skin is thick and tight so alot of tension so worse scaring.
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    My guess is that if it has pores and hairs it will look remarkably like human skin compared with a skin graft.

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    1 hour ago, surgical scar said:

    Here entertaining 80% or 50% improvement with a product that has proven to be just a lesser crappy alternative for skin graft concerned with functionality if even that! Do all sane lurkers run upon checking this thread?

    i hear what your saying as i dont believe skinte will provide what everyone really wants and thats perfect skin. But, i dont think the medical world just refer to scars in terms of functionality because acne scars mostly dont impair any function of movement or any function that would be a medical issue, but they are refered to as scars none the less. 

    If you really look at the leg pic of the black guy you can clearly see the skinte looks better at 9 weeks than the right leg skin graft at 2 years. Its not perfect no but it is supposed to remodel for a year Polarity said. 

    Share your tip please. I might not be sane but i am in the medical field myself and like to think i have a brain lol
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    Theres another Polarityte podcast conference thing on Monday. Hopefully with a new slide show presentation to see updates. I want to see Ausome's progress as his injurys were very bad poor guy. 

    That singapore wound healing gel looks good as well. Not available until 2022 but plaster/ dressings companies have shown interest apparently so must make a difference

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    3 hours ago, Anish004 said:

    well agelessfrost and mybeautifulscars do u have any idea who run these websites which give definitions of scar as a haphazardly arranged collagen ??? the same who says vitamin E works for scars ...rubbing cocoa butter removes scars

    yes this is true that scar have haphazardly arranged collagen i also know this but scar and skin have more difference than collagen arrangement i still like to hear from someone who knows better ...

    and four ur kind information u cant bet on a simple definition of scar....different researches have shown different things so there are more differences than that collagen arrangement....

    your rude Anish. That is what a scar is. Bundles of collagen in a tight row rather than basket weave which as strengh in different directions. Thats why scars arent as strong as they only have one direction of strengh on par with normal skin. 

    Yes Anish there is more differences than Collagen arrangment like hair and appendeges, which has been discussed here 100 times. Read the information yourself. 

    People that say vitamin e removes scars are selling products. Not science.
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    5 hours ago, agelessfrost said:

    I really think it depends on the level of skin excision. Micrografting has shown amazing results. 

    Example: http://armscars.com/

    You can still see the margin but for horrible body scars, this could be great I believe. 

    does look really good but his arms are hairy! So blends it all in nicely but the hair grows through the micrograft which is a good sign.

    Im hoping to have a round two of tissue expansion to move my scar into a more coverable place next April. I have skinte is available for me in 3 or 4 years time to end this horrible nightmare ive been in.