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  1. Update: I've lost the regrowth I was gaining and seem to be in another shedding spell. I'm hoping it's part of the cycle my body is going through to get back to normal, but it's so frustrating!
  2. No real update from me. I've passed the year mark of being off the drug. I am definitely seeing some small regrowth around my hair line and my hair is feeling healthier. Still shedding handfuls of hair and no signs of slowing down.
  3. Hi everyone! Thought I would provide an update as it has been awhile. I'm nearing the year mark of being off isotretinoin. I originally took 40mg for only a month before I started shedding excessively. My current shedding hasn't slowed down. I do, however, think I'm beginning to see some real regrowth around my hairline! My hair is starting to feel more "normal" as well, so we will see what happens. Honestly, I think it might just take time. I'm no longer taking any vitamins, and I have been using Loreal Ever strong Thickening shampoo & conditioner since this started. I'm happy to see some positive updates on the thread. @chicanery hang in there! Keep us posted on the Rogaine progress.