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  1. We have way too many people on this forum that think everyone has the same exact problem. (Not calling you out by any means) And that if they stick around and not get tested that someone will just figure it out for them, cause we're all the same right? In my opinion no. Yes our whole slew of symptoms may relate to one another but our bodies are different...
  2. Does anyone else seem to have developed asthma? I don't know if this is the case but every time I have to run or walk up stairs for any extended period of time, I literally feel like my lungs are going to explode and I can't catch my breath for a while..
  3. Okay wait what... ya lost me.. please explain lol
  4. That's the thing! I wasn't told what was abnormal! I would like to know. I'll try calling tomorrow
  5. Quick question @guitarman01, is it possible to have hyperimmunization without an identifiable "name"? Like is it possible we have chronic inflammation that may not read as lupus or sjogrens? I know doctors like to have names but like what if my ANA comes back negative but I have an abnormal protein on my serum electrophoresis which either identifies some type of inflammation or cancer. And I sure hope it's not cancer. I'm just curious. I also haven't had a CRP or sed rate test done either..
  6. Yikes! That's a lot! I don't now exactly what was elevated or decreased but I know for sure I have an abnormal protein. They're having me do a urine sample to further evaluation. I swear to god if this god damn drug gave me cancer....
  7. What types of things could this possibly point to? Haven't really researched it yet. Been in class all day
  8. So I have some type of abnormal protein on my SPE test. Doc wants to dive in more. Finally something that came up ABNORMAL Feels good to know we're not fucking crazy sometimes
  9. GUYS! It's hard we get it! If life is important enough to you, you'll keep fighting and testing. This thread has the tendency to turn into a death march... Makes a lot of people get down on themselves. Keep the vibes up!
  10. Literally don't know how @TrueJustice and @guitarman01 have done it... I'm a year post tane and I'm DYING.
  11. We just have too many people wanting others to figure it out for them. If we were all testing weekly/monthly, I'm sure we'd find a lot more out at a faster rate. Can we just shut up about the damn supplements already. Like come on people.. this is WAY deeper than that.
  12. Gotcha!! Well keep me updated. Pretty interested in the autoimmune side of this...
  13. Interesting! Stands out in what sense? Like you actually had a questionable result from it?
  14. Guys, stop posting and get tests.. lol
  15. @guitarman01 didn't you have a Mayo Clinic appointment..? Any update on that?
  16. That's because most people on here are taking forever to ask for tests. I've tested more than half the "veterans" on this site and I'm a year post tane today.
  17. I think a lot of the head issues are autoimmune related. Work on that and we could possibly clear our heads
  18. So, today I sat next to a guy on the train and he was definitely sick. As I got home I started to feel that "malaise"-y flu type acheyness. Within hours it started to dissipate. This is so freakin weird. And, so I thought about it and I haven't had GREEN mucus since this shit happened. Every time I cough something up or sneeze.. it's ALWAYS clear. This makes me wonder about my immune system being constantly active and so it fights everything extremely fast that it never has the chance to get to the "green mucus" stage?
  19. Not going to lie, I've been so hooked on this thread that I didn't really explore other post accutane threads and there are TONS of people with accutane induced autoimmune diseases..... Lamarr, OliGirl and Shantelle to name a few. Seems to be a pretty common thing with accutane that I never really thought about. The funniest thing for me is when I used to get sick.. my acne would clear up.. and my skin would become less oily. Now that I'm chronically ill (assuming it's autoimmune) my acne is kept under control but I feel like crap. This fucking drug is capable of modulating someone's immune system. That's pretty fucked up Something to also note.. I got a HORRIBLE butterfly type rash the first time I stepped foot in the sun this summer... 90% sure this fucking drug initiated lupus.. It's important to keep track of EVERY little symptom guys. I know you've heard me talk about the whole "not getting sick" or "flu/fever" since the onset of my symptoms but that is something I noticed that could've just went right over my head had I not paid attention to my body. Then use the more "visible" symptoms (i.e. My vocal cord paresis) to get doctors on board. Then they will want to test and help..
  20. I agree that we should be adamant and on top of telling people that this was caused by accutane.. but I've gotten further by not saying that than I have by saying it. Once I get a for sure dx I'll be like.. "HEY LET'S TAKE A LOOK AT THE DRUGS I TOOK BEFORE THIS ONSET.. OOOOH ACCUTANE!" But for now, I don't care about getting Roche in trouble.. it's my health I need back. Then I can call them out.
  21. The whole eye thing for me, definitely seems like some form of optic neuritis... I see stars when I roll my eyes and my vision has progressively gotten worse. They just ache, tire quickly and hate my contacts. As well as my hearing (muted) Whatever autoimmune bullshit I have going on, it's definitely attacking my nerves. Because with my vocal cord problem, ears, eyes... nerves are definitely being disrupted (I won't say damaged because damaged is a scary word and I hear of a lot of autoimmune sufferers being able to turn these things around with medication)
  22. @TrueJustice you need to get more testing done. Especially cause we have almost identical symptoms. Get an ANA screen at least
  23. Quick question Does anyone else turn super red after lightly scratching their faces, arms, legs? I literally scratched my face today and my friend was like "why the fuck is your forehead so red?" Another link to inflammation?
  24. That's the exact post I was reading earlier today. Super creepy