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    better concentrate on sunogel and Microcoring ....thay are devices and very fast for approval

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    1 hour ago, Lapis lazuli said:

    Yes, that's how I've understood it as well. That FS2 is supposed to prevent the formation of fibrous tissue and thus enable our skin to regenerate normally.

    I thought at some point it was only for hypertrophic scars but then someone mentioned that the guy called Ryan from Birch biomed that created FS2 said it was for all scar types.
    its a drug...it will take years to come
  5. Scarless Healing

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    so surgical scar knows better than Denver lough...

    The complete healed pics of wounds still havent shown
    wait it gonna take time for a wound to completely heal and how it gonna look cosmetically....
    the day they release full healed pics and you still find scar in full healed pics ..that day you can call skinTe a fraud

    and another point you are comparing acne scar with a 3rd degree burn

    acne scar treated by subcision can you treat a 3rd degree contracture scar with subcision ...dont compare both they are different maybe the pics we have seen had MUSCLE damage
    and muscle regenration is in polarityTe pipeline as MyoTe  ...so how can skinTe regenrate Muscle....stay positive

  6. Scarless Healing

    Forums Scar treatments 9,871 replies

    the cosmetic clinics will be in huge loss thats why i think sunogel and its like others havent got much success and funding

  7. Scarless Healing

    Forums Scar treatments 9,871 replies

    thanx surgical scar
    ...yes laugh at me
    ..but it will also not cure your scar just remember it..

    maybe i am bad in english but dont like you who just laughs at failure of a company who is of million dollars...and  the company who was our hope and i think its still

    better treat scars with laser and peels...and please leave us in our world of scarless healing...i dont know if it gonna be a reality but if this scarless healing word or this thread give someone hope to live then who the hell are you to take their hopes

    if u think about improvement methods...then make a new thread maybe u will get  improvements when the dermatologist and PS suck your thousand dollars

    go and treat your scar dont tell us what gives improvement or not 

    we all are here(except you) for skin regenration not fot improvementd rubbish talks

    now again find spelling mistakes and become a engish professor...good luck for that also

    and for ur info i already moved to rudy Private messenger we are talking there
    all are talking there about scarless healing...now nobody gives attention to your rubbish posts...

  8. Scarless Healing

    Forums Scar treatments 9,871 replies

    surgical scar ...firstly my phone hangs too much thats why sometime i type wrong spellings

    and we are here to find a scarless healing product ..if u want to correct others grammers than be a english professor..

    hindi is my 1st language and i am from india ..not so good at english but i am here to find a scarless healing thing

    and i dont know why are you on this forum..to laugh on others ??? to find out spelling mistakes ?? talk about % improvement ????

    you are totally at wrong place...go somewhere else...for the sake of god leave us we were better when u havent joined this forum

    if you want % improvement go and get it ...is anybody stopping you from getting that ..???????  
    good luck for that ..hope u may get 99% improvements with lasers,peels etc

    good luck

    and everone listen now ..dont give this surgical scar guy a shit...just come to rudy PM we all are there except this surgical scar guy

  9. Scarless Healing

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    TANO 1 i agree with you...many people are here for laughing scolding others....

    friends we are here to find and discuss a cure for skin regenration

    not to fight...laughing on skinTe failure(which still cant be said that it failed) shows your mentality.....if skinTe fails than rathrr than laughing you should be said that one of your hope died....which u thought would cure you scar

    so dont fight think and discuss smthng about sunogel and microcoring.....
  10. Scarless Healing

    Forums Scar treatments 9,871 replies

    can we please stop fighting....surgical scar try to understand rudy is in emotional pain from scars...
    surgical scar     rudy is right if you want improvement method than go to TCA/NEEDLING/LASER topics posts ....that are already present on this website here we gathered to find a scarless healig solution.....

    so please on improvement talks there are laser tca..needling topics ...move to that good luck

  11. Scarless Healing

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    1 hour ago, agelessfrost said:

    I've said this before and I'll say it again, I think a combination of treatment should be utilized to help regenerate our skin to its best abilities. 

    Something like FS2 + dermarolling + prp etc could bring us very good results. Better than what we can achieve right now which is 50 - 80%. 

    I'm actually really excited for FS2. Plus Sunogel, which hopefully will be out soon. 

    sunogel repeteadly said they are developing true regenrative therapy so if sunogel comes than its sure that you gonna get complete skin back rather than 50-80% improvement...
    while FS2 will take years to come ..its a drug

    PRP may improve the scars size thicknesd etc but those with surgeries scar and burn scars which have shiny and pure scar tissue texture..i dont think anything except complete regenration will get rid of them
    for acne scars maybe PRP can give improvement
  12. Scarless Healing

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    35 minutes ago, rudy1986 said:
    Dont you get it? If someone like Denver Lough who had shown his name in public would do something fraudulent like this...
    then we dont know what kind of scientist will be truthful
    dont call Denver lough fraud some of skinTe pics are good.....lets see what happen

    isnt this possible we could do something ourself ???
  13. Scarless Healing

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    rudy keep our hopes alive on sunogel....i think its hard..but dr sun said he want to release his product asap because the more the product keep unreleased the have to expend more money......

  14. Scarless Healing

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    thosr who dream about sunogel...seabs told me that sunogel still not tested on humans....

    if it would have tested and worked on humans than its worth waiting for that

    but till now its still not tested on human(that finger cut shown was a too small deep to prove sunogel efficiancy of regenration maybe that wound have healed that way normally)

  15. Scarless Healing

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    microgrart can be useful in treating texture of scars...so if texture get treated depths can be corrected by fillers or others....problem is yhis micrografting can be done fo atrophic scars or only hypertrophic scars

  16. Scarless Healing

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    4 hours ago, nikki_gargin said:
    23 hours ago, surgical scar said:

    Does it grow on scar tissue? Vitiligo is still skin with no scar. 

    yes it does grow on scar tissue.. they use it on people with self harm scars. I dont know about application on acne scars that would be a plastic surgeon to say. 
    any picture of this treating scar tissue ??before after ?
  17. Scarless Healing

    Forums Scar treatments 9,871 replies

    one thing is for sure maybe skinTe can also achieve far scarless scarring but sunogel will be the first to regenrate skin completely

  18. Scarless Healing

    Forums Scar treatments 9,871 replies

    before saying against skinTe
    they never said its for your facial acne scars...they developed it for burn patients who need immediate skin to close the wound otherwise they will die

    we assumed if it regenrate skin in a burn then we can excise our scar and apply it..

    maybe it can regenrate 3 layers but cosmetically its still unacceptable...

    but the two pics from slides shown skin regenrated without scars(except some hyperpigmentation) ....wait for more pics and look other things also except skinTe

  19. Scarless Healing

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    2 hours ago, nikki_gargin said:

    I prefered sunogel's technology and mode of appolication from the start. Seems alot less invasive and therefore would be cheaper to us the patients. 

    Skinte is not for my needs. Ive got my donor site scar i woll get we pigmented with renovacell at some point in the future. Go round a second round of tussue expansion to lower my scar. Get that laserd and smooth and finally tattoo it and delete is negativity from my life. I am guttef about skinte but unless sunogel comes through amd atleast are dping trials in w years im gonna work with whats one there now. 

    Have people looked into microskingrafting? They use ot for vitiligo and looka like epidermis not scar tissue. I met a woman i has know for 2 years whp tpld me and i never noticed! Im sure some acne scars can be helped with this

    @nikki_gargin well i agree with you
    and want to say that what bothers about a scar is it shiny texture...
    depths and raising can be matched by various methods like fillers and others do

    if micrografting can correct a scar texture to look like nomal skin texture i think rest could be easy ...do you know if micrografting can match scar texture to look like normal texture ???
  20. Scarless Healing

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    42 minutes ago, AI3forever said:

    Do you have a link for the pics? The pic shown by Anish004 looks okay, it looks like the wound healed properly with normal skin (Although its low definition so we can't make out anything), except for the discoloration which will likely go off with time, everything looks pretty fine.
    Al3forever yes the pic i shown look like the wound healed with normal skin just slight change in pigmentation which will get better and the pic is of just one month progress of healing it will look better

    i will try to get high res images
  21. Scarless Healing

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    so once again our hope for help continues...

    that microcoring device which removed tissue without creating scar tissue ..that was a device so will it proceed faster through FDA ?

  22. Scarless Healing

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    22 minutes ago, SimpleMutton said:

    Just saw all the pics, definitely didn't like the results

    Of course we're talking about much worse scars that ours but still....that's not scarless healing

    About Sunogel: they say they still have to go clinical trials...does that mean their product is 10 years away? 
    Or are there shortcuts?

    i think you have seen grafts pics...look at last pics thry are of skinTe and one above i posted is of after 1 month that pic look promising
  23. Scarless Healing

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    those who doubted on skinTe

    this pic from today presentation is very good ..after one moth pic
    everybody @rudy1986 @seabs135 @golfpanther  and others....everybody look this pic here..isnt this interesting

  24. Scarless Healing

    Forums Scar treatments 9,871 replies

    tomorrow skinTe have a event...whats your opinion on this guys

  25. Scarless Healing

    Forums Scar treatments 9,871 replies

    5 hours ago, AI3forever said:

    I think most of us can accept some scarring on body, but if we are going to pay 10-20k or whatever PolarityTE costs for our face, we sure hope it can bring close to no scarring for the naked eye. I have very bad scars on face but if those were anywhere else on my body I seriously won't even care about them. I do have body scars too, most prominent a hypotrophic scar on my knee from an acl surgery but it doesn't affect me at all.
    body scars are normally not cosmetic i have too many hypertrophic scars from injuried and burns and all of them are on my arms...when i wear half sleeves they become visible but still i dont bother about it

    so yes facial scars are cosmetic...

    here is my hopes from skinte

    1.if skinTe match the texture of scar with normal skin with pores in it...than i will say skinTe a breakthrough for cosmetic purposes

    2.if if didnt elevate an atrophic scar to nornal level but matched its texture to normal skin with pores and hairs in it..still i say skinTe a breakthrough
  26. Scarless Healing

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    well sunogel takes time until to keep hopes alive we have to talk about skinTeScreenshot_20180621-063924.thumb.jpg.5205495288e685dad9e72fb40a147064.jpg

    i think our true option will be sunogel once it become available because they completely aimed on scarless healing of a wound

    whether skinTe aims on regenration ...hence skinTe may be a very good option who hae more problems other than asthetic reason from scar....but cant say much at this time we have to wait how skinTe yields results in a normal skin injury

  27. Scarless Healing

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    6 minutes ago, nikki_gargin said:
    your rude Anish. That is what a scar is. Bundles of collagen in a tight row rather than basket weave which as strengh in different directions. Thats why scars arent as strong as they only have one direction of strengh on par with normal skin. 

    Yes Anish there is more differences than Collagen arrangment like hair and appendeges, which has been discussed here 100 times. Read the information yourself. 

    People that say vitamin e removes scars are selling products. Not science.
    sorry if anyone feel i was rude
    tomorrow is my exam and i am kinda depressed so i maybe somehow got harsh on words sorry for that

    but yes that what kinda i say that weave pattern of collagen is just a normal definition of scar but when u in detail you find several differences between the two

    like a simple definiton of cell is other thing but when u go in detail about that you find thousands of things inside a cell so i was talking about that

    again sorry if i was rude

    so again start talking about scarless healing

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