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  • Interests Hey, I'm Matt. I'm a regular kind of guy that's been struggling with acne since I was 18. I'm now 20 and I haven't found the cure but I have a really good treatment. DIET! I've found that eating certain foods and avoiding others has really helped treat my acne. <br /><br />I still fight with the problem, but the worst thing you can do is let your acne change who you are. I know what it's like to walk around with blimishes on my face and be really bummed out by it. Be yourself all the time because most people look past the skin anyways. If you lock yourself inside because you think you look ugly then you're letting acne get the best of you. Shouldn't be like that. <br /><br />This site rocks! It's so helpful to find different treatments that actually work. This site has been so helpful with my battle so I thought I'd sign up and share my success story. I still have acne problems because I'm just at that phase, but I've found a way to really control it. Hope you do too!<br /><br />


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