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  1. eyes.....

    ok, so we are on day 18 I think. The last few days my eyes have been really picky and sore. They are also a bit puffy and bloodshot. I am using drops on an hourly basis if not more, and trying not to wear eye makeup but I have to for work and going out as I look like death otherwise. I am hoping it will settle down. and actually, yesterday and today so far is a little better than the last few days. As far as the skin dryness goes, its much the same on my face only, and of course my lips. No cracks or peeling on my lips yet. I am going through a rather stressful time with my cat, so i'm feeling down, but I know that's the situation and not the medication. Yoko is 20 and a half, and all last week stopped eating and drinking and barely moved. I made the appointment in the vets, as I didn't want her to suffer, and she decided to fight a little longer! She started eating again on thursday and is as bright as a button (well a very old one). Vet was cancelled and we are now making the most of the time we have left with her. It was the hardest thing ever, making that appointment. I just hope that when she is ready, she just falls asleep. xx
  2. 42 and wanting to try accutane

    2 weeks in, and still good. dry skin and lips but not overly so. Have a lovely volcano starting to erupt on my chin. A few more on my back, but can't say if that would have happened with or without the isotretinoin. Not much else to report really! Thanks for your good wishes x
  3. Day 13

    ok - so nearly 2 weeks at 40mg of isotretinoin. not much to report really. Still have dry skin on my hairline, temples, around my nose and on my chin, but its not too bad. Lips are dry, but not overly so. I have picky eyes at the moment, and a couple of tiny styes on the lower lash line, they are a bit irritating, but not horrible. I do get a streak of blood when I blow my nose, but nothing to write home about. Yesterday i thought i was starting to break out, had a few small spots on my right cheek, and a larger one on my left, but they seem to have flattened overnight. I do have a 1cm round cyst/spot on the left side of my chin, Its not red yet, but itchy and a bit sore. We'll see if that decides to become a volcano or if it quietly melts away.... The skin on my back is rough again, like there is stuff coming out of the pores. That's it really.... Sorry I haven't done any pictures with the make up yet, I'll try and do it soon.
  4. Lately

    you are beautiful. I don't see scars, all I see is a very striking young lady. I wish you could see what I see. My daughter is quite similar to you xx
  5. Accutane over 30

    day 10 for me - I have started a blog to keep track.. I'm happy so far. Dryness on face and lips which was expected and nothing I can't deal with. I'm sun sensitive, and have a red face also, again , nothing that really phases me at the moment. fingers crossed!
  6. Face redness on Roacctuane

    my face has been a bit red too, I have rosacea as well, so I always look a bit flushed, but I seem to have a panel of redness (like sunburn) going down the centre of my face. I just take it for what it is... I know that in a few months It will be gone. Chin up!
  7. day 10 on isotretinoin

    Day 10 - wow... things are going well on 40mgs a day. My dryness seems to have settled and is mostly on my chin area with a little around my nose and at my temples. Lips are dry, but not overly so, no splitting or cracking. My face is red and is deffo sun sensitive! The skin on my back is still bumpy, but smooth, not rough like it was before. It feels much better. Still no breakout, but I am not getting complacent as it will happen at some point I am sure. I went to our local pharmacy on Thursday. They have a small make up counter selling, Lancome, Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Arden. They also have a range of La Roche-Posay and Vichy products. I explained to the assistant that the medication that I was on was going to purge and dry out my skin and make it red (it was very red on Thursday!) and that whilst I was happy enough to go bare faced most of the time, I would like to have a foundation that I could wear without feeling that I had a mud mask on and that was good to my skin. We had a good chat and she suggested the Vichy Dermablend (£20) and the Lancome Miracle Teint (£41). She colour matched me and gave me some samples to take away and try. http://www.lancome.co.uk/makeup/face/foundation/teint-miracle/292013-LAC.html https://www.vichy.co.uk/makeup/dermablend/dermablend Wow! Never have I felt that good about my skin! Last night (Friday) I tried the Lancome, and OMG. It was amazing. My skin looked fresh and clean. It felt like fresh air! I will try it again this week as I only had it on for a few hours, but it was amazing. Today, I have put the Vichy Dermablend on, and again, It is fab, my skin looks great (apart from the dry patches) My skin does feel a little itchy, but that is happening when I am bare faced anyway. I am so happy with both of these products so far. I'll get some pictures over the weekend and post them next week. I would certainly recommend anyone wondering what to use, to go and ask for some samples of these to give it a go. Have a great weekend everyone!
  8. day 8

    morning peeps! Not a lot to report today. I don't seem to be as dry, but still dry and flaky. I am super tired today, but that would be due a bout of heartburn overnight and being awake since 3am. . Still itching in the pores of my chin and waiting for the breakout, but none as yet. I'll post again when there is something to update! xxxx

    I'm flaking too - but have decided not to wear any make up as my skin looks awful with it on. I am just using an aqueous cream at the moment.
  10. day 7

    So day 7 - the first week is done! Facial skin is dry and flaky, but manageable. Head is itchy, but that due to the dryness. I have a simple Aqueous cream that I am using at the moment and that seems to be ok. I have tube in work and a big tub at home. I put it on 5-6 times a day at the moment. I have the feeling that my chin is going to break out something really bad. Its itching deep inside and I can feel the spots/cysts forming. I hope they are not as bad as they feel, but will let you know. I am a little tired, but we are so busy in work (and have been for months) I have been tired all summer! Could really do with a holiday (but with staying out of the sun!) I was a bit grouchy when I got home from work last night (I almost never get grouchy), there were a number of factors and my daughter said it was the tablets, whether it was or whether it was just a coincidence, I don't know. I think I am a little achy too, I usually run on a wednesday, I'll still go, but take it easy. Other than that, things are pretty good! I'm happy to answer any questions, and I'll update when I can.
  11. 42 and wanting to try accutane

    Shades - far too long! Today is day six and I can safely say I have dry skin. my face is dry and flaky and feels tight. That's ok though, I know it's working. Good job I have moisturiser in work too! I didn't sleep too well last night, I have this really painful one in my ear that kept waking me up, and my chin was itching and I could feel them growing inside (does that make sense) I'm sure I will be getting a breakout shortly. I'll keep you posted. Apart from that, all is good!
  12. Day 3

    I have decided to go bare faced. I have yet to find a foundation that makes my skin look good, it always ends up just sitting on my pores and looking awful. yesterday afternoon and this morning my skin is really dry, I am going to have to apply moisturiser throughout the day. Good luck with finding something and let me know if you do!
  13. Day 3

    how was college today?
  14. 42 and wanting to try accutane

    Morning! So general update from the weekend. There was no particular dryness, apart from my eyebrows (which were a bit dry anyway) by sunday they were flaking. Lips a bit dry, but not too bad, just keeping up with the lipsalve. My eyes have started to feel a bit dry, like i've been head on in the wind... I'll get some drops on my lunch hour today. I have got a bit of dryness on my face this morning though. I moisturised twice! Skinwise - the texture feels smoother on my face - Moonsss, I have noticed a difference, The bumps I had from the rosacea seem to have flattened, and the spots I had on my face don't seem so angry. I have a lot of tiny bumps or filled pores on my back so we'll see how that goes. I do have a really painful one in my ear! hoping it won't stay around too long!.
  15. And so it begins!

    Hi Moonsss, I just started too - 40mgs a day. Good luck xx
  16. 42 and wanting to try accutane

    So, its day two. I know i could possibly write a blog, but for the moment, I'll just post any updates on here. I'll attach a few pics that were taken yesterday. My skin is not the worst in them, but certainly not clear either. I get a lot of under skin bumps and my back feels rough like there is stuff coming out of every pore. Sometimes I can get a hard plug out and it goes, sometimes it will come back and sometimes is transforms to a whopping painful cyst! my nose at the moment is so red! i have a tiny head on there that popped and now is like a cut. it's also really sore I feel good so far, a little tired, but that is due to the fact that its back to the grind after the summer hols. Went for a run last night and didn't ache after (hoping that side effect stays minimal!) I do have a little headache this morning, but its nothing I haven't had before.
  17. Accutane over 30

    I'm 43 and have just taken my first dose. Started on 40mg, so can let you know how I am in a week or so. How are you doing Sylvershade?
  18. 42 and wanting to try accutane

    Hi Shades, I have researched this topic for months and months and have read all the horror stories. Having suffered with acne of varying degrees for nearly 30 years, I am prepared to put up with a few months of discomfort. If it does get too much, I will stop. I took my first dose this morning! - going to stock my draw in work with nivea and vaseline and have a bottle of suncream so if I go out for lunch I am prepared. My work colleagues are aware. Started on 40mg, so lets see what my first week brings x
  19. 42 and wanting to try accutane

    update - I'm about to go to the hospital again and hopefully pick up my prescription for accutane /isotretinoin. I am a little excited and apprehensive at the same time. I will keep you posted on here with my progress and try and upload some pics... maybe... lol.... fingers crossed!
  20. To old for accutane?

    I'm 43 and about to start my first ever round of it. have done antibiotocs on and off over the years, but it keeps coming back. I too am hopeful that this will the last time I have to worry about my skin.
  21. 42 and wanting to try accutane

    So, its August, and I have just seen the derm, and it looks like I am going to go onto Accutane (or whatever brand they prescribe) I had my bloods done this morning and I go back on 5th Sept and will hopefully come away with some pills. I haven't taken anything or put anything on my skin for a good while, but the acne comes and goes. the skin on my back and shoulders is always rough and feels like there are constant sebum plugs errupting. Some turn into spots (of varying sizes) and some don't. I do get spots all over though - on my bum occasionally, on my thighs, chest, hairline, neck, chin, back, shoulders, lower back.....My skin is greasy rather than oily, if that makes sense? I am quite exited to be starting the isotretinoin, and hope that its the beginning of the end!