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  1. Scarless Healing

    and please dont tell that anybody cant go aggresive like cutting down scars for application of skinTe many people and doctors have already gone too much using Lasers,Punch Excisons,TCA etc and all of them for just a bit % of improvement...
  2. Scarless Healing

    face scars a re the one who put down self steem ..hand and legs scars do not do that... face scars are major
  3. Scarless Healing

    is there any positive results about skingun ? scarless healing ?
  4. Scarless Healing

    i am not getting away from SkinTe but just asking what about renova skinGun ..which process is also similar to skinTe ? i am not a skinTe hater and i still believe in skinTe ....but just asking about that skinGun
  5. Scarless Healing

    hear if skinTe works on burn ..than more than 100% sure that if used in any type of scars...the problem if they use it on scars or cosmetic purposes because any scar after excision becomes like a wound ....
  6. Scarless Healing

    Happy new year everyone...hope in a new year our problem will be solved and skin scars will be eradicated from this world
  7. Scarless Healing

    when did polarityTe come up with human results
  8. Scarless Healing

    where did he mention skinTe on his website ?
  9. Scarless Healing

    hope skinTe works and soon be available for scar revisions.
  10. Scarless Healing

    in press release there is word "scar revison" which totally means treatment of preexisting scars.mso i assume that they are planning into cosmetic market also and not only burn patients however yes burn or acid attack victims should always be given first priority.
  11. Scarless Healing

    who knows..
  12. Scarless Healing

    where we see ? u dont post any article or link
  13. Scarless Healing

    bro ..if you have scars from car accident on your face than they are really bad..but if is on another body part then its not a matter...face scars are always main priority to everyone sry for my bad eng
  14. Scarless Healing

    hypopigmemtation can be treated by Recell also...but if u dont mind i tell you that ginger is a gift from mother nature for hypopigmentation....even in scar tissue also it regenrates melanocytes to some extent
  15. Scarless Healing

    happiness is seeing the word "reconstruction and scar revision" in their press release
  16. Scarless Healing

    News Of The Year.....
  17. Scarless Healing

    i messaged sunogel many times but cant get a perfect reply from them ..can anybody tell the progress of sunogel
  18. Scarless Healing

    sometime i dream if human have capacity to regenerate......ahhh
  19. Scarless Healing