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  2. Looks like it could be an acne scar/indentation? Would that be right? Your pic is blurry so it’s hard to tell for sure. 

  3. Rodan and fields Unblemish was the only thing that helped me with my cystic acne. 

  4. Honestly I don’t think there is a ‘cure’ for oily skin - it’s genetic. I have the same problem. While I have been able to HELP it, i can’t get rid of it 100%. The oil absorbing sheets help soooo much though. I literally soak through 3-4 of those a day lol but it makes a big difference. You can find them at Walmart 

  5. I need support.

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    18 hours ago, Chimmyboo said:
    I would definitely be willing to try it but it's sadly a bit more expensive then what I'd like to spend at the moment.
    I have already spent hundreds on products and skincare sets.
    Thank you for the suggestion.. I appreciate it. 
    Totally understand.  If you ever get the chance to purchase it, I highly highly recommend you do.  I thought I'd be contacting them to get my money back at the end of 60 days, but I'm literally 98% acne free 8 months later. It's changed my life so if it can help somebody else as well, I'm willing to share it with everyone!
  6. I need support.

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    Have you tried Unblemish?  It's a 60 day money back guarantee so there's literally nothing to lose. 

  7. I have acne scars (as does my husband - his much worse than mine) and we're currently using the AMP roller from Rodan and Fields.  My husband's skin has improved so much that he actually is shaving his beard now, because he doesn't feel like he has to cover it up.  It's a derma-roller with microneedles on it that stimulate collagen production.

  8. I'm so sorry to hear this! It's really tough to deal with.  Can I ask why you can only use a gentle cleanser?  Do you have really sensitive skin?

  9. I think chlorine can do that! I would use a serum with hylarounic acid. It draws moisture in to your skin and prevents moisture from escaping.

  10. 25 minutes ago, jake47 said:

    I have used benzoyl peroxide and sacylic acid for almost 2 years without resluts. I have also used moisturizer

    Using salycic acid actually made me break out.   Using BP with a sulfur face wash was the game changer for me.
  11. Unfortunately sometimes you need to use BP for months to notice a big improvement. 

  12. Yes, I use moisturizer first and then sunscreen. I use Rodan and Fields Soothe sunscreen for my face. Super lightweight and good for acne prone and sensitive skin!

  13. I used cetaphil with SOME success for a short period of time, but it only worked for a few months unfortunately.   You don't necessarily have to go back on Accutane - that is not a long term solution and can have many side effects as I'm sure you know.  Have you ever tried Proactiv or Unblemish?

  14. They recommend not wearing foundation, but that was impossible for me with how bad my skin was (catch 22, lol).  I used mineral foundation and made sure to keep my makeup brushes clean. 

  15. It could definitely be genetics! Some people go through their teens without ever having acne, and then once they hit 18+, that's when the acne starts.  It sucks! I totally feel you.

    My advice would be to change your pillow cases every 1-2 nights, don't touch your face, whatever you use to dry your face, make sure you change that out every couple days to avoid bacteria build up.  Unless a pimple is clearly ready to pop, don't touch (so hard, I know, haha).  For products, I'd highly recommend Unblemish by Rodan and Fields.  I've had cystic acne since I was 14 years old, and this is the ONLY product that's cleared up my acne completely.   I've tried Proactiv (which did work until I hit my early twenties),  Neutralyze, all the drugstore brands, acne.org, tried doing nothing,  etc.   Unblemish was my lifesaver.

  16. On 7/27/2018 at 1:44 PM, Acne.org Support said:

    Hi Mazzlet, 

    I'm sorry to hear about your skin. 

    Our best advice is that you stop using the Treatment temporarily until your skin goes back to normal. Once your skin is calm begin using all three products but start SLOWLY using only a very small pea sized amount of Acne.org Treatment only once per day for a full week. By week two you may start applying the pea sized amount twice a day. In week three you can begin increasing the dose SLOWLY and by the end of week four you should be using the full 4ML dose of Acne.org Treatment. We guarantee you that if you follow these instructions, you will have perfectly clear, radiant healthy looking skin.

    The Acne.org Regimen products are clinically proven and they will work to clear your acne. Make sure of two things:

    1. You are using only Acne.org Regimen products on your face and nothing else.

    2. You are using the Acne.org Regimen products exactly as directed.

    If you do both 1 and 2 you will have completely clear, radiant healthy looking skin. Guaranteed.

    Not true for everybody. I followed the acne.org regimen religiously (exactly as directed)for 5 months and it made my skin worse.  This shouldn't be a guarantee. 
  17. It's different for everybody.  It could still change. Just be patient if it it does.,

  18. On 7/26/2018 at 1:25 PM, essex11 said:

    What regimen do you use now? 
    Unblemish by Rodan and Fields!
  19. I had to skip the BP for 3-4 days to let it start healing...just kept it moisturized and only washed it.  Then I re-introduced the BP VERY SLOWLY.  Having said that, I eventually stopped using acne.org as it didn't help my cystic acne. 

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    Unblemish 100%.  I swear by it.

  21. 1 hour ago, essex11 said:

    Thsnks for the reply. I feel like it’s made my skin in my chin just like permantely red and marked though. Have you found this? I’ve been on it for years and my chin has always been my problem area I’ve used the most on 
    I did find this when I was using acne.org, 100%. I actually got chemical burns from using the recommended amount of BP.   Red, raw, burning, hot. Looked and felt like a sun burn. Took me a few weeks to get my skin back to normal. 
  22. 3 hours ago, lolarose said:
    4 hours ago, klessard said:
    I'm not sure there's any truth to that...I'd get your medical advice from a doctor, not a friend :)

    Do you find Differin is helpful at all? What else have you tried? I'd exhaust all options before going to Accutane, since it is such an extreme measure.
    I haven't noticed a difference with differin but a few weeks after I started using it I began using hibiscrub too which made my skin significantly improve, so maybe it began improving because of the two combined together....I've tried lymecycline, treclin, benzoyl peroxide and differin. All lymecyline did was make my skin worse as it gave me folliculitis all around my mouth area and chin, so I've felt a bit nervous about trying another antibiotic, but I think I may have a talk with my doctor about avoiding accutane and trying something else seeing as it could be dangerous.
    I'm glad you noticed a difference, no matter how big or small! Any improvement is nice when it comes to acne. If you live in Canada, the states or Australia, I would highly highly recommend Unblemish by Rodan and Fields.  I started using it in December and it literally changed my skin - I can't remember the last time I got a pimple. I'm so thankful I found it. 
  23. 5 hours ago, lolarose said:
    19 hours ago, klessard said:

    Accutane would be an extremely last resort, especially with your health concerns.  What are you currently using?

    I've been using differin since August and I wash my face with hibiscrub (but only when it's breaking out) and a charcoal face wash by l'oreal. I also heard that people may get kidney damage from having too much vitamin A? But then again, that was from a friend and not a doctor.
    I'm not sure there's any truth to that...I'd get your medical advice from a doctor, not a friend :)

    Do you find Differin is helpful at all? What else have you tried? I'd exhaust all options before going to Accutane, since it is such an extreme measure.
  24. I wouldn't discontinue using BP...just lessen what you use. I literally use a tiny dime size amount twice a day, and my skin isn't dry. I can't believe acne.org recommends a finger length...that's WAY too much. 

  25. Accutane would be an extremely last resort, especially with your health concerns.  What are you currently using?

  26. First of all, I'm so sorry you're feeling this way. I know exactly how you feel as I was there last year too. It does sound like you're in the process of having your skin purge, so stick with it....unfortunately you need 2-4 months to REALLY know if something is working or not.  Put your trust in it...and if it doesn't work, there's always hope. I literally never thought I'd get rid of my cystic acne and that this was my life,  but I did get rid of...so don't give up hope.  Hang in there <3