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I sort of recommend.
on 15/09/2013
I used Differin twice in my life. The first time was in high school when Differin still came in little swabs (like wet wipes) that you put over your face. It dried my face out but seemed to work. Since those days it's now a liquid form in a tube. I have to admit it works but takes around 12 weeks to do so. I think for me it took about 16. I got better results from Finacea, so perhaps it just depends on how your skin reacts.
Worked well...
on 15/09/2013
I think Duac is middle of the road. It works well for spot treatment but tends to be too harsh for put all over. Plus, expensive!
Very good product!
on 15/09/2013
This product was amazing. I used it for quite a long time (mid-2008 to summer of 2010) and while it was for rosacea, it combatted my acne better than any other product. Unfortunately, it is a bit expensive as well as a prescription, and preserving the medication takes a bit of effort because it is sensitive to temperatures and needs to be kept chilled. This was not practical for my life longterm, but I have yet to find a product that works better.
Did not work...
on 15/09/2013
This item did not work well for me. It is the initial reason I joined the org years ago. The smell was unpleasant and it burned my skin. It may work for some, but not for me.
Great product...
on 15/09/2013
I would give this product 5 stars but it seems to have increased my likelihood of premature wrinkles...and it's not a very great product when you live in a place as sunny as central Texas. My skin is still extremely sensitive, almost 3 years after starting to use BP. The effectiveness is bar none though.