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  1. Frustrated

    You are getting great improvements from using tea tree oil I see, maybe your skin also needs a break from stuff that derms provide, I would say keep using what works for you
  2. Accutane 20mg/Day 23/M

    Its your choice but honestly I don't think you required another course of Accutane, your acne is too mild, some topical maintenance routine would be enough to keep things under control
  3. 16 male, what am i doing wrong?

    I agree with aliasson, use bp twice a day and if your acne is still there then ask for some oral antibiotics like azithromycin, minocycline, etc,
  4. Accutane Journey (month 10/60mg)

    No, it wont be cysts, just small bumps, its probably your body adjusting itself to being off Accutane, happens to a lot of people including me, but your mileage may vary so you never know, maybe you wont get them if youre lucky haha. They usually go away in a week or two.
  5. How long after Accutane did your acne come back?
  6. Accutane question

    Did 3 weeks of Accutane clear you up? If this is the case then if you stop taking Accutane, the acne will return. You need to complete your course to have a higher chance of your acne not coming back
  7. Accutane Journey (month 10/60mg)

    Congrats!, first month being off Accutane might be a little rough, expect a few small bumps here and there
  8. Seeking advice from people who have taken Accutane

    Yes I have taken Accutane, my dosage was 30mg/day for 7 months. No I haven't struggled with depression prior to Accutane but during my course I did experience some weird mood swings and stuff like that but nothing too serious. Yes my skin got a little worse in the first month but it settled down after that, the side effects went away after I stopped taking Accutane. Sounds like your skin is similar to mine in the sense that it is highly prone to hyperpigmentation, and I think Accutane kind of worsened it slightly, but I am just 4 months post Accutane so maybe it will get better in a few months, other than that, in terms of acne, I still get few bumps here and there, nothing serious though.
  9. Brown PIH marks

    Depends on the individual but you should see results in a month
  10. Brown PIH marks

    Look for topical creams with ingredients like kojic acid, arbutin, liquorice extracts, these are safe and effective skin lighteners, and wear a sunscreen EVERDAY, that will prevent the spots from getting worse
  11. Good luck to you, and no, its not bad at all, give this medication some time, you will see great results, keep us updated.
  12. Well, if nothing has worked, you can try isotretinoin.
  13. I know its tough, but there are others who have it much worse than you, I would say don't be too rough on your skin, don't use any stupid product out of desperation as you might scar your skin which in my opinion is worse than having acne
  14. will accutane help???

    no, Accutane wont clear any of these spots and scars, your derm probably gave you Accutane so that they can be sure that there is no active acne left and you can get those scars treated. But have you tried other topicals and antibiotics before? because I don't see active acne as such, so taking Accutane doesn't really make sense here
  15. The Differin Diaries

    If differin is not too drying for you, you can just go to bed, but if you feel dry then you can apply a moisturizer half an hour after applying differin
  16. DO NOT use a scrub that often,it will not do any good, its only going to harm your skin, be as gentle as you can right now. you can use something like calamine lotion to sooth your skin.
  17. Life after acne

    A very realistic thread lol.
  18. Accutane Journey (month 9/40mg)

    From what i have heard,In office treatment is FAR better than doing it on your own, and idk much but 8 sittings sounds a lot, my doc told me that combining needling with prp is better as it actually speeds up the healing and will give much better results as compared to needling alone. 76$ per sitting for 8 sittings will get expensive, lol. I was saying mine is cheap because doc said that I probably wont need more than 3-4 sessions, so I can afford that much. I guess you might wanna discuss prp with your doc, see what he/she has to say on that. Good luck, I hope it gets better for both of us.
  19. will acutane get rid of these scars

    No, Accutane wont get rid of scars, you will have to visit a dermatologist and get them treated
  20. Accutane Journey (month 9/40mg)

    Mine was a combination of prp and needling, One sitting will have a prp+needling and needling only spaced 15 days apart. I am in India so its really cheap here, just around 77USD per sitting
  21. My message to humanity

    This is why I hate going to buy new clothes, the bright lighting in the change reveals everything lol
  22. Accutane Journey (month 9/40mg)

    It was good, had no downtime, okay maybe 2-3 hours and its cheap. I have heard people start seeing improvement in 2-4 weeks, so lets see how it goes.
  23. Why is my face so red :(

    I have used 2.5%bp and adapalene at night, when I used it for the first time, it cleared me up completely in 3 weeks, all the acne and the hyperpigmentation was gone. Anti biotics are a good option but I would suggest you first stick to bp and adapalene for a while and if that does not give good results then you can get the antibiotics.
  24. Acne scars

    Any mods here? They can move this to the right forum so that she can get some good advice