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    I Havent been on this site since 2007.. cant believe i still remembered my user name and password. anyways,. i need help. heres the story ive had acne since my early teens,. went on accutane a few times worked wonders,.. then in 2003 or so i got denied accutane and instead got told to try CLINDAMYCIN powder mixed in an alcohol and water solution. So i tried it.. one to one and a half capfuls was enough to splash over the entire face every night before bed. Within a week or two i was clear, it worked great! i continued using it.. for years and years.. I NOW know that was a BAD idea. Dumb doc didnt tell me to take a break from it , he just kept prescribing it. Anyways,. fast forward like 5 or so years.. it stopped working so well.. acne seemed to be resisting the clindaymcin. Went to doc.. he just prescribed me more and told me to keep using it. fast forward another couple years and i started getting sinus issues and stomach issues.. thought it had notyhing to do with the clindamycin.. so i continued to use it. I now got headaches every time i would use it. I also noticed my skin started to get very oily all the time.. also acne was not going away. I finally had enough and stopped after 10 years or so. Then i researched clindaymcin for acne and found it can cause gram negative folliculitis. I also learned the gram negative bacteria lived in this sinuses and people that have gram negative folliculitis tend to have very oily skin. I had all of this. I found out accutane or the anti biotic sulfatrim are the only 2 treatments available to fight this stuff. I find a new derm and request accutane. he refuses. Many docs are hesitant to prescribe accutane these days as im sure you guys are aware. Instead he tried to prescribe me a clindamycin and benzoil peroxide combo. I was like r u serious i just told u clinndamycin messed me up. Upset i leave and just treat the folliculitis which i THOUGHT was acne with OTC BP. oily skin and sinus issues persist. After a year i go back and i went when i had some fresh folliculitis whiteheads and i DEMAND that he culture it .. he says its pointless its just acne blah blah but if it will make me feel better he will do it. So he does it and a week later i get a phone call at night and its him telling me i was right. The bacteria is klebisa (spelling?) its a common gram negative bactieria. He puts me on sulfatrim pills for 2 weeks,. no help at all. I then have to beg for accutane. He gives it to me, i go on it for 6 or 7 monthes.. during this time my sinuses get WRECKED. i mean stuffed with blood and crusty boogers DAILY. hard to breathe. What i SUSPECT was happening is the accutane was drying out the mucus membranes in the sinuses and the bacteria was trying to resist and it was just a warzone. Finish course. a couple months later or a month later or so the gram negative folliculitis returned. He now says i should just live with it and has prescribed stieva a which doesnt do crap. My sinuses are still congested and have issues. I have eruptions of white heads which is the gram negative bacteria. Its especially worse after i shave. My skin is EXTREMELY oily and my face is hot and sweats a lot. I feel like i aggrivated the folliculitis with the course of accutane. I dont know what to do now. How do i treat this and get rid of it? Has anyone had success getting rid of this stuff? Please help me with your advice.. im really upset and depressed about this situation. My acne is gone but now i have this new problem.. i cant get a break..