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  • Interests `dance az thO nO one is watchinG yOou,lOve as thO u hve neva been huRt_.siing az nO one can hear yOo [[liive az tho heavven iz on earth// ♥<br /><br />so the name is amyy..♥<br /><br />i have no self-esteem♥<br /><br />i have msn. do u want it? pm me♥<br />i think people on are awesome! there complete strangers but i swear there like my friends.. i can say anything to these strangers that i cant even say 2 loved ones ♥<br /><br />hoping some one with red marks views my profile coz im sick of the skin im in and i want my confidence bak.. so if you have red marks please view the links i have provided and paste them into your browser thingo above, as they have pics of my skin.. if u have similar skin please tell me what products your using that seem 2 work 4 u.. oh i have several with different lighting.. ♥<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />


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