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  1. sorry for the foreign language ***türkiyede bunları yapacak doktor yok benim izlerimde aynı seninkiler gibi.. dermaroller i dene derim herkes onu öneriyo ben evde deniycem. birde tca cross u deneyebilirsin bunu yapan doktorda çok az evde kendinde yapabilirsin ama biraz riski var***
  2. these scars ruined my life, hands down *pics*

    sezenci im from turkey too where do you live and can you send me before after pics :)) hangi doktora oldun önerirmisin
  3. thank you but can i use tca cross for pores
  4. yes i had a bad acne situation before. i have a acne now but they are not much. they are pores i dont want a make worse them using chemicals like tca cross because in my country doctors dont know tca cross
  5. im working on its getting better is moisturizer neccesary for oily skin i have a oily but dehydriated skin i think
  6. what if they looks worse
  7. these are not acne scars just pores im gonna needle these son of a btchez
  8. my scars exactly like yours