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on 26/04/2011
Started with 5% generic tretinoin cream over a year ago and then upped dose to 1% a few months ago. At the beginning for about 6 months I had lots of sticky plugs pushing out that sometimes caused inflammation. Had to take antibiotic during the worst of it but it was worth it. My pores are now cleaned out. The redness from acne is gone and my skin is basically clear. I wish I had started this when I was younger!
on 17/02/2011
I started with .5% but it didn't work. Then last month I switched to .1% cream and it has worked wonders. No pimples, cysts, anything! I also upped Spiro to 100mg so that might have helped too but I think the .1% tretinoin cream has made my skin look so much better. I didn't have any problems with this product except on the lower dose which was ineffective. Follow the directions on how to use it and you shouldn't have any problems!
on 08/11/2010
I love this product. I have a very oily t-zone but the rest of my face is drier and this lotion works really well for my combination skin. It's never broken me out.