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  2. I would.  If it's clearly ready to pop, have at 'er.

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  4. I had the same problem; sorry to hear you’re going through this! The only thing that worked for me was R+F Unblemish. Took 5-6 months but my skin is 100% clear now. 

  5. It’s definitely common; they refer to it as a purge. A week of using the product and then having clear skin is highly unrealistic. It took me 6 months to get 100% clear skin.  

  6. If you live in Canada, the states or Australia, i’d highly recommend Soothe made by Rodan and Fields. It’s cleared up dermatitis and burns for me in a matter of days. 

  7. They recommend WAY too much -  I got chemical burns from following their instructions :( I  now use a different brand of BP and literally a pea size amount keeps my cystic acne away. 

    Take a break and let your skin heal. Lots of moisture, maybe even aloe Vera. 

  8. Is my acne bad?

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    Not bad at all. 

  9. This happened to me :( how long have you been using it? I would give it 3-5 months to see if things DO get better because it could just be a purge. But any longer than that, and you’ll know if it works or not

  10. I’d like to point out that it’s NOT guaranteed - I followed the system and tips religiously for 4 months and my acne didn’t ever get better. I did find something that works now, but please don’t make false guarantees or promises. I wholeheartedly believe it works for a lot of people - but not everybody. 

  11. Makeup is definitely possible! Just make sure to moisturize and use a primer before. 

  12. Benzoyl peroxide burn

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    It won’t remain permanent ; it’s sort of like a sunburn. I had the same thing happen to me. I stopped using BP for 3-4 days and then slowly reintroduced it. (Eventually I found a much more gentle BP than this one thankfully!) 

  13. More Than a Month

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    Are you using anything in addition to the pill? I would continue on, as your doctor suggested, while also pairing it with a topical treatment. See how you make out for a few months - I know it sucks to wait it out but it took me 4-5 months to get clear skin once I found the right treatment. 

  15. I don’t think it’s rosacea, but maybe irritation from acne. What are you currently using? Do you find it’s helping or making it worse? 

  16. It’s definitely quite possible your skin will dry out more on Accutane, but I’ve never used it personally so I can’t say for sure. There must be something your doctor can prescribe, should your dryness get worse. When are you starting Accutane? 

  17. Have you ever tried Unblemish or ProActiv? I suffered from cystic acne for 13 years and those were the only products to ever help me (I’ve got clear skin now) I said antibiotics would be a last resort and luckily I never had to try them. 

  18. Nobody but a doctor can answer these questions for you.  Please don't play around with your health. 

  19. Unfortunately after long term use of antibiotics, you will become resistant to them.  I think eventually you could start using them again, but I wouldn't suggest it as a long term solution.  It also kills off good bacteria, and if you got sick, the antibiotics may not work against infection, etc.
    Is Dianette a birth control pill?

  20. If you're not seeing ANY improvement after 7 weeks, you may want to look into other products.

  21. Seems to be a reaction to the new product. Only time will tell if it's just a purge, or if it's the products not working for your skin.  Give it a couple weeks.

  22. Acne suffer

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    Unfortunately I don't think the vitamins will do anything to treat your acne.  If you haven't tried Unblemish, I highly recommend it. While I was waiting for a dermatologist appointment last year, I tried it in the mean time and it cleared my cystic acne. It's not a miracle product - it did take 4-5 months to get really clear skin, but it was worth it.

  23. I give up.

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    Ahhh this sounds like me 9 months ago....I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this!  I urge you to try Rodan and Fields Unblemish - after 15 years of cystic acne and a LOT of wasted money, this has gotten rid of my cystic acne. My skin is clear and no longer huts anymore..let me know if you have any questions; I swear by it.

  24. Yes, I can relate.  Now that I've got my acne under control (finally....) I am working on the scars and indents it has left on my skin.  Just know you're not alone - almost everybody on this forum can relate. That's why we're here for support.  I've found something that's been working pretty well for my husband and myself, so if you need ideas, just shoot me a message.

  25. Very nice ending to this story! I'm happy you've come to peace with everything - BUT let me say this....it is not selfish to get down on yourself about your acne.  Our problems are all relative.  What is a huge deal to me, could mean nothing to you. It doens't make my feelings any less valid. Please remember that....you are allowed to feel what you feel. And acne is so, so hard to deal with physically and emotionally. 
    If you ever need to chat, letme know :) 

  26. It took me about 5-6 months to see 100% clear skin. Totally worth it.  I know it's hard (trust me, been there with the cystic acne..it HURTS), but it can get better <3

  27. Moisturising...yes or no?

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    Definitely moisturize no matter what! Hydration is very important; otherwise your skin is going to compensate and produce extra oils. I use Soothe made by Rodan and Fields; it's really gentle for sensitive skin and moisturizes really good