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  2. 3 hours ago, macleod said:

    Bro, take that money, and run an HGH cycle (4 iu per day). Youtube it. Lookup Sylvester Stallone gh. Throw in some other healing peptides TB-500...BPC157.  Research online and take your health into your own hands.

    And where am I meant to purchase these products (in the UK) and how would they heal already badly damaged skin !? 
  3. On 7/25/2018 at 12:58 PM, TrueJustice said:

    I gather you’ve tried products like Baxyl but they haven’t increased the moisture?

    I had no real issues with dryness whilst on Accutane 20 years ago, my overall dryness now though especially with the face is horrendous!!

    I’ve got no sebaceous glands, I sweat like no ones business, in summer it just pours out of me I hate to say....
    Never heard of Baxyl. What is it? 

    I've actually been using a barrier repair cream day and night for 4 or 5 months now and it keeps it well hydrated and you wouldn't really know it's still dry unless you're me and live in it, however, the damage the extreme dryness has left behind isn't healing at all which is why i'd love the stem cell treatment. 

    Lines, redness, large pores, all caused by leaving it so dry for so many years. 

    I've just ordered some 10% glycolic acid to test for a few months to see if the constant exfoliation can help with this. From my research it sounds like something that would really help me in the long term.  I definitely won't be trying anything above 10% or having a peel done, I think that would do more harm to my skin than good. 
  4. On 7/21/2018 at 5:18 PM, Devolution said:

    That could be useful for me and anyone else whos lost, or who's hair has thinned from this, we do need to fix the underlying issue but if it doesn't grow back naturally, stem cells definitely look promising.
    I was thinking of having a 'stem cell facial' - to try and cure the dry, damaged skin. Only thing stopping me is that I was quoted up to £5,000 here in the UK. 

    At this point I feel like it would be the only thing that could possibly heal my skin. 
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  6. Hey guys - I'm at a loss for what to try next so thought i'd post here. 

    I took accutane for mild cystic acne about 8 years ago. Cleared the acne and left my skin slightly dry but nothing major. 

    After i stopped i read about water only washing, I then continued to do that for about 5 or 6 years, i initially started because i liked the dryness after having really oily skin since my teens. I carried on and didn't make a connection when my skin started to get SEVERELY dry and eventually became scaly, i blamed accutane and didn't even consider the fact it was my skincare routine (or lack thereof). 

    I didn't moisturize, didn't use any cleanser until the scaly, dry skin got so horrible i needed to do something. 

    So, after trialing different things I got rid of the scales and continued to try different things to try to heal my skin, still blaming accutane for the most part. 

    I tried emoliants, moisturizers with urea, safflower oil and now im using Shealed repair lotion with ceramides, which has been the best product so far. 

    I use sebamed soap free cleanser (pH 5.5) and then that lotion, i've also just ordered some rose water sprtiz to try. 

    So, my skin right now just looks horrible, my self esteem is absolutely zero. I'm 31 years old my quality of life is diminishing because of this. It's red (not rosacea), past scares look horrible because of the lack of moisture, it doesn't retain any moisture at all and dead skin continues to build up. After doing so much research, I believe my skin barrier is completely ruined and i cannot seem to heal it no matter what i try. Also, to make it worse, because my barrier is non existent, on the odd occasion i get a spot, the red mark stays on my face because it cannot heal anymore. Any scratches, anything, just dont heal. 

    The Skin on the rest of my body is absolutely fine. I think i've just ruined my face from years of washing with water only and letting it get ridiculously dry. 

    If anyone can guide me or offer me any advice I would really appreciate it. Even any surgical options, just anything. 

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