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    i still think that polarityTe will work for scarred pores

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    some time ago somebody said that healed area will take properties of donor area skin...so i guess for face we have to give a small piece of skin for face i think lower jawline..will be perfect ..and fhat donor area will also be covered by paste

    stilll imagining these things ..hope it all come true soon

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    2 hours ago, Sniffy said:

    interesting article with Lough couple days ago. Here are some key points.

    "He noted that the product also needs to be cost-efficient. While most skin substitutes are priced between $100 and $250 per square centimeter, PolarityTE sells its system for close to $50 per square centimeter, according to Lough"

    "The company is also in talks with major biopharma companies, Lough said, to set up potential distribution deals nationally and internationally."

    "Over the next year, PolarityTE plans to continue its limited release of SkinTE, as well as disclose data from its clinical work. Early data show great promise for the company’s first commercial product, according to Lough, who described a case in which doctors used SkinTE to treat a 45-year-old patient who had burns permeating 75% of their body."

    “The patient was coding the night before the SkinTE product was put onto them,” he said. “Typically these patients, if they do live, they’re in the burn center for over a year. And the average cost for that type of burn care is usually $1.3 to $1.5 million, per the National Burn Repository data that’s out there. Following application of the SkinTE product, the patient was ambulating, grew full-thickness skin and was discharged six weeks later.”
    $50 per cm square ????

    i cant understand what that mean

    previouslt they said a 2 cm skin graft converted to paste and then it can be applied to a large area

    so that 50$ is the cost for a amount of paste which can cover 1 cm injured area ?
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  7. Scarless Healing

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    1 hour ago, Sniffy said:

    The problem is not the results being 100% perfect new skin but rather people trying to compare whats currently happening with these patients to Acne scars...these patients with wounds down to muscle and bone are not even in same ball park as us, not even the same League. We are hearing positive results yes but Im waiting to see it tackle much smaller problems like small acne scars with derivative applications for purely cosmetic goals. Sweat Glands, sensation, hair follicles etc so early after such deep injuries is huge and an indication of at least better appearing skin without scar tissue present. 
    yes i agree our scarring from pox and acne goes maximum down to hypodermis

    these results are from deep down injuries to muscle and bones
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    1 hour ago, Sniffy said:

    Do yourself a favour and check out Facebook page "The recovery for ausome"..

    Actual skinte patient with details of healing but no photos. He had a wound down to bone and it now has skin over it and he has sensation in skin and sweat glands in new skin. 

    I really believe SkinTe is going to be our saviour.......
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    17 hours ago, golfpanther said:

    I'm still hoping for 100% regeneration, but I suspect an optimization period based on my conversations with both Dr. Swanson and Dr. Sun.

    In terms of a % less than 100%, I think the difference could be many things. Density of hair follicle shafts vs. normal skin, tensile strength, amount of underlying fat tissue, width of a margin etc. A lot of that might not even matter in terms of aesthetics because if it looks like normal skin to the naked eye that's all that matters (at least I'd imagine that would be all that would matter to most on here).

    Great signs for PolarityTE with the new facility and appointees. Hopefully new images of later stage healing are on their way.
    yes what i want to see from skinTe that treated area have pores in it and normal skin texture...anything else i dont care whatever appendages or what ...
  10. Scarless Healing

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    i am sure theres something already present in nature which prevent scarring from any wound..but we human are unaware of it......

  11. Scarless Healing

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    47 minutes ago, rudy1986 said:

    Lost hope for polarityTe?

    no..i still believe in skinTe because its going to a revolutionary treatment and also its at it last stage coz they have moved to OsteoTe now..and they said they release skinTe full human trial result in 1st half of 2018..

    but yes i lost hope in god and those quotes...do good you get good later....all those bullshits...

    believe in skinTe
  12. 6 hours ago, Kixhikari said:

    Is it really AMVC ? Do you know what kind of genetic disorder is it ? 

    30% improvement in 2 years seems so low as mine are everywhere on my face =(

    I'm gonna try that and report ! Thanks for your advices 
    I did take fish Oil last summer for about 2 months. 
    The scarring started in november and stopped. Came back in the end of January (I took a supplement rich in omega 3 !! for like a month without knowing =( ) and kind of slowed down till now.
    A week ago the symptoms started again and it went crazy. But this time no sign of omegas 3 so I can't blame them. 

    I have been on accutane 10 years ago. 
    take a anti histamine and try to make your immune stronger
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  14. Actually its a Genetic disease you cant do anything about that too much

    but i swear those tea and fish(my brother kept eating and he kept getting random scars) when i left those it stopped scarring almost 1.5 year ago and from there i didnt got any random scars..

    my scars have improved upto 30% on its own and low less depressed and also some improvement in its pigmentatiom on its own...

    this disease really sucks ..watching new scars daily on face and cant do much about that.....

    @kixhikari stop your moisturizer for a week and see if those random scarring slows down or keep coming...

    @KindlyEdible yed my scars look exactly same...but as i said before these arent true scars like acne scars or pox scars these are just some collagen loss which fill completely with time..my most scar filled and now vanished some scar which were deep filled upto 30%.....these are not true scars....keep hopes alive

  15. Scarless Healing

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    ok so anyone interested here i came up with something new

    many people on this thread claimed removal of scar tissue with CASTOR OIL
    but it didnt get much attention because this oil take 1 or 2 year to work on a scar

    anyway you all must see this documentation of complete regeneration of a scar with hair follicle(you cant see hair in pics but the author wrote tht in words al...and the scar texture and depth matching to surrounding skin indicate that it regenrated)

  16. Scarless Healing

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    anyway leave the matter..i understand everyone problem
    i dont know why but when i ask something many people come out of hibernation and start attacking me...
    before my post they look like disappeared from earth ..
  17. 4 hours ago, Kixhikari said:

    I suffer from that condition but doctors can't found out what's the trigger -and how to heal. It started like 6 months ago. The last few days it got worse a LOT they appeared all over my face super quickly. Before that the processus was slower.

    Are there others things that trigger the scars appearing on the face ? 
    I'm really depressed and scared as they seem to appear everyday for about a week now and now I have them everywhere on my face and don't know what to do. 

    Have you been able to reverse the processus : make the scarring stop, and then make disappear your scars ? 

    thank you in advance for your help...
    yeah my scarring stopeed in 3 months .. they looked slowed down when i stopped using any face product and stopped taking tea cofed etc and avoiding sunlight

    and most important thing i forgot you have to stop eating fish ...thats triggerig it
  18. Scarless Healing

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    1 hour ago, Acnesucksforgood said:
    Ok this forum is not for you to attack other members. I understand you are dealing with allot but I believe I am far worse and so many others than you will ever be. Cursing and calling me names proves you are selfish and seek help for your mental health. 

    Like you, I suffered from chicken pox as a youth. The disease left me scars as well including one on my neck, my stomach and my nose. I believe almost every human being has gotten chicken pox and has some sort of dent left behind from that virus. Pay attention closely and you will discover almost everyone has a chicken pox scar on their face. Stop putting yourself down about that. 

    Furthermore, moles are moles. There is nothing you can do about them. They are genetic and nothing you should worry about. Everyone has them. So move on. You should not touch moles because scarring occurs making your mole worse. Moles should only be a concern if they get bigger. At that point as I mentioned to you, that could be the beginning of skin cancer. Consulting a doctor to remove them to prevent further health concerns would be a good idea. 

    After my chicken pox, I developped staph MRSA which left me with more scarring on my back within a week. Then I got measles. This whole thing happened within a year. Also, I had multiple asthma attacks. I was also born with pectus excavatum. That's a serious condition where your sternum or chest bone grows inside your chest putting pressure on your heart. I had surgery as a teenager to push out my sternum as I would easily run out of breath. My asthma was also cured because my sternum was putting pressure on my lungs. How about getting a steel rod inserted inside you next to your heart? They had to open me up again to remove the rod. I have scars from my chest because of those surgeries alone. I also suffered a concussion as a youth due to an unrelated sports accident which opened up my head in half. I received 200 stitches and I am a proud owner of a hideous scar that runs down from my forehead to my neck. 
    As if I hadn't suffered enough, as a teenager I developped cystic acne on my face and acne conglobata on my back, shoulders, buttocks and thighs. My cystic acne lasted until my late twenties. It has me with multiple scarred pores or ice pick scarring on my cheeks and forehead. My jawline has multiple white slightly raised scars which are called follicular macular atrophy or popular acne scars. My back is full of these white scars. As a teenager, I was involved in another accident which left me with multiple deep wounds. They healed quite nicely but left me with scars. 

    I am into my late thirties and still breakout on my back. Time to time, I will breakout on my face. The pimples take months to heal often leaving more scars. Not to mention, I suffer from psoriasis, exczema and hidredinitis superitiva. How about sitting all day on massive butt boils that keep oozing blood and feeling up again. My groin keeps oozing pus. 

    I avoid shaving because my face gets infected by staph leading to folliculitis and massive boils that hurt. My neckline has scars from the same folliculitis causing massive infections inside my hair. The only good thing I could at least say is that I am not bald yet. 

    You need to grow up. Nobody cares about your blackheads or scars. Rare are those who have perfect skin. Never ever say you have it way worse than me. Never!!! 

    Now let's get back on topic. 
    I respect everyone ..maybe your scars are worser than me..that doesnt mean you have right to say those body dystrophy to others....
    you can check my profile how much i reply on other posts if i feel i may be helpful to them...abd i dont get money for that...but many people here just came to take not to give a single%.......
  19. @KindlyEdible i like to tell you that those linear indentations on your skin is not a true scar thats just a very less % of collagen loss which will fill over time and match with surrounding skin by 100% 

    actually that linear dents in skin is a symptom of a skin disease known as


    you can google it or read it in forum

    to warn you that to not let form more dents in your skin due to disease ..from my personal experience i tell you that

    stop drinking TEA/COFEE
    no smoking
    dont go out too much in sun
    and make your immune stronger

    it will decrease thr chances of more dents in skin

    i know now some people tell my statement completely wrong buy i told you from my experience and my brother experience with this disease....

    good luck 
    and your skin look perfect to me...keep smiling
  20. Scarless Healing

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    1 hour ago, Acnesucksforgood said:
    5 hours ago, Anish004 said:

    sorry.......to ask this but please let me ask
    does anybody know any current method to remove moles without scarring ...because my mole is growing larger ....it looks ugly now

    It seems you suffer from a condition known as body dysmorphic disorder. Sometimes your scars are not as bad as you make them out to be. Moles are not a serious problem unless it keeps growing. I would check your mole by a doctor to make sure you don't have melanoma, the beginning of skin cancer. Doctors don't like to touch moles unless for serious health reasons as I mentioned. Some doctors will remove them but you have to pay them and it will result in some sort of scarring nonetheless. 
    when you come and look me closely..i am more than 1000000% sure you thank yourself that you are not at place of me..

    i never said anyone anything while reading there sad story of skin...instead i took interest maybe i cam help someone...

    My story ..now u listen and stay silence for lifetime...

    1st.suffered from chickenpox and got 3 scars deep crater like on nose

    mole occured on nose ..i tried to scratch those moles with blade ..leading to hypertrophic scarring and mole regrown on it..so my nose destroyed fully coz of pox scar hypertrophic scar and mole on it

    2nd.suffered from AMVC Scarring(google it or search on this forum) spontaneous scarring occured in left side of face..and on same left side two moles from my childhood grown big in size

    3rd.dont know the reason .buy my right cheek is covered up with closed comedones last year and still its occuring and giving me scarred pores

    so thats it all
     and from today if anyone skipped these
    and told me that i am suffering from body dystrophy and blah blah...i will be sure he is a dumbass and same like me he also deserves a life like hell...and destryed skin..he deserves it
  21. Scarless Healing

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    sorry.......to ask this but please let me ask
    does anybody know any current method to remove moles without scarring ...because my mole is growing larger ....it looks ugly now

  22. Scarless Healing

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    1st half of 2018 is completing soon..still no concrete photos to show complete regeneration......
    polarityTe started their first application in Last year December

    but still i believe in skinTe...

  23. Scarless Healing

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    Salinomycin is a true anti scarring
    it prevents myofibroblast formation and so scar


  24. Scarless Healing

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    insulin clearely synthesis Adipocytes and when u look back at costareils experimen about scarless healing he mentioned that 
    if scar have adipocytes myofibroblast turn into normal skin....

    so thats how insulin reduces or prevent scars

    it also eradicates formed scars...due to direct injecting in scar cause there adipocyte synthesis..

  25. Scarless Healing

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    2 hours ago, Acnesucksforgood said:
    Yes there are many published scientific articles that seem to suggest that insulin helps reduce scarring. 

    Not everyone has diabetes however. If insulin injections on scar tissue were beneficial, more plastic surgeons would offer such treatment. Right now, scar treatments involve lasers, peels, subcision, microneedling and fillers. 

    I should probably inject myself with insulin to make the dents on my face disappear as you suggest. Problem is, we need a prescription for insulin. I am pretty sure both of us are not diabetic. 
    not only reduce but reduce to a extent where it is not so visble coz..insulin promotes adipocytes and fat sythesis
    .you can read it in every biology book about insulin and fat synthesis

    and surgeons ..haha if they statt doing this how they will suck thousands $ for lasers
    also insulin to a non diabetic can cause serious issues....

    in my family there are two diabetic persons i will try tubbing there insulin on my scar and see how it goes...i dont want to inject it currently..dont want to die foolishly-_-
  26. a simple jojoba oil moisturizer helped me to lessen it
    i used 
    Joy Jojoba oil and almond oil face moisturizer

  27. Scarless Healing

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    if u really want to inject something into scar..inject insulin

    (insulin promotes adipocytes and fat cells synthesis thats why many previous studies claimed complete disappearance of atrophic scars ..also some IGF are realted to this)

    the same insulin which is used for diabetes

    but only complication is this cause very low sugar to a non diabetic patient ..which may cause serious issue..even death ..thats why this is not used

  28. Scarless Healing

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    polarityTe moved forward to OsteoTe ..meand thry have really got success in skinTe

  29. Scarless Healing

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    37 minutes ago, Ps93 said:

    I know this is a bit irrelevant with scarless healing but since I only view this thread and people ask about acne stuff I would like to inform you that I just had a chat with a clinic in the UK where they are using sebacia gold partices to treat acne and they will propably have the treatment officialy launched in the UK during Autumn.Hopefully this is good news for people who are still acne sufferers and it could also be used cosmetically for people who suffer from large pores due to acne since the nanoparticles shrink the oilglands.Ag ain sorry for the parenthesis that I made which was irrelevant to the main topic of this thread.

    i suffer from scarred pores(they are not ice pick scars..as they are just 0.01 mm like very pin point)from comedonal acne 
    is it true news ????
    bad thing is still i cant able to control my comedonal acne ..afte using AHA facewash
    now i ordered a 2%salicylic acid gel..hope it works out

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