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  1. 2018 - is this the year to be spot free?

    wow - what a difference already! I wish I had found tretinoin years ago! I'm sure you will have your year!
  2. Happy New Year! I started my isotretinoin journey on September 6th 2017. I was nervous after reading all the horror stories. But I thought, if it gets too bad, I will stop. And after enduring bad skin, spots, cysts and boils for the last 25 years, I didn't think there was side effect that I wouldn't manage. I was right. My side effects have been minimal, some dry skin on my face (which is fine with a daily moisturiser and nightly smothering of aqueous cream; a little tiredness (but that could be my age); a little stiffness during and after exercise; a little bloody mucus when blowing my nose, but that is intermittent; my eyes are dry and wet at the same time(weird I know), and that is pretty much it! My mood has been fine, no headaches, or any other side effects to note. My skin is much softer and smoother, the blotches and tiny pimples I had on my face are gone. I still have some some redness to my cheeks, but I can live with that. I still have breakouts on my back (and other places) These tend to be on average about 1cm across and very painful. They last for weeks and weeks and weeks. I have redness/purpleness from older ones, but they have flattened out. On my last visit to the Derm, she said I will probably have an extra month at 60mgs, rather than increasing the dose at the moment. My next visit is 16th Jan, so we'll see what she says then. I am looking forward to my skin clearing and getting a bit of sun to help with the scarring. Wrinkles are next to target!! Love and peace everyone!
  3. 11 weeks on Isotrtinoin

    Thanks Valerie - I am so pleased with how my skin has changed. Just need to sort the wrinkles out now!!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm off to the Derm this afternoon for my next prescription. I'm hoping to increase my dose again as the painful cysts on my back are still appearing, and seem to take an age to heal. I confess my boyfriend is popping them, but only when they are ready as they are so painful and it's like they need to be released, does that make sense? I have some coming on my bum too, which is just great . Good points, side effects are still pretty minimal - dry lips, face is a little dry but nothing that my moisturiser can't handle. I am tired, and I find going out for a run so much of an effort. My skin is still smooth and soft and I still can't believe how many years I went thinking that I would never have that. I have been invited to a wedding at the end of Feb, and I am wondering if my back will be healed enough to wear something a bit slinky, I have always had to cover up for parties and things, but maybe this time.......... anyhow, fingers crossed for the increased dose - I'll update in a while - Love to all xx A couple of pics for you............
  5. month 3 started

    Hello world! So not much to update, but it's still an improving picture. The large ones I had on my back seem to be healing and even though I am still having the odd one or two, its not as bad as it was a few weeks ago. The skin on my face is still looking good, and I have people commenting on it. (which is really nice to hear). Side effects are still very manageable. I'm pretty happy! Next visit to the derm is at the end of November. stay happy!
  6. back break out

    I have been on the higher dose of 60mgs for a week. My back has well and truly had a break out. I have around 18 large and painful cysts/boils. They really hurt and my bra also irritates them. . I don't think I could go to work with out one on.... not very professional! But I know they will clear and the shit that is in my skin has to come out. The texture of my skin is still super soft and smooth, despite the boils. I have a couple on my neck too, so hair is worn down and scarves are a great accessory! I still have some eczema on my hands, but hey ho... I can cope. All in all I am pleased with the progress.
  7. increasing dose

    So, my dermatologist has increased the dose to 60mgs. We shall see how I get on!............... take care all x